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Hello YouTube is back on Rezky's channel on a special occasion and this special opportunity was provided by the Meteor Cell Malang Dinoyo. Thank you very much for this opportunity, because a3 series 22 is in front of me, Think of it as the iPhone, where she comes up with a generation that is so tiny, so small, so delicious, from the highest to the highest. At the same time, I will talk about the promo. valid because there are so many colleagues Maybe confused with the es2na promo. At the same time, I will review the impression version. Unboxing explains the promo Now for those of you who have watched this video, Malang City specifically wants to see this special Samsung flagship cellphone unit at Meteor. Cell - All branches have units.

Just look at the apple in the package, of course, because the box has tips like this. It is like CV, come here for the third [Music] while anboxing. Air Unboxing is sort of a show which you get when you buy a Samsung S2 2-series. , in the box as before, the cellphone, then nohea, my brother's ib nums. There is only a charger cable for books and a dettol ejector session in all variants. Now, regarding credit, it applies for example only to three banks that are not, for example. These three are – BNI – BRI – Mandiri Where you can get one million up, but the conditions are for example a minimum of 750,000 swipes, cash back.

If you swipe at least 11000000 then one million can be applied to the highest variant, namely the 5 12 ultrap with 18 and a half million swipes, Samsung vouchers up to one and a half million free exclusive cover font, Samsung, Core, Plu, Free for 12 months, are available. Very interesting for the full bonus set, which you can have during preorder 24 waves, yes, You can buy and purchase them just online and at the official store. The s22 is the smallest variant of the s22 plus, and this is the s22 Ultra. Let's go a little bit with the previous generation, from the smallest to the old s220 - variant, with the s21 birthday, guys. This is the latest generation compared to the s21.

We can see physically winning the change of a more minimalist or non-minimalist physical form. It shrinks, but if you feel the real handheld, I prefer the s21 because of the frequent body shape. While the f-22 now works with the Power button on the side, it has also undergone changes. The body already uses aluminum armor, which is cooler, stronger at the bottom of the speaker, grill, then type C and also SIM card slot. Here there is only one microphone hole or for noise canceling here, while in s21 there are two holes, and this happened in the s22 series now we see s22 plus. If it is thin, it feels like the ds22 series is thinner because the shape has been tweaked but the sensation is again that the file is held by having been cleft.

I prefer the ds21, but with the physical changes here, it is cooler, but if you are part of the Bangpie this camera is exactly the same, especially when we are like this. The position of the lights is exactly the same, and if we look at the top zero, we see the same thing. There is a 2-hole hold if the same thing happens: Physically, with a change in yes button, yesterday I made a change to it. It is easy to click on. There is also a website grill and a further simcard slot on the S22 Ultra. How is it nice to hold compared to the s21 even though it is both Kraft and weighted? The difference is very thin, not too much of a difference from the weight but if the file is honest, the file is better. It's better to keep it now on the s22 Ultra.

Here it is, but it's really annoying I first clenched the sticker. The DS21 Ultra has 2 old ones, then on the side of the power button. Then there is a speaker grille of type C and also the microphone hole and the SIM card. This is the value of the two Ultra SS2 advantages where it combines with notes. We will review the discussion with SPM separately or make it short, We can see that the change is not too significant in the camera position, it is exactly the same thing, just removing the bench, starting with an increase in camera position. The sensor is larger, 108 MB, . The dimensions and body controls of the screen, we are seen. The performance is a test of normal. Because Hello, I'm in the world of Videography editing, making content, test-posting it as usual.

This is our 60 fps [Music] forkey, all original All the ones we use are SOEs for [Music], an appeal to enjoy Space. It is not possible for three to mix. My name will be helped here by Mas Andri to click on these buttons. We will try to count them together. Thought and second-- and that is a bomb. The result is quite surprising - the rendering is just 4808, whereas it was one minute and 23 seconds if we compare it to the s21e V yesterday. For the CPU guys, and then we discuss it in terms of the regular s22 Vc screen, with a 6.1-inch screen. Indeed, but and the setting is 2425 cheeks, which is bigger than PS2 Plus, which in terms of size, is indeed an increase in comma 16 point 6 6,8 on Ultra.

From the quality of the screen, both used gorilla glass pictures plus If we look at it from front, it doesn't exist. The difference in screen quality, from the contrast, from the sharpness, from the fit, from the blog, yes. If we look carefully it has a slightly better quality. If you can see it clearly, it's just overall good, the color is sharp but if I look at it at a glance it looks sharper on the S22 Ultra, maybe because the screen is big, so it's better to watch it but overall. The Vivid contrast is racing, yes, on these three cellphones. It is good from the green color of the light leaves. The screen quality of the s22 really isn't that much of a difference with the s221, yes, because using AMOLED UX also spoils the eyes, okay? On the audio quality will continue.

Now let's move on to the audio test : Let's try it first from the S22, the microphone, I think I have it all here. It's almost the same on both mobile phones so let s try the one on the s22 Ultra Hi, it's okay, guys Yes, Max The file is even though I'm a bit far from here, it is louder from lognes than these two. I feel like it has more power for speakers. Mas Andre, who was over there, heard it louder.

When Andrea was back there who was farther away, this could hear In the discussion of cameras where the s22 and the S2 Plus have the same sensor 50 megapixels for the main 10 Mega for Telephoto and 12 Mega for the s22 Ultra, which makes the ankle more complicated with the addition of a bigger sensor, 18 Mega, main content, 10 Mega 2 camera, yes, which is 10 optical zoom and 3 optical zoom, and also 12 megapixels for Ultra White. There will later be two comparisons that are the same combination and also the single result of the X2 Ultra Camera and video is okay,. Let's continue with camera - selfie - testing where the difference is 10 vs, 40, 40, megapixel, ds22 Ultra that we choose from 10 ds22 and 2012 from selfie to bokeh.

Naturally, and this is 40 megapixels for selfies, the camera is really good,. The game is good and then for the rear camera to the tablet from normal white angel to 3 potassium, you Indro, Indro, I'll. This is the ton character, which is almost the same, but if the ton character is also good, the ds22 ultra has a deeper color so uh, the ds22 ultra is supported up to 10 optical zooms,. The sky colour is more or less the same when it is good angle, but if it is normal it is the same, but try bro, my clothes are more maroon. Diego, doctor, is more maruna. This is 10 Kalisum and Ms. in the back is aware that this advanced camera is also the red color of the kit, the meteorcell of the sky, you can see this is different, then we will try this three times zooming.

Two cameras have less detail but what S2 olshop is more detailed, and this 100 kalisum can still produce good image. This is incredible an ID card, at least see Ho'oh. Tone color is stable,. The presence is also really cool with this ds22 series and then we go back to normal shooting. We want to try this crazy macro, we can see, but if the S2 Ultra is more detailed, please post it and this is the bokeh This- makes it really crispy, and then this is the bokeh with the color in the object. The full SD recording for the sound is OK after testing. For the first time, the flash on the front camera, We just check the sound then go full SD on the way to Kenya. The distance is the same from reception, sound quality.

This camera is a sound test for going to the road later you will have voices. Arak is about 1 meter high with the camera that captures the sound from these three cellphones, Please submit additional comments on the video test while you perform OK, by going through the selfie video-video test. Even though ds22 and ds22 are megapixels, plus l is already twenty megapixels, but if full XD reaches forks like this it seems like for video when this cellphone has almost the same character. Later we will see on the back camera, while running, yes. You can see yourself in the selfie video from the same mp4 flash drive and this is how to model this blur background.

If the blur behind me is more or less the same, only if it is of sharp aspect, if we look at it directly, it's sharper on the S22 Ultra and then on the back, the camera This, full HD 60fps one is a bit bright so I think HDR should be on Sri I. Benitez runs so so, your stability. You can judge for yourself that it is quite stable on these three mobiles. The results are really good, then that is what makes angle and zoom only on full Sd60. If Forge can't be like this, then it can't last Angle until zooming Azumi can still cure Angle which can only be available at 60fps qwerty to the bottom. So if the sum is reduced it can be up to 20 times on S2, Ultra, S22 and 12 and then we continue. This guys also have tons of characters of the same quality for videos for Kenya,.

The picture quality is better than the two sisters. I want to try it from my normal facial smoothness. Later on my face will be normal when it is smooth ; it's like coming out of Skin Care several times to the skin, because later we will try everything. How do you guys want to look handsome and beautiful? A maximum of three cellphones can actually be made using the beautify feature. It feels like after a steady, facial, migration of three cellphones and finally, we will show that this is the slow mode of the third cellphone. Fred is higher, all 240fps at average, and this is the result for slow, OK Guys, What. Do you think about the discussion of the s22 series from the s22 to the s22 plus, then the largest f-22 Ultra? But, if you want simplicity, it is comfortable and easy to carry.

It can fit the S22, too big, very nice, small, easy to take in your pocket and the guide is not too flashy and right. Perhaps it's a good fit for those of you who prefer to be fashionable because it's more visible than the s22, which is smaller. Also, more productivity requires a good camera, basically. The considerations then are simplicity or fashion or high productivity. If you hold the small one while calling, you don't really see Momo, how can emo show off, I.e. no, but those who want to be trendy,. It's a matter of choosing more of the kter I want to see. So for reviews related to these three phones, only the S-pen I will review separately, because it won't be enough then combined. The gas for the doodles is really good, as if you were holding a tablet.

If you carry your tablet anywhere, it is more suitable that the s22 Ultra is for performance. You are not burdened with the weight that you want to carry a laptop or tablet on a daily basis, but with the f-22 ultra. This is quite helpful in terms of your business or performance in daily productivity as I think it is for the review and discussion of the s22 series. If you want to compare, please comment on ice or S2 Plus or S22 Ultra. It's really important for further review, yes, the s22 Ultra is, so see you n, bye..

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