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During the peace era when everyone was looking at the Samsung Galaxy S22, samsung decided to leave everyone in a lot of confusion. In dropping the s21 fan edition, s21 fe apparently tries to be an affordable flagship with the dna of the original s21 lineup, but it also happens to be a competitor to the s21 and s21 plus in today's video. I'll compare the s21 fe to the s21 plus those of you watching my channel for the first time, hit the subscribe button and help me cross 100k subscribers, and, let's kick it off The camera module accent on the s21 plus helps to establish the flagship nature of this device, while the s21 offers cost cutting measures, its back having an unique color. The Gorilla glass Vivirtis, s21 Plus, is a big device.

The S21 fe is a compact, handy smartphone with a decently sized battery in terms of design and build, none of these devices is actually better than the other. Both phones are protected by ip68 certification, which makes these water and dust resistant and both feature the eu speaker setup file, and none of these devices offer a micro sd card slot. When we talk about screens the real and technical differences take over. Both phones apparently use a dynamic 2x screen with 120hz refresh weight and brightness nets are also the same, but there is something different. Deep inside s21 plus has an adaptive refresh rate and, as you can see on your screen, its screen is capable of switching to multiple refresh rates such as 96 and 48 hc when needed.

For this reason, its battery performance will also get hurt due to the same colors and contrast on both phones are the same outdoor performance of both phones are also the same. It's pretty good, since both the phones offer a fingerprint scanner underneath their display. It is really clicky and nice on the s21 plus and samsung has definitely cut the corners on the s21 fe in this department. The software on both phones is Android 12 one UFO all the features are the same: both phones have features like a constant share on display, dolby, atmos, extra, dim, etc. The battery is 4800 mah off because of the exynos 2100 and the non adaptive refresh rate. The s21 fe gave me about 6 hours and 13 minutes of the screen on time.

In my battery drain test, while the s21 plus gave me a screen time of 7 hours, you can check out my battery drain test. Both phones support 25 Watt rapid charging, but none of these brings a charger out of the box. The snapdragon 888 is a far superior chip than the exynos 2100 and for this reason you will see it to be achieving high scores in the benchmark. Apps like Antutu and the exynos 2100 also pick up more heat than the snapdragon 888, but I am sure that the story would be completely different if we compared the snapdragon 88 variant of the s21 fe to the snapdragon 88 variant of the s21 plus the geekbench scores are now on your screen and the 3d mark gaming benchmark scores are also here.

The Exynos 2100 is not a bad chipset, samsung fixed a lot of issues with this new breed of its exynos chips, but still not as good as snapdragon competitors. It wins clearly and, to prove this point, I conducted a small speed test between these phones. On both the phones [Music], the camera app was likewise fast and responsive. In the premiere application I edited a 4k video clip. First of all, the video was rendered into a 1080p Clip after applying the same effect on both sides. The s21 plus took the clear lead here and won this test, but the s21 fe was not far behind [music]. This time and s21 fe behind [Music] was also an image editing test for the s21 plus, starting with the lightroom app. I then edited another image in the Snapseed application to find the same results [Music].

The first game I loaded in this test took me faster to the login screen on the s21 plus [music], but for the rest of the games like the chord mobile and s4 line on x21. If he was ahead, the realistic part of the speed test was the video and photo - editing and this was swept by the s21 plus. Ram management on both phones is good [Music]. Let me quickly give you an idea of the camera hardware on both sides. A few things that should be mentioned include the 3x zoom in the portrait mode of the s21 fe. S21 fe can not do 60fps videos in Ultra White mode. S21 plus can do this too. The S21 Plus has an auto fps mode for the video resolutions. In the settings of the s21 plus, you will find the audio zoom microphone feature.

First of all, this is a full HD 30 frames per second video clip from the s21 fan edition and s21 plus I will be switching to other resolutions because other resolutions also change the voice, recording quality of the mic, and once I do you will know here underneath the screen I'll describe what resolution the video is recorded in. Remember you guys must be judge for all the front camera videos and uh all video resolution mode for front camera are common on both the phones. Now the stability is going to get a little hurt because of 60 frames per second, but I still find it quite nice on both these phones.

The s21 fan edition definitely has a flagship grade stabilization for the front camera, we will get to know the real deal once we switch on the 4k at 30 frames per second for the front camera right now. This is uh 4k at 30 frames per second from both the front cameras and the video is again quite stable. I find that there is a little cropped camera here 21 pluses. The fan edition of S21 has a large review for this front. During this comparison, while you are watching, make sure that you subscribe and drop down your thoughts and analyses in the comment section. I would love to hear from you guys the highest resolution now in 4k at 60 frames per second from both front cameras.

This is how I record these camera comparisons because I have to keep the videos as realistic as possible. If you are walking in a park and want to record a quick video of yourself or you want to record a quick vlog using one of these two devices most probably, this is the kind of video that you are going to record and this video gives you a pretty nice idea about the stabilization, voice quality, the color composition and other factors that you may find important for the front camera video like I said. Drop your thoughts and feedback below and let's move on to the other parts of this full-scale detailed comparison between In both videos, its colors will be more realistic and kind of bluish on the s21 plus and in the image of the s21 fe.

The overall color tone of videos is warm on the s21 plus, and it's slightly cool in the s21 fe details. Here, only the s21 plus has certain advantages because it can record 4k, 60 ps videos in Ultra 8 mode 2, as I have stated, the x21 fe can do that, and I feel a little sad about this. I still think the s21 plus is a better choice for videography mainly because of its stability and those additional features I just mentioned, especially the audio zoom mic feature. If you have ever used it, you know how much useful that feature is watch these videos with patience and I catch you in just a minute with the photos [music] like a light in the dark. Every time you make me nervous, and I lose my words. Can break me [Music] Here is an ultra-white image on your screen.

The differences remain similar, but I would like you guys to notice the amount of details in the image of the s21 fe. If you want to capture ddl, rich landscape images now take a look at a portrait image now equally great on both sides, but I like it more on the s21 fe, that is 21fps, color tone in portrait mode. This just gives you an idea that the s21 fe has this advantage of taking three x portrait images and the s21 plus is limited to 2x. Only now are you getting a lot of Ultra Wide and normal images. I would like you guys to take a look at all the upcoming images and drop your own detail, analysis and thoughts in the comment section below the details of all the upcoming photos.

In terms of quality and detail in the indoor images, I found the s21 plus almost every time on the better side. I think it is because of the 64 megapixel camera and the pixel building mechanism, the s21 fee camera needs some optimizations to function better in the indoor photography conditions and also the low light conditions, [Music] [Music], the low light and the night mode photos of the s21 plus turned out to be much superior than the s21 fe, the s21 plus. There is a slight cool color in the images of the s21 plus here the s21 fe takes sort of yellowish images with slightly high saturation. S21Fe is low-power and performance in night mode is just fine.

There are some instances when it can actually outperform the s21 plus, but in most of the cases the s21 plus shows why it is a true flagship device, especially the low light indoor and night mode performance of this 21 fe spore. At times, the s21 fe can't show any elements at all, while the s21 plus clearly shows the elements in the dark. As far as selfies are concerned, s21 fe, selfies, look more realistic with high detail and close to original color tone. The edge detection in selfies is equally good on both phones. Even if I set the face softener on the s21f to 2 it still takes sharp selfies. You can definitely increase the softener intensity to make the images look smooth, but I am going towards the realistic look. Both phones do so equally well in selfies and yes.

Do you guys like more and with this we reach a conclusion right at this moment you can grab the s21, fe and s21+ at the same price. In all aspects we eat the screen battery performance, the cameras, whatever you compare, the s21 plus is in the top - ten for nine things. If you can actually grab the s21 plus for the same price as the s21 fe, there is no reason to not go ahead and pick it up. This device is good enough for another couple of years, but if the s21 fe is the one in your budget, if the s41 plus is too expensive in your country, you may just get the s21 fe, it's a super thin device lightweight, and it's handy with flagship features, and I think that samsung will certainly improve it further.

As time passes, I would love to hear from you guys, drop your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe if you haven't yet, I will sign you all and see you all in the next one..

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