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Jkt48 but again watch TV, not all smartphones are designed for gaming, yes, just like our new smartphones from 2020, then there were interesting smartphones whose capabilities were seen through their gaming stability, not because of their gaming abilities. Well, the Samsung Galaxy A12 is one of the smartphones that is interesting not because of its gaming capabilities. This is that the smartphone is affordable, but it has interesting Samsung basic features. It doesn't take long for a smartphone that we will immediately see the design. Okay, so in this sales package, there is of course a charger that is fast charging or adaptive to 15 watts. Except that, we also find a Daia Quickstart here, even though it is short and a PIN to open the SIM tray - slot.

Cette projection of the Galaxy A12 unit is a coincidence. We hold the blue, one, Mayan cool yeah. The design is a bit different from previous design. Let's first see from the right side, now this is a fingerprint power button that doubles as a fingerprint reader. The top side there is this one, because the microphone has only a microphone here, it's original above, then, on the left we can see, it's simple. If we open the SIM tray it's a simple non-hybrid, so 3 slots so but Sam 2 sim card plus a micro, SD OK Let's continue OK and move down to the bottom : here we see a USB Type C, there is a microphone, Then there is a jack three and a half, and there is also a speaker, yes, brought here.

If we return to the front, this is a six and a half inch Infinity-V screen here, TV display with selfie camera here and this is SD Plus screen pls. There is a teaching of 4 cameras, one flash and a cool body design too. There are two megapixel death sensors and there is an additional flash above. This is using an 8 -core MediaTek P35 Soc.. We have to look at the whole package of this smartphone. There is only one option and this can still be added with a microSD of up to 1 Terabyte. You see me in this video, I shot this with a Samsung Galaxy. For this video, we used the Samsung Galaxy A8.

Now, if you want to shop, ati, now, I'm still using the microphone from the studio, later, we will move from the study and try using the SD default mic and the camera on what kind of open air is now, but now it's outside and sorry. It's still cloudy inside on this, hmmm, I'm using the camera, a Samsung Galaxy, a 12 and microphone, a Samsung Galaxy, a 12, so I don't use an additional microphone, there is no additional recording here, okay, This is an audio view of the Samsung Galaxy. And if people are also less like backlite, yes it is not bad. The results are less okay, but how can he handle this I really like it, and the audio doesn't need to scream with this one? This is a recording with the main camera.

It's not preserved, or the main camera The Samsung Galaxy A12 is too like this, I'm. Sorry if the white balance isn't that good, because it sucks The weather isn't so favorable anymore but they say it is pretty good here if the colors are there, it's cool. This camera doesn't use auto Hey guys so we can't focus close together. I am wondering, it's weird, but it's really unique because I use ultra-white. Sharpness is OK, because we liked the macro because it is only two megapixels, and while it is for ultra white, yes. Since it is about to rain here, let's go back to agreeing again, so it turns out that the Samsung Galaxy A12 offers a really good camera. Even for Christian content, it's fun to call it making fun videos, even though he plays Lembang.

Aha series a is simple, but the auto function works. This is the most important thing, the auto function works well. The durability turns out to be too good for the battery rain, particularly for testing using 1080P video, as we now got this new video watching the movie non-stop for about 21 hours, The funny thing is that this is very similar to Samsung's claim, yes, but let's try to relax for 21 hours, non-stop. This is adaptive 15 Watt charging, but the battery is large so it is impossible for him to chat for a long time, yes, the charging is quite normal, actually in two hours and fifteen minutes. Now, every time there is something fun about this one.ui family, it provides a lot of features. Many of these typical Samsung features are available.

Also here, Kediri, yes there are features for example for audio settings, so that they can be evenly distributed according to the age. This is important because the human hearing ability changes with age so humor can make music that judges good. Yes, it is here too, although it is cheap, but be careful here, it makes it easier for outsiders to tune their needs, Abi. One of them is an outdoor knife by Atmosphere. Unique, namely, to make the forehead and chin balanced, Unless you leave the head on top, doesn't it? It is very interesting, personally I like things like this. There are settings then to make Ayua less nimble or by reducing animations, but without having to enter the developer. This fit, we can manage power consumption, okay.

Yes, there are many features for power consumption for the battery. So there is to check ISIS Torres. We can weigh any solutions to eat Ram usage can be there and arrive to this security feature, Even if it is activated, it is already supported. It is always supported by software from M. Cafee has a love button. What he also has is going to continue to secure like live, to wake. You double press the screen twice, but it is still alive. So there Smart Stay is very fun, also when you watch it using Smart Stay and then the pop-up view feature. Where we can choose which application will give Popup notifications and which won't. For example, if we need something using POP, you need to make an online store application.

It's also easier to get notifications and vice versa, and the HD - modification is called focus - mode, So this allows us to focus on work or K5 learning, yes, by turning off the application -- just an important application. So, it's good that we can choose directly OK, I don't want to be disturbed. By Quality, for example direct, switching and fast without any trace of focus, loading It's really important to me, I'll reach out to Sahwa, don't worry. So it mean waiting on social media? One smartphone is a sales package that tends to be a bit "timing". There is hands-free with one exception to the pre-orders, namely swag hardness. It may not be the best on the market, but it is enough to play light games like that. Nevertheless, free fire can be good.

When we play pubg, it is still pretty good, even though the settings aren't much smooth and it still requires a little practice. If you can use it really fast, the camera menu is also quite minimal. The feature of the eyes is not there, but the quality from the recording, especially for the video. It's really good, so the pluses and minuses are there. we actually like 12, because Trump is presented with a large billiards deal,. The battery is also big enough Hi, so the power consumption is also good. The charger is equipped with a 15 Words charger. It's not bad, it's not because it's cheap, the 10W charger also works, which takes hours to fill up, yes the screen pls. This is actually quite good, then the camera and microphone are good for recording videos, especially for the price class.

One of the benefits of this Samsung Smartphone line is that it is unique, yes, it's calm and subjective, but indeed very many. Samsung users use one.ui and, like it, even reviewers, in general, like Juan Yunus, at least generals will need you as a sa is one of the best, not good, not the worst, not tomorrow, not whether he is going to the best time, can be that, Yes. Since Revelation came, Simi feels her Samsung smartphone so much more modern without giving it an overly Canadian taste. It is also easy to try with one hand, because it is set that way and don't forget that this video was recorded with Samsung Galaxy A12. Yes, we have been using Samsung In, the Galaxy J2teen, the Samsung Galaxy, a 12-inch smartphone, the most attractive carries features and advantages typical of Samsung.

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