Hello guys, this time the latest Smartwatch from Samsung has arrived. This packaging is pretty cool. It's still wrapped in a gift paper, yes. This is the Samsung Galaxy watch for which I purchased it for the 40mm size in black. Here we see that it has built in bluetooth, Wifi and GPS, The Samsung in Indonesia is about three million guys and when I bought it there were two choices of black and gold in the charger, Yes, it's still the same as in the previous Galaxy Wars. He used this round wireless charging for his own magnet. I held the Smartwatch from Galaxy Watch first time. This evening it was really great, guys, for build quality. So you can't leave your fingerprint on the display screen on m.

Using this glass protector, trapezoidal gorilla, glass, DX, I'm pretty good, soft, flexible and feels solid, guys, on the back. He writes that the strap is quite easy to open and install on the side. It is simple to open it for your own stress measurement, thankfully, about 20 mm can be replaced by another strip. Perhaps that was the first drawback that I felt when I just kept it on the strip. It couldn't be bent, guys. 16 cm My suggestion is to use it tighter because if it is a little loose, it will be bad. If you press it on your hand it is really cool. It looks like it is doing it, but it's a little loose so it's a little so it's not on the edges, guys, close to Kenya for the width of the diameter of this case,.

If I measure about 40 mm, it is higher than Kenya, it is 39 mm from look to look, the strap is a little long guys, around 55 mm. This is standard 11 mm, less than 12, I choose Wow in the weight section,. A little more, so it is quite comfortable when used everyday, guys, I like Samsung Smartwatch, when I meet a Samsung smartphone, I connect them directly and a notification appears when. There are objects from other ecosystems, for display size I don't think it is too large, yes it is an adaptation to its specialty. The resolution is 396 x 396, Pixels and 333e supports Super AMOLED screens, yes. It must be a Samsung mouth display, screen. The best, bro, My, Smartwatch, Galaxy Watch for the 40 mil metal is more suitable for those of you who have it.

Like me, I have small wrists, around 16 cm or the ledis are suitable,. In this section, we can tap and slide as I like without resetting to. Keep the screen brightness setting in the plus sign section of the different. We can still add other shortcut menu features such as nrc and this is the story if we slide above to display the main menu. Here it is, as this, I have it. There are lots of lessons here, let us see the main features. There is a calculator There is a voice recorder in the music feature. There is a play: pause, next review, and also settings. While the ram uses 1.5 GB, there is also a remote for the camera, so don't miss it. There is a stopwatch, a countdown timer. There is also a calendar in this Compass section.

We have first to calibrate it by twirling in the new Smartwatch section, which is active and is no less cool like the previous Galaxy Watch. So when we touch the edges of the bezel it feels like there is a feedback vibration. So there are available from smaplos in the worth VCD section. There are 20, more what's raids and you can add more guys. Hi, and I, also like it in the analog watch face, especially on the second hand. It looks like a cool analog, watch. Hey! You have touched for this exercise. There are quite a lot of types of sports that we can use. For what it looks like this, Samsung is cool and he can also link with GPS. Yes, it can no longer be a smartphone.

It looks like this and if we slide to the left to display the mission menu, yes, we can use it while listening to music. There is also a fall in blood pressure or blood pressure coming from the waiter. We have to download the application directly from our smartphone and use this blood pressure measuring device. , Guys there is also an ECG feature. I don't have the tool Indonesian guys are hi, hi, Hi I'm. This athlete drops with a medical device. He doesn't run dynamically,. He also has a stress feature to monitor how stressed we are today in the last part, which is a plus sign. I see you can still add other features to the smartphone here, guys, like shortcut features, OK? Let's test it for its health, features, I think it is quite complete okay.

The CPU uses a Samsung exynos w920 with Android Wear OS one.ui 3.5. Let's see in this section of the brightness display that we can automatically see it or see that it has ice here, We can activate Restu White. The fastest is 15 seconds for letters or fonts, so you can change it, guys, in this font setting. In the touch sensitivity section of the screen, Wow, it is great in the settings section. Some guys we can customize this button. Those of you whose bezels don't want to be touched can move, We can't set these settings, guys, and this drops off for notifications of incoming messages and incoming calls like this. It looks like it becomes annoying, even the qablah which I can feel from the Galaxy Wars smartmesh. The battery is all connected as WiFi NFC, bluetooth, GPS.

The battery drains really fast, especially if the screen brightness is full and the charge itself is quite long. Maybe this is the world I can do share from Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Watch for 14mm thanks very much for those who have watched sorry. If there is a shortage in words, Freddy stay safe and see your next video..

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