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Hello assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hello Galaxy friends, back again on analog sister channel in this video I will review the comparison of two Samsung Galaxy Ace Risdi smartphones that are priced at 3 million, namely the Samsung Galaxy A3 versus the Samsung Galaxy A3 2015. Let's watch the following video until it runs out, but before that don't forget to continue to support this channel by clicking subscribe. Don't forget to turn on the notification button. You r not miss, Hazard. This channel has the latest video updates, I'll. Give you three seconds to click the subscribe button below 2020 Samsung has released a Galaxy, A3 smartphone and now it's almost a year.

This Samsung Galaxy A3 is one of the smartphones of Samsung which is quite affordable, but the specifications are very capable considering the many advantages that are offered Call it a Super, AMOLED screen, a 5000mh battery and a 48 megapixel camera. It seems that Samsung is still pursuing its innovation efforts by presenting the latest products of the Galaxy Ace risk line. Here I will review a comparison of the specifications of Samsung Galaxy A3, one against the Samsung Galaxy A3 [Music] Nda Laksia 31 and the Galaxy A3 2-0 have a 6.4-inch Infinity-O display with full resolution. Both Hd plus use Super AMOLED screen from Samsung and carry fingerprint scanner technology behind the screen or in the fingerprint display.

The difference between the a31 and 32 lies in the refresh rate, where the a32 supports a refresh rate of up to 90hz, while the a31 is stuck at 60 Hz. This is what makes the Galaxy A3 dual more comfortable when used when playing games and scrolling on social media, Apart from being more comfortable when used, the Samsung A3 2000000 screen is stronger in terms of durability because it is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, while the Galaxy A3 still uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3 in terms of the body and placement of the supporting components of the two Smartphones. From the position of the power and volume buttons, similar. The diffe ence is seen on the back of the smart hone, where the camera design of the a320f is simple with 4 protruding lenses,.

While the a31 has a rec angular camera module. Pay attention to the colors of the Galaxy A3 one and 32. The colors are very different, where the Galaxy A3 2D with pastel colors that looks lighter and more elegant while the Galaxy A3 has colors that are dull and reflects bright light when moved to se photography office. Samsung, Galaxy, A3, one and 32 are both equipped with four rear cameras. The difference with the same function lies in the resolution, where the Galaxy A3 with a 64 megapixel main camera is full, while the A31 only 48 megapixels are balanced for macro and refocus cameras at 8 megapixel resolution. Both are 5 Mega Pixel resolution and designed for selfies.

Both the A31 and A32 are equipped with a 20 megapixel front camera complete with facial recognition features. In terms of video recording, both front and rear cameras have. The 31 and A32 are also equipped with a stabilisation feature which reduces the shocks when recording video, while walking. Here are some comparisons of the results of the Samsung Galaxy A3 one and the Samsung Galaxy A3 2 cameras, right ; my friend Galaxy Alone is more inclined to the performance sector. The difference lies in the support for additional memory, where A supports up to 1tera while A31 is stuck., At 512 GB, the a32 is also superior with Android 11 support and want you I 3, while a31 is still based on Android 10 and want you.

This year a31 will have an update to Android 11 and will have the same battery capacity, namely 5000mh, and support 15watt fast charging from Samsung for power and charging. That's the difference in the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A3 one and the a325. This price can be modified at any time depending on the promo that is applied. Don't forget to share this video so that it can be useful for others..

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