Did Samsung finally get it RIGHT????

- Galaxy Buds Plus. Galaxy, Buds, Live. How about the one that says Pro at the end? Galaxy Buds Pro. Unless you are Apple, the best Pro is good, and then you have max. If there's anything better than max, then you're in trouble. Samsung calls this the best -- they are it. These are now going to be the most expensive and are supposed to sound the best and they are all premium. (upbeat music) Ah,. - They give you instructions how to put it. (mumbles) Got the case. This is a nice small earl head case. I think this is stupid, but two people out of three think this is a worthy test. These are not Costco jeans, so that may be a little smaller and tighter than (mumbles). (groans) If you are wearing Nudies. It can be found but just a bit, and I wouldn't recommend it. It feels like crap.

No wall wart as a tradition. Oh, and here we have the silicon ear. There are four in this box, two more on the ears for small, medium, large. This is phantom black. I assume there is also phantom silver and phantom violet. So Samsung said that these had the shape of the live, which is bean-shaped, but the inner ear penetration factor of the Plus. The Live were really kinda. The styling of live?? (upbeat, music), If I'm putting them in and they are in my ear compared to - It's just a rounded version of this. Believe one of the microphones behind this perforated part is. There's a little perforated type of window which is supposed to help like a windscreen to allow you in a windy environment to be comfortable and have a clear voice during calls.

It is, just more exposed to the elements. They should be less exposed, and protrude less from your ear than the Plus. It would also help in having a better wind performance, (upbeat, music) before. Even looking at anything I just wanna comment on how they feel right. Everyone’s ears are different. And I know that my left is different from my right for me. When a headphone bothers me, it's always in left. These don't feel like that comfortably. This ear is kinda strained (upbeat, music). It's like my ear hole is deformed or something like that. I like it after 45 minutes or an hour, it might hurt. Wow, your voice sounds completely different. I am gonna put on the other ones. (man shouting) These are so weird.

They go in like a smiling face or like a rainbow Are they more comfortable than these ones for me? (UPB, music ), Yeah, I think the Plus are more comfortable.. The live are just incomprehensible, and these are somewhere in the middle. Let's do sound after this message from our sponsor Private Internet Access. Private, Internet Access VPN gives access to services and websites as if you were in a different country. All of your internet traffic and uses a safe, protective IP IP. You can connect up to 10 devices at once and they have clients for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and even Linux. On the link in the video description, you can get a one-year plan for 3995 and three months free. I like the base. (upbeat music) It is not like it is over present, but it is kinda nice and low.

In this song there's a high hat. But (man mumbles) And. It's not too grading or fatiguing right. Let's shift to some songs with lyrics and stuff. Everybody wants to rule the world with tears for fears. This is not a review.. What I'm gonna say about the sound is that they are in line with what I would like from these kind of consumer $200, headphone. Considering, all the other features they have like active noise, cancelling and everything. These aren't immediately sucky. I'd like to mess around with transparency and stuff, though 'cause. These are active noise cancelling, headphones. And unlike the Lives or which triggered active noise canceling, they are more similar to the Pluses that are in your ear.

The problem with these was that since they don't really seal in your air canal, the active noise canceling didn't really do a whole thing. It just took off a little, but it wasn't the kind of thing that was gonna help you on a plane ride, whereas I think that these things probably will. Do I go into HD audio if I press the Settings tab? AAC is the codec we are using. There is a proprietary codec from Samsung called Scalable which these support. The Wear, app. The Galaxy Wear app I already have because I have a phone. I do not see this earphone there. (man groans) Dang it Bobby. I won't be able to interact with the app, but I can tell you that. I know that if toggle can be toggled in the app.

Do you want your active noise canceling high or low? I can't fiddle with that right now. But what I can fiddle with is the actual touch interface of the headphones themselves. Let's see how sensitive it is and how they programmed it. And I'm expecting a single tap to start playing some 80s music. There (upbeat music) there. Okay. (Upbeat, music ) That is just like a really cursory, quick, tap. Getting a 50% success rate on that I would suggest doing something more deliberate like that (upbeat music) There is about a second delay. So you hear a ding and then it stops. And double-tap., (upbeat music ), second track. Shout by tears for fears. It went 'wow' and then turned on Transparency. (snaps fingers) I can't figure out if it is transparent or just ANC off.

Think that's ANC on. It made like a positive (mumbles), like the major chords. - Yeah. I don't think it is transparency mode, because the music is still like. The loudest thing. I think it's just ANC off. This is something we can't look at but you can program some of these buttons. So touch and hold, You can activate a preset feature. It defaults to launch the Noise Control feature. Unfortunately I am not able to check the granularity level out. They give you to turn on and off features because we saw some on headphones. Was it the Razor Hammerheads that were just awesome? Simply toggled everything to any one of the buttons that was like totally detached. It would be ideal but sometimes you don't see it. Sometimes, you see as double-tap and all rights are being granted to this or that.

Don't know why they put you in such a cage, but I can't say whether or not that one does that. Another new thing with these was unlike their previous models and for what it was for, I would say. Wireless earphones truly... So, these can go underwater for 30 to a depth of 1 meter. That doesn't mean that they recommend swimming with them, but for that they are rated. If you have the Samsung smart things app there's a new thing called smart things: find. Don't think that it is just for these earbuds only. It implies to many Samsung devices. Smart things find will help you locate your earbuds, potentially even though they are not on.

Battery, life, between 18, I think I have 28 hours of total, depending on whether or not you have ANC on or Bixby on, since these do support Bixby as a virtual assistant. And as you noticed, I didn't hail any virtual assistant, while I was touching it. If you're not using all that stuff then you're going to get more time. So that is 28 hours, total, eight and 20. So, 61 Milliamp Hours is on the earbud and 472 Milliamp Hours in the case. One hour of playtime. The reason these would sound different or that Samsung thinks that they sound quite a bit better than the Live or even these other ones is because they have a different speaker. There are actually two drivers. There is a five millimeter driver for the high end and an 11 millimeter driver for the woofer.

(laughs) And, that's 1.5 times bigger than what you found in Galaxy Buds Pluses. So there's just more speaker in there in an earphone that sticks out from your head. Apple-Ly features like multidevice support within the Samsung ecosystem. There is everyone trying to do this user-lock-in thing. If you're on your Samsung tablet, you can then watch your tablet and then call your phone. It switches right on the headphone, without you having to do anything. They also have a competitor to spatial audio. The thing we saw on the AirPods Pro and Pro Max is more like that you are in a home theater where, let's say, you're the television and I'm the audience. The sound stays there. And I know that my speakers are fixed sort of in space. They use a digital Dolby head tracking.

They call the feature a 360, audio. I'm guessing here I. Think this works on more devices than just Samsung, but they are not ready to say it works on all android devices. Would I recommend these puppies? Don't have official pricing, but the rumor is that they are $200. As for the Razor Hammerheads which I enjoyed quite a bit, They are still cheaper than the AirPods Pros. This isn't a full review, of course, but from my like, cursory look at them features wise. They have some Extras for Samsung people. They seem like bog standard, no, like grievances from me. Sometimes I have them, which is just like it's so easy to get right. It would be cool to have more of like Google assistant, stuff. I think this is really for Samsung people.

They make sort of like standard as a headphone, but for $200 you might need to be a Samsung person to push you over the edge. This is a good entry into the marketplace. And thanks guys for watching the Short Circuit today. You liked this video, Subscribe to us, Like us Upvote on Reddit..

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