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These tablets does not make much sense. We have three tablets, two different sizes and a set of hybrids. Think most people can eliminate one of these right off the bat. The first thing I'll look at is the size, as this can help narrow down the options. All three of them have an aspect ratio of 16 to 10 and I will get to the quality of the screen in a moment. The Tab S7 comes with an 11-inch screen compared to the S7+ and the FE, which comes with a 12.4-inch screen.. You can have the chance to go to a store and hold them before you decide. The S7 is the more portable option, but it also offers a smaller canvas to work with if you're an artist. If you take notes with the S pen. Then the smallest screen for multitasking and watching content.

Usually when your main use is gaming, you might actually prefer a smaller device because it may be more comfortable to use, but we will get to gaming in a moment. Let's talk quickly about the features and then see how they translate into real-life use. The Tab S7 features an 11-inch, 120-hz LTPS TFT display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and a resolution of 274 pixels per inch. The S7 FE Tab features a 12.4-inch, 60-Hertz TFT display with the same resolution as 2560 x 1600 and lowest density of the three at 243. The Tab S7+ has the same screen size at 12.4 inches but 120. Hertz Super AMOLED display with the highest resolution of 2,800 x 1752, and the highest pixel density of 287.

Since the tab, S7, and FE have the same resolution, you get a larger canvas to work with with FE but the same amount of screen space when you have to scroll or multitask. The Tab S7 has 120 Hertz, which will give you a smoother and more fluid user experience when navigating, scrolling or playing games in the operating system. Now the image quality on the Tab S7 is also noticeably sharper and we are receiving HDR10+, which kicks in as more HDR content is released. The Tab S7 has a better display, and the only advantage I'd give it to FE is that it's a bigger screen. Upgrade now to the Tab S7+, We get the larger size of the FE, with 120 hertz and HDR10+ support from the Tab S7.

On top of that, you're getting an absolutely amazing Super AMOLED display with incredible color, deep blacks and the highest resolution. We can actually fit more content on the screen. Designwise, Samsung has done a great job and all three tablets are very similar. All three are machined aluminum with rounded corners, square edges and smaller bezels, all round. All three have volume controls and a power button on the side, a USB-C port for charging and accessories connected. There is a micro SD card slot that lets you expand the internal storage by up to one terabyte. The Tab, S7 and S7+ have four speaker grilles, versus two on the FE. I'll talk more about the sound quality later. And finally, the Tab, S7 and S7+ has a magnetic strip on the back that stores and charges the included.

The FE comes with a basic S Pen, so it has none of the Bluetooth functionality and you can still hide it on the back, but it doesn't require any charging. All three tablets offer facial recognition with the front camera. The S7+, S7+ and Tab also offer a fingerprint sensor. It is on the side power button and we get an on-screen sensor in the S7+ tab. And that's one of the features that I hope other manufacturers see and then adapt to. I'm going to talk about the camera and sound systems very quickly. The Tab S7 FE also comes with a five-megapixel front camera and an eight-megapixel rear camera. Now the Tab S7 and the S7+ comes with a higher resolution. A.

Dual camera system consisting of an eight megapixel front camera followed by a 13-megapixel main camera and a five megapixel ultra-wide camera at the rear. Camera systems on tablets are not something I really use very often, beyond testing, because the camera is generally better and more comfortable to use on my phone. What I love about all three of these is that the front camera is on the long side. So you're in the middle of the frame when the tablet is horizontal in a case or on a stand. Contrary to iPads that have short cameras, If you use these cameras in landscape mode, you will end up with a really awkward camera angle for video calls. Even though I don't use the cameras much on my tablet . All three are powered by AKG speakers and support Dolby Atmos.

But the Tab S7 FE has two stereo speakers, one on each side. Then the S7 and S7+ have four. Another case where the Tab S7+ has the best sound quality with fuller, sound and more presence. And I would like to point out that neither of these have 3.5 millimeter jacks. Another area of key differences are accessories.. As I mentioned previously,. All three tablets include an S Pen, which adds a lot of value to my opinion. The Tab S7 FE comes with a regular S pen, while Tab S7 and S7+ come with a Bluetooth-enabled S pen. So, wirelessly use it with all available gestures. Now keyboard covers are another area in which there are some key differences. So, Tab, S7, and S7+ have a dedicated keyboard with touchpad. Both work very well and you can detach the keyboard from the back.

If you want to use any of them in tablet mode, but you still have the back and dock the S pen while keeping the back. Now I prefer the Tab S7+ Book Cover Keyboard because it is larger and more comfortable to type on. There’s also a dedicated set of function keys at the top that lets me control things like screen brightness, volume levels, etc. It has UI and multi-media controls, and even a dedicated DeX button, to which I'll get to in a minute. So the Tab, S7 and S7 + have a Snapdragon 865+ with six gigs of RAM. If you take 128 gigs of internal storage If then you upgrade to 256 or 512 gigs of internal storage, you'll get two more gigs of RAM for a total of eight. Ultimately, if you find one of these tablets, I would highly recommend it. Now, the Tab S7 FE has two options.

If you buy the more expensive 5G version, you get the Snapdragon 750G. If you only buy the cheaper wifi version, you will get a faster Snapdragon 778G, which is a bit odd. This also affects how much RAM you can get, as both can be used with 64 gigs of internal storage and four gigs of RAM, but the wifi-only version of the FE is available with 128 gigs of storage and six gigs of RAM or 256 and eight. One area where you can use all this processing power is multitasking. We have the same specs on all three tablets, we also have full access to one of my favorite features on these Samsung tablets, DeX. The tablet can be rebooted with a desktop-like OS UI. We get a real desktop with icons, folders and taskbars. You can open multiple windows and paste them on half of the screen.

You can even have floating windows. You can also connect to an external display and then do a dual display setup with a mouse and an external keyboard, which works great. Another feature I love about this tablet is that they function as a second screen for my 13 inch. Samsung Galaxy Book, Pro 360 Because I always have a tablet and my laptop, when browsing, I like a portable dual screen setup that only takes a few seconds to set up. Personally, I always felt like I am a lot more productive when I have multiple screens. We now have a 8,000 milliamp hour battery in the Tab S7, while the S7+ and FE get a 10,000 and 90 milliamp hour batteries. I get a very long battery life from all three.

So, roughly 9 to 14 hours of mixed usage., If you are interested in doing a more detailed battery test like I do with iPads,, I'll let you know in the comments: section. Let's talk about the game before moving on to my suggestions. I've used all three of these tablets for games like PUBG and by pairing an X-Box controller and using X-Box Game Pass. I tried every horde of the tablets, but I'll say the tab, the S7 and S7+ offer smoother games with less lag, mostly due to the more powerful processors. Top models now have 120 Hertz displays which is another bonus for games that support higher FPS settings.

Think the bottom line is to the bigger and better screen on the Tab S7+ compared to the more compact form factor on the Tab S7, which may feel more comfortable for some users for gaming. If you're using the X-Box Game Pass app then this tablet is purely Tab S7+ because you use this tablet as a display, you get the same processors. Let's move on to my suggestions and here are where things are a little crazy with Samsung pricing and why I think we could eliminate one of them. If you want a more standard price, I use official Samsung prices, but you can often find better prices using the links in the description. For comparison, I will only use the 128 gig wifi version of each, as they are available for all three models.

And I don't see how someone would spend an extra hundred dollars on the FE - with a bigger screen and bigger battery. But the Tab S7 has a better screen with a higher refresh rate, a more powerful processor, a better camera system, a better sound system, a Bluetooth - enabled S pen and a fingerprint scanner. .. you want the larger screen FE,.. Why not add a hundred dollars and get the best of everything plus an amazing super-aMOLED display? FE would have made more sense at a lower price point, but where it's at is the other two more attractive. Click here to see the detailed comparison of Tab, S7, and S7+. I hope this video was helpful. Click on my face to subscribe to's..

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