First time feeling a folding cell phone!!! Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 - Z Flip3 - Galaxy User Guide

Hi [music], all gowasa This time I am really excited why? There is already a foldable flexid that gave me a Samsung. The official packaging is that my friends will get results from the shop or if Sapoyya will buy it, you get it like this, I guess - what. What about the hassle for mobile phones? The price is forgotten Siti, I'm not mistaken. This video can also be a guide to friends, for example. If you are buying a Zivot or Z Flip Trinya,. What should you buy before the cellphone arrives or the case, I? This is a suggestion of mine, and of course my friend is looking for anti-scratch. It must be the hydrogel or to make it easy, go straight to the Samsung Center, don't install it yourself.

This also can't use my tempered glass, Bro, break the glass Eh sis and the other thing that Dian boxing really is X vol 3. This is an official Indonesian unit, while zip flip 3 is a global unit but the contents can be the same as what you will receive later and for zip flip 3. It is a boxing partner, because I've already opened it up. If Flip 3 is elongated while the Votre coenzyme is a cube box as usual, let's see what the clip3 used to look like : like ah cv.tri, VJ left, Nike, top and bottom and behind it it is empty and opens up, you get a thin box, it's very flexible, so friends,. You must have imagined that we did not get this charger,. This is the case with plastic, I happen to be holding the one with the cream on it.

Color or the cream is the same as the box, and it has a SIM care, jector, type C, cable, type c, we get a quick start. I can get a charger just find this cable. It's usually like that, using an application called Smart Switch, it is already built-in from Samsung but if it is from another phone to another Android, later on another Android, it will ask to be installed as well. The Smart Switch is now physically integrated. You must know that there is visible coverage and that we have anti-scratch for a while, It looks like it and gangsai PR first looking for anti-scratch substances for the first time buying it as it's already there and starts requesting your friends names. My friend reads in the group and in the comments column.

Now, I can say that compared to the first Z Flip, the first generation is stronger. It's like friends using hydrogel, you just press it slowly for sure It's old, right? This one is old, it's only like this, so the current generation of Flex displays is even better with the zip flip tri, just like that. If you buy the photo or the Samsung one there is a Flynn Nandi nameplate in the plastic, not in the box Samsung Electronic Indonesia,. It says Galaxy, photos of Trevy g left and right and on the back, it is still in plastic and has 12 seals, open it. Let us see what it reads : like what is in the section here resembles the writing. Only this is imported by PT Samsung Electronic Indonesia Cikarang Bekasi, Jawa Pastor.

Okay, with the color I received it in 256 GB, internal ram, 12 GB, the same black one made in Vietnam Okay, What is inside, we take a look at the cellphone with the screen also facing up. If you take it on the top of the bag, there is again a sticker, yes, and the back is like this and I still don't have a charger. Hey guys, I got a sim card. Just one piece of paper, just two folds, while in Indonesian Wow, farmer ad1234, the Indonesian in Oh, yes, The problem is that at the back this is the after-sales service or the place for service center, Samsung, tens of millions, 20000011 Lex Samsung. This is what makes me feel calmer if that is the case. When the Z42 was borrowed by Samsung, there was no plastic, so it actually looks like an ex - boyfriend.

It looks like the Finish Tuton is Netpitu Dofta, This part of the screen is glossy, there is a sticker, okay I have to take it off for a while. Lets see the physical first The camera is left, It is vertically lined up like this, while at the top there is a hole going up and down and it's still in plastic. There's a speaker hole, then left on the left. It's just a SIM tray. Open the speaker officially. Again a mic, then a charging, singing type c and on the right there is a fingerprint sensor that is combined with the power button.

The r and the volume buttons are like this, there's still plastic on it, make sure I leave it until it arrives, It has anti-scratch see the light lines, so I have a look at the edge here, or it looks like it has anti-scratch, and what about the LED display that DJ Fort Yip was fine while in the country test it is the same as zip. There is a real scar, but it is not really deep, The focus is Sorry, I'm sorry, sorry, Nassar's house, OK huh. It's like we are holding our own - don't force it. If we want to open it like God is rejected.

Alone, the magnet is like there is power assist from the cellphone for us to open, it, yes, but yes, Samsung for sure, and it tens of thousands of times bent, yes, but it's still scary isn't it? How a folding cellphone boots up? Ok, Samsung, Galaxy If you open it, then don't you want it to mean that two screens immediately turn on? That's a single, OK, oh, start Android. You want it on the inside or on the outside The first impression is that the screen is wider than the first Zia fold, but if it is the same as the Z42, I kind of forget that it is the same for the screen area as usual on the left bezel, which is thicker because Canada is on the hinge. Yes, but the files he holds are much slender, but slimmer than the second Z fold. Do it often. We will check.

Just use a few applications, maybe just a little. Like Sam's, cell phone sung, Galaxy j4, three Now, so I transferred this cellphone as usual using a cable and the default Smart Switch application from Samsung to Samsung here, but not the photo or video. So I can collect the poor results from this Z43 photo, I'll make a video review later. So it's added just the interior, and it turns out that the outside is the cover. As for what's called anti-scratch, friends, it's calm, just buy the body. It is really easy to just open, it, Anjay Nia, at a glance, friends, see if the screen is really annoying when it's folded, just believe when you use it, especially if you are watching or reading Wattpad, for example.

Let's talk about the selfie camera, It's displayed only inside the screen to the right, as usual. Only when my eyes see it, when I go to the black part, it doesn't look like it is under display, so it looks like it's simply visible. If if for example there is Hi, the color is white, it's like there is a Hologram. The camera is the best if you want to take a selfie, sir. Looking at the bag is again the front camera that I want to go. The subject looks like it is open, so it's fun, let's see, I changed it to the front camera, it's open and it's back, closing the GB, it's fun. If also my eyes see it it is sharper, better than the camera. This selfie has the cover on the back. I usually like it from the z47 era or not.

So this is a normal Ehsan ultra-wide lens and a telephoto lens that is twice optical zoom all of which have the same 12 megapixel resolution for gaming sector and the others, I already know, but later, during the video review, I'll just tell you the next 741605 eight yes, it's like this, and it will also happen if you use it for playing my game, right? The good thing is that we can multitask from a screen such large for example. This is what I entered first in the play store, then Google Chrome, then I tried to open YouTube, how to do it. Just put the Christian Xtab logo, for example, in the Vivo split screen oven like this, right? For example I want to open Chrome, Let's continue. It's another like this I want to put it in my pop-up view. I'm sorry to see what he suffers.

If we keep the logo section, reviewed, efs, like this Hey HD screen view is available. Grandma pop-up opens in pop view. It looks like this. If it's Papi, uh, well besides that, pop-ups can also be added. It can be shorter, if its entered higher. So on a big screen, we can multitask like this. Six other grandmas, only later will I click on the skin. Again in the video review, also the school doesn't take too long to try this, it's just fun, the point is that we can really multitask. You can basically use the front camera for selfies but if you want to take selfies it can be cold, so the KSH table is like a reward table Oh man, is this really an eniwei train, smartphone? When we want to use the back camera it will normally be like this.

If we are such, we want to take a photo using the camera behind. I forgot to mention this hahaha that for the front and back screen, everything can be 120hz and use the panel, of course, the dynamics of AMOLED tweaks, yes. This is the Shin Optimizer of the stadium. If you turn it on, it's back again, it can detect objects in front of it. In addition to the photo mode, the custom is to take portraits, There are also many Pro modes, so it's good, we will talk about it later in the video, review for the video resolution, mean we can see for the rear camera. The front camera's forward arrow can be as well up to 60fps forkey, then the back camera has a super steady feature as usual. If the front camera is okay, it is endless, friends.

Just take a look at the sample photos Ultimately, I also want to show you support frogs for the Galaxy Z vol 3 with SP Najma. The SP is different guys, it is different from the S pen. If we try to make the SP version, which is already on other Samsung mobile phones, it will come out like that. If you want to use an S pen, use a specially designed for Galaxy J4. If you have friends, ang expand this pro, then you can put it first to kill potmo before using it on the inside of the Zivot screen, here, guys. The inside of the machine is good for you because as far as I know it can't And here is the fingerprint too. Yes, it is normal to start quickly for slots. We can sell SIM cards. We can sell Nano simcard guys.

So, the reverse is sim2 so you can't use Microsoft, At least this is the unboxing video and first impression from the cave for Samsung Galaxy J flipdrive g&z. I am like an ordinary person who got volts for the first time, because I'm sure you guys, who have previously used zivot on or z42 like that, were with Yui or the interface of the folding cellphone like this. If you are a rich layman, what I have shown as an example, it seems like you are definitely imagining what you should do to do it, buy it for example. Hey everyone, ready to race. We can divide the screen or we can pop the Apple. Like we normally do on a tablet or laptop so I think that this is a really new experience. If friends have the funds, that's why I was fried or represented as a layman, because this is a cellphone.

The price is because it is not cheap, but it is cheaper than the previous version, which costs up to 30 million euros. 40 million were actually done, even though it is expensive, but it will be able to reach more people,. It is not surprising that I mean to represent ordinary people who have never used the Z fold. I am asking my friends for help, I want to make a video. What do I want to talk about H, ai Samsung, Galaxy Z? Thank you very much for using it for friends who have watched it from start to finish and as usual, you don't need to like, share and do not need to subscribe. Hey Friends, who knows six that Allah will see you in the next video bye chairs, [Music]..

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