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Hello, hello, girls, people, love the expectations of many people for this smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10, an ultra is different from before. Why try something different because this cellphone seems to be a way of proving Samsung in the presence of a flagship? Since nojo there has been a good momentum, because since then there have been several products, a Smartphone that is really interesting. The upward trend of the Galaxy S4 novra and most importantly, action as well as the presentation of the s250 tragus.

Why is it talking about the design and the color of the fandom black until it comes up with a bang? Yes, high expectations for his handsomeness is paid in full when holding This Is the Color to get, especially if you are like me who, like the classic minimalist design of Mednick, is solid, black, made with Gorilla Glass sound. The track chest and the camera module that looks like metal seems to blend into the frame and body. One has to go up actually if the frame comes with this phone even though it is big and quite heavy. 227 Gran Maxn't too big and heals in the hand. It's also still good because bro is thinner than ice, more Putra.

Thank you for a fruit brand that the hobby center for Fairness, arrangement, Samsung, also doesn't provide a morning charger, but indeed, if there is an Android phone, that is the most logical to follow this minimalist trend,. It's '' the same, actually, because the charging photo is a thin USB, which is generic and very easy to find. The maximum charge speed is 25 Webs in front of the box. I felt really relieved to see Samsung Indonesia. U I've provided a smartphone that officially supports and is marketed as a smartphone page even though it can't be used right now, but it's a sense of peace.

Itself, spending a lot of money for something that the Vixion Club is playing, Isn't it time for rumors about the presence of an Ultra expedition, only blowing? We have absolutely no problem with that, because the main functions of the SPN continue to work and the experience is still the best in the industry. Samsung will sell a case that includes already a S pen on the side, which I think is bigger. If somehow you have a S pen that is idle from the notice board, It does not really matter that this because it already relies heavily on the sea to store data, it's more flexible for RAM versions. 128 and 256 get 12 GB while 5 12 3 gets 16 gigabytes of ramen More volumes of RAM Overkill x-factor Other features related to design, which as usual have IP67 8 certification.

It's still no headphone jack and has good stereo, speakers, guy. Hearing us say: Samsung's display is the best on each smartphone that we will review what if we say they are at the level now, let alone the quality. The Super AMOLED display with the application of Quad-inch, SD, Plus and ecoled can run at the maximum resolution of Q SD Plus along with adaptive reversal of 120, It should finally be hands, particularly Green disease or perfect tension. When running the high-este display driver, which is annoying on all smartphone outputs. When you reset the day last year, you can see the screen here barely. It does not get distorted if he prefers the crafty ones. Both are so weird, original, but still a handsome one viewed with a color.

In my opinion, there is an increase in the Indie games fingerprint sensor that, for some reason in the previous series, had never matched his finger, hehehe. Now is the time to see if the news is really back, maybe if Saturday, the Indonesian channel is the most active in voicing that Samsung needs bruchsal later. This is really not because we hate exynos bedoone to see exynos impervious And when they ride this bike they make an impression that Agnes 2100 is the answer to our sustenance. As usual, when we tested our new DSC often with AnTuTu Benchmark in succession, without pause, to discover the minimum performance maximum and performance stability. As a coincidence, there is in our hands a Xiaomi MI 11 that uses S.

Napdragon travel blapan, one of two cellphones that are already in the international market and use the highest Snapdragon Soc. The Snapdragon 820 8011 is top performance at 700 thousand while the ex2100 is at 650 thousand then go to the AC Room with a room temperature of 24 degrees. Celsius without letting the two cellphones cool down first 680 thousand for the next side, while s21 Ultra 620000 continues to indoor conditions without air conditioning. Remember that the condition of the room is hot. Snapdragon 820 can still get 650,000, while ex2100 drops 550,000 rupeahs ; first shut up, we know why you guys are still losing, Yes, Snapdragon 88 is better than that but check the temperature for the sake of 11.

With every drop it rises faster and is much higher to 52 degrees Celsius, while s21 is relatively colder with a maximum temperature of under Celsius, so I again tested it, It is not realistic but I am curious that the Exynos 2100 is more likely to protect the security of the device from overhead costs by doing Fredly. So it only gets a score of around 407 thousand but keeps the temperature inside the mobile phone relatively cold at 46 degrees Celsius, Snapdragon, 8, dbi, 11 plywood is willing to let the temperature rise to 57 degrees Celsius to get a score of 580 thousand, This is also confirmed with STD Mark Westlife Stefan Ultra fiber, which produced a performance stability level of 6303 percent, similar to 14.

Yes on the iphone, while the b11 can never solve the stress because it is always overhead and even test OK, let's talk. The processor has a fairly high temperature. The main problem is that the battery life will be affected when it is often used at extreme temperatures. For cellphones, sincerely, yes, with the results of December, Agen888 11 and according to info circulating other cellphones that use the same SoC, showing similar characteristics to Exynos 2100, indeed showing maximum performance and inferior performance stability, but in relation it doesn't feel real. The important thing is that the game does not sacrifice the overall Divisare jogja's security and durability. The x21ud gaming waste consumes a battery of more than 2600mhz many times.

While my 11 with Snapdragon 8.45 just saw a big difference in consumption of Mrs. 85, that's all my Maxim tea here,. We know how it works when used every day and I was born immediately after the benchmark test. Many times it is still hot in the internal state, I immediately tried to play it on Vimobile, and I was able to get stable performance at 60fps, nice graphics, settings, This Vespa Bieber One of the drawbacks of the Soc Exynos is that it is slow for some game developers to adopt their processor graphics so they can't play at maximum settings, for example, Mr. Muji for playing at FPS 60, There are a few, but the internal temperature is maintained at 43-44 degrees Celsius as well as the hottest point on the body when compared to my 11 with step legend88.

The cost setup is actually similar but my 11 and s21 Ultra seem to have a known difference in that the Snapdragon 800 is more concerned with performance by avoiding throttling and ignoring power consumption, while the s21 Ultra is trying to respond to everything. It is not, but Exynos is back to its proper level, especially when compared to Snapdragon triple8 that we have tried again. We need to confirm about the exynos 2100 versus Snapdragon people 8 later when our Snapdragon version of the S21 Ultra arrives, so that it becomes an undoubtedly good comparison. Only on G2 gadget battery consumption in extreme conditions. God's daily use, my medium to heavy use, continues to use the LDII TV show,.

The usage includes maps gaming for almost an hour and a half, Wow remember that this is live SD Plus 120 a week of use I can see. We are impressed, just a comparison again with Miss Blast with the 8th Snapdragon Soc, the use is similar. You can only get 4 era sockets with C displaying the maximum before We go into the camera. Can you suggest Kasyono escape hihihi Come On, as a crazy person? Let's allow it to use partitioned icon text, Dih Wahyu [Music], the camera, this birthday, SLR camera. I make 108 megapixel Samsung latest generation, don't see any issues or focus due to there is a laser or focus, as well as not 2001 By the way I see the white is quite stable, Eki 24fps and off on a nice white fridge,.

You can't even say Gimme It's, gimmicky really gimmicky like it used to be in the beginning. There are also two telephoto lenses, each with a negative resolution of 10, You can take photos with three times optical zoom and also 10 times optical zoom, which unfortunately can replace the lens on-the-fly, while recording, it can't be revolutionized for the 60th vs usually has to go to 30th vs India - roll. My character is similar to not 20 Putra with the image quality there-hey, now Let's just take a look at the sample: photos, hi, hi hi, what's interesting about this cellphone is the features oriented to function, not gimmicks, for example the feature focus.

If you are taking photos using the main lens, but near Christmas it will autoclean saukawe, then the single take schedule knows more and the duration is longer. We use it rarely, but it turns out that many of our diesel friends use it in S21 Ukraine. If we want to take something white and a few things you have to know in this mode, the stabilization doesn't work and resolution is just stuck at 1080P only until we end up with the next feature, when we take photos above 30 times, Digital sub. There is a feature whose name is zuflo, whose function is to lock objects and stabilize the viewfinder, and the result is that the resolution of the selfie camera remains the same as a s40 megapixel.

But what I do for photos in various conditions is that sharpness is still well maintained and the color is also more natural,. Don't forget the important thing if the remote is set to natural OK, so it's a Samsung Galaxy, 21, Ultra. We think that Samsung managed to keep the momentum that started not in 2003, by providing the honest Ultra extension. It is really hard to find other major problems from the previous version. What's new is that the estonian ultra is a very good all-rounder smartphone when it stands alone, but and adds compatibility with expand.

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