Empyrion: Galactic Survival English 002 Spider Extinction and Death - a Multiplayer Let's Play - Galaxy User Guide

Welcome back to the next episode of her at Imperial. Yes, we had a little bit of a slaughter festival. Here was delivered the slaughter plate 100 spiders 100 disappear. He doesn't run from behind to you Pretty paralyzed get better. Another faction is hier human neutral mpc. I don't know if man there and if you think the want to build and tricked tabs button, and then you have d, this survival construct menu and talk guest and the passable construct of the train. A problem of the combase actually assemble the base No, but now are the door of the base locked. No, purely theoretically, we could not get into the mails. The question is now how the electronics class is not made.

Okay, now I have to be able to access, yes or fixed, moving or something like that. S is sometimes a problem or may not be approached anymore. We don't have but that's not the problem we already have meditate, which change name. We are what I know now battery with steel plates, electronic computer and glass fiber with the youth alliance, but I see where I dont, of course so moment, and now professionals cancel constructions because that means we are already in a faction and the castor devices are empty immediately because the devices can be used in the faction that always says, for the faction ok. .. You upset stomach production. One that the one lays down is already spoiled today. I think that now you have against the wall and it's so save that we work.

Yes, I am then, I actually said, but Islam wished one with us in the morning. This question selected me that he wants to go empty is, unfortunately, god, now are the nuts they are from tk that have already gone. That means if you have these things in the fridge, then they spoil there. You will get spoiled food from clicking on any one. So then, it'll be fine. Here we'll find the alliance that was downsize so that the spiders again I have one more. Blackikun bricks of stone that would be really needed would be electronic for a jamaica. But nice house for the really juicy or now kicks guests? Have a quick look again is curious to see if there is less of respawn now every one of you will receive a task. For me to rebuild the base core.

Yes or yes, exactly six steel plates, four electronics, five computers, three times glass fiber and see what you don’t need for the electronics of the transmitter singer on basis instead of well? You don't need steel, sheets, electronics, fiber optics, which also brought us behind bars and mum. If we now take the example that a medium-sized doctor has I am building I now have two more lamps, it is a building upstairs, inside every recession makes it need heat. I don't yet have it behind that ok and constructive, so we need a basic start. For that we need six steel plates in turn.

If you would have or have to say all the material then is blue and thank you so to speak, in the input to make output just after and then he does it automatically, but that was it by now it was clear. Yes, I have already repaired my first base and it was okay but decreed motorradbau. That would be an intermediate step, my motorcycle kit but in that sense it is there. Andy Bausch leifer into the company group, the moral I don't know where loop in again we somehow do not do that. It did nonsense, I'm what's a goal is empty? I have an upset stomach there? He goes under vista, it requires so much medication, but it still has 1 20 minutes. I already put three bikes in the queue. I can make hardware very easily: i don't have to have it.

I have it well, it starts is not about anything, of course only about the fact that they are also buried here. This is how to eat after the First Aid Bandages. For this fibers and plant protein I produced a whole person since I was seven. Yes, how to do it, because I didn't say I found it in the bar at the top of the construct, but is it a cross symbol that the red border on it are that? If so what would you build if you? There are also nice and the queue at some point was to put so much in that you want.

To what extent do you ride the bike in the queue thomas meysen? Something is coming when this military equipment - I have no problem to say anything if your red cross is a cross right to the top right of the building that the customers could empty out, what they need are just say what you need which, because he is what do you have nothing left to eat? This time you can bandage the party because they are not against the stomach. Now this is OK, that means if there were now bandages made and used with Baden always, let us see efficiently why they brought more and more that doesn't help. Ok, but it is no use confetti must have miserable krimmel and herbs leaves yes, what only he needs for that.

What is the healthy nutritional value of regeneration, process? Every now takes this time so that it is not something that nobody, but that server War you are upset, his view, but of life, how it turns out. Yes, it's not a bit enticing consider how clever is because it's stupid peter marte, about christen, the stomach upset is gone and you simply use christian live again, but the bandages ali attieh bandages höfen every time 85. These passages we have courage, make the structure crumbles, buds non-denominational that the alien scenes that the weeds have leaves per day.

Is the project then so, except for one mistake, that below what would the building dock be increasing now with which the five plantations would outward alias Thomas Terberger? Then you will separate a lot of money from detoxification service. Ok bandages are always too cold and too hungry. Who took my heating away? Please, what after the previous generation is! You have the form of one, but if it isn't there (I am, we understand- not exist ) or that it can be put down. I want to suddenly feel cold cold from 1 now I feel sick. Grilled good is so shortened to Kroons Because I only had 50 left and I've said three times: I have something to eat, otherwise the stuff is in the bus.

I don't know I will probably put it down again although I have put up my tent, that can be very good that I'm the only one who can choose it like that [music]....Yes - one perhaps disappears before he could make it. The designer has cleaned the constructor of the team. You can't build your base. More thanks do you need for the tip makes you sad. I have a chat in answer exactly what I that You Were, were you confident again and nearly like that? Now you have the pointed cap on now and with this on a real Friday, the consequences are normal here at the point, Says prince to see..

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