Configuration for Samsung A10 / A11 | improved accessibility Free Fire New Update 2022 - Galaxy User Guide

There are partners of expression super good around here Samuel attracted the best configurations for the new update in this case. What would be the best configuration for all sanction devices, 10 devices, and for all samsung devices at 11? I hope it is very clear for you that you are not asking and in any case, in the room title and in the thumbnail. It also shows what devices they are for to convince you that on the screen we have the general sensitivity, 100% Punto Rossi's, look in percent.

Do not forget that I also want to reach the minds of 50, that there are followers so that you can listen to me, support me, subscribe and activate the bell in all of them, so that they are notifying all the videos we upload from configurations later. Have the button to put walls very quickly and I have to change motivated to make initial movements and hit the screen the button that I come to recommend for all people who use extension 10 and census 111? Look at all the weapons and I am going to hit chewing is something else. The advice that I always give out to my subscribers is that when he looks at them from the top he does so with force, obviously not so abruptly so that he doesn't miss the look at his head. He doesn't commit the error with your comments.

They begin to practice this advice that I am giving you here well. We can give you my account eli out of fear so that they send me requests. I also have my clan in case they decide to send me, then I want you to write it down. Send me a request if you want them to give you a certain that he wants to be put in it. Tell me broker and grace the clan or ego good jokes. We play sensitivity and practice it, so I think we all go to practice, and we can obviously make the adjustments and the pp, and for people who go with the page or for those who do not already sign. Afterwards ent once again, finally in the settings we look for general administration, they go to meters, we say and touch panel and we are going to accommodate all that very well so that it can serve you.

Let's say for 250 k of subscribers and either has the company is pending, so it can notify them of configurations every day. There is a more mind in the accessibility toward unam trains, interest in skill they get into where it says, delay in production and keeping paused, and they are going to short it if they short it instantly. They are going to go out and they are going to activate what would be the automatic cli for the Pro pointer. Bir everything to the maximum that when they put it it immediately because they are going already leaving it acts as if they are that it is going to take them too much.

They start to go down to look for them when they look the animations of havana chat each one of them to remove a little the side of what the Samsung devices would be at 10 and sanctioned 11. It is a minimum width, the mind and people who do not want to keep their hair can see how they want as I come in that I have it in 411. They can put the cpei in 800, I recommend it for all samsung devices and it has served me and my friends very well who also use configurations and all the subscribers who mess with me and who are very aware of all the videos we upload,. But I want you to restart the phone so that you can update what the cell phone settings would be and update what would be preferred, so that they would attend to it.

Do all that very well restart and there can you put in a profile when they get involved and prefer one. The only thing they are going to do is not to be afraid of the d esquadra or the salt, start practicing. In this case, I had trained me, and began practicing. I think that each of you begin to practice so that what the complete configuration would be useful for you and you already know what to want and what to get out of 50 writers and experts. I hope you hear to me subscribe to me, not the bell and ask questions or doubts to your settings.

If you want to see me if they have installed, if you want to join the clan, if I are under drug handling you can write over here on my instagram I know on the screen? Also in that the description of the video so that they can write to me, send me the message. I will answer them, obviously to keep in mind if they change that impression on Youtube goal 50 than that, so that I support you, sharing your clients of the channel and already have the bell, I want you to think what you think of the video of the mind, control light. I will answer uder and I will read all of the comments.

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