For beginners, Samsung Galaxy A10e. - Galaxy User Guide

In this video we show how to use the Samsung Galaxy 18e for beginners. Hey guys, thank you for joining us today. If you want to stay up-to-date about all the latest smartphones, launching and learning, cool tips, tricks and hidden features, make sure you hit the subscribe button and tap on the little bell to turn on posts notifications. So you can get dirty every time we post new videos. If you like cool tech stuff, make sure you follow us at h2 tech videos on Instagram and we will also hook you up there. Let's jump in and show you how to use the Samsung Galaxy, a 10 e we're going to start with a tour of the outside of the phone and the buttons.

So this is gonna be called the lockscreen and I'll be referring to this up here and there so that you're gonna hit your power button to turn the screen on you are. Simply achieve your finger across the screen and that's how you unlock the phone. Okay, another time, turn off the power button to wake it up and slide your finger across the screen. That's gonna wake up the phone and take you to here now. Here's to take pictures up on the Play Store, where you can download games or different applications. You can send emails here, you got your Google Maps so you can find directions and your YouTube. For example, your contacts, your clock in case you want to set an alarm for yourself or a timer or stopwatch.

So if you notice I was here on the alarm and then attacked on Stopwatch if I tap on this button here it takes me out of the app essentially because it is called the back button and it always takes you back one step to demonstrate a better example of that. If I went to the Settings app and I was to tap the lock screen, and now I go back one step, just tap the back button here and it takes me to the main settings menu. This will always show you the different apps that are running on the phone so that because I opened up the galaxy app store it now displays under my running apps and if I swipe to the right I can see all the different apps that I've opened and closed that are running.

If I want to completely close this app out, I just swipe up and then I get rid of it or I can close all and that will close all the apps that are running and now I am back to my home screen. So these are the three buttons again and you'll use home for now always takes you home, takes you back one step and most recent apps shows you the apps we are using that you close down. So you can see when I hit recent apps they are both showing up here. For example, it will tell me different things about apps I've downloaded and give you other bits of information.

This is a very useful section also to send you a text message that would also show up in this section after you have finished reading the notification you can swipe or tap and it will take you to whatever application is to get more information. Now an important thing to do when you assemble any smartphone is to sign in to your Google account, so we're going to go right here to the Play Store, this little white icon here now you have to sign into it. If you want to download anything on the phone, so pictures, video and half the game, you need to be signed up first to the Play Store, so we're going to tap on sign in and you give it a few seconds and then it's going to ask you to put in your Google account info.

But we're gonna have to pause that really quickly because what you may want to do before that is sign in to your Wi-Fi. Now, if you bought this phone and have service, you can use your mobile data to add Play Store to love it. It will take me to the Wi-Fi settings menu and therefore I'm already connected to this network here, but I'm glad to disconnect for the sake of the demonstration. So my Wi-Fi is to call team rain, so I'm going to tap that and then it will prompt me to enter a password to sign in to the Wi-Fi network. You won't have to answer anything so just FYI in there, all right we'll just put our password and we're going to connect. That's the final step to connect Wi-Fi and now see you under the current network in this section.

This is done now - I'm going to hit the Home button to go back to the main screen and back to the Play Store and now I want to sign in and I want my Google account information so that I can start downloading apps on the phone. We are gonna, hit I, agree, and once successfully registered, you will be able to start downloading games and apps, and you can also start receiving emails on the phone as well. This is the Play Store here and it is really easy to download a game. It does the search and then I can tap on this word with friends here and just tap the install button, and that's how easy it is to download a game onto your phone and it's the same process for apps as well. So let's tap that magnifying glass again or excuse me, the microphone Instagram will do a search.

I can now tap Install just one important note if you ever find an app that says install but has a price, that is how you know that it is not a free application and you may think twice before you download it just make sure it is what you want before you download it. The phone will ask to put a credit card number so I can bill you and that's it that you will download. So once we're done, we're actually done in here, so we hit this home button down here to go out of here, we've already gone over how to sign up to your Google account and how to download apps. Next thing I want to show you is signing in or creating a Samsung account as well. This is also going to help with some things you're going to want to do on the phone, so tap on the Galaxy Store.

This is basically Samsung App Store so you'll find other really cool items. Apps here hit agree you can find other cool apps and deals here, and they easily give away free stuff too. So keep an eye out on the galaxy app store! So if you do not have one tap create account, if you have one obviously tap here and input the information or you can tap continue with Google and it'll basically use your Google account to create a Samsung account for you. So I'm going to tap on my gmail here, I'm just gonna link my samsung account with my gmail, so that I don't have to always enter both separately, and this tells you that they are linked and you're gonna hit [Music] and it will shift sign us right into our account.

We're gonna hit a greete all I'm gonna uncheck this box next so our counts are connected now. Press ok we're signed in it takes us back to the galaxy app store here so now we are signed in and we are open for all the new perks that should be coming for. Having that and the last thing I want to show is that if we go home and we go to the settings so swipe down from the top to the upper right corner click on this little wheel. From here we want to go back to accounts and back up and restore, and now you can hit the backup data and it's going to also backup all the information on your phone to your samsung cloud account. It's going to automatically backup all of our data for us in the cloud.

So there is that I'm going to go back home and the last thing I want to show you before we close the video is how to take a simple picture. So we will go to the camera icon at the bottom here and it's really easy that you're just going to hit the little white circle that takes a picture. If you want to switch the camera on the front just hit this icon here. This will flip the camera the other way and then hit the shutter button again flip back - so when you are ready to see the picture, just go ahead and tap this little option here. Okay, all of you, guys, I hope you found this helpful, check to make sure you liked and share it with people.

If it was helpful, we wanted to do a nice, quick, beginner video and kind of walk through everyone who is new to this phone or new to smartphones in general. That was the purpose of this video, so hope it was helpful. Hit like button favorite and share if it was helpful. Hit the subscribe button and stay tuned for more videos..

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