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Today I am really excited to bring you the new iPhone 12 against the samsung Galaxy. A71 head-to-head comparison now you may know that the Galaxy A71 has been out quite some time ago but it's actually been brought back as a higher level 5g model. It is by no means a mid-range phone like the A71, but it is a mid range offering between the iphone 12 series, of course. I'll be putting on my regular speed tests. The camera comparison we'll also talk about the overall performance and the value for money that you get package. samsung has made the a71 and a71 5g features packed with an expandable memory, slot dual sim tray, headphone jack, on-screen fingerprint scanner, fm radio and nfc for some market regions.

It has a qualcomm, snapdragon, processor, six or eight gigabytes of ram and a very large 4 500 milliamp hour battery. The screen to bezel ratio has been improved, the sides have been flattened and the display has also been improved. But what remains is the large notch that houses the sensors for the Face Unlocking of the iPhone 12. Let me know in the comments the features that the iphone 12 brings to the table are advanced wireless charging by magsafe and the normal Qi standard. There are new camera capabilities that we will test, but in my opinion the most remarkable change is the Apple a14 bionic chip. On the iphone 12, we have retained the water resistant rating which is a very practical and useful feature that the galaxy a71 does not have and by the way.

A71 has an additional option of an on-screen fingerprint scanner and has improved with software updates. This super retina xdroled panel has the same resolution as what was found in the even more expensive iphone 12 pro. It is stunning in terms of the viewing angles of colors and, of course, the sharpness of the outlines. The feeling of being held at regular viewing distance is immersive and a more premium feel than what you would expect from these specifications on paper, the a71 is a technologically less sophisticated, 393 pixels per inch display.

It's a 2400 resolution resolution on 1080 resolution display and uh the colors, vibrancy Sharpness and viewing angles are all absolutely nothing to complain about, they're, all phenomenal for the price and overall, after these months of use, I'm still very happy with it. Give you my full reports in the review, but what is clear right now and what is clear as day is that the construction of the iphone 12 is just superior. What I had time to test was the battery life and the camera systems. So let's first talk about battery surprisingly, samsung mid-ranger beat the iphone in this regard. Its 4 500 milliamp hour battery isn't even the largest cell that Samsung has put into a phone of its price range. Once fully powered, you have easily got a day and a half of battery life.

This is now 8 hours and 35 minutes of screen time compared to my medium to heavy use. The iphone 12 packs a much smaller battery of 2 815 milliamps hours. It's capable of charging at 15 Watts through the proprietary magsafe charger or 20 Watts with a cable and a fast charging brick, as I've said before in my iphone versus galaxy phone comparisons, apple has a way of making the most of their battery cells with the better battery efficiency. Even so, the iphone 12 fell short of the a71 readout, giving me just a few minutes over seven hours to keep in mind now. This is the exact same use case between the two phones for the same settings, connectivity and brightness. You know it's interesting to go up to 20 Watt charging speed because that is not possible from the box.

Here is what comes in the iphone box this time, we have the lightning cable to Usb c, the SIM tool, apple stickers and basic instructions paperwork. We have a soft tpu case, the Usb c cable for charging usb, earbuds and even a pre-installed screen protector installed on my phone. I went into detail for the accessories in the A71 and my review of the phone and also previous comparison, videos of the A71. Right now I'm going to give you a short rundown of the specifications for both devices before we move onto the speed test on the iphone 12. This phone has incredibly fast 5g connectivity speeds, which can be taken advantage of if your carrier supports it.

There is now not only the option to buy only a regular a71, but of course, as I mentioned, there is an a71 5g which has the same reliable and super fast 5g speeds, but it's a little bit pricey. The storage here is Ufs, 2.1 speeds; it is not nvme and it is not as fast as the iPhone. So let's get the boot up test win goes to the more expensive iphone 12. My tests included opening the camera app web browser on various different websites with Chrome and samsung stock browser against the Apple Safari. I have done these web browser tests a few times over to give both phones a chance to shine real-life. Galaxy a71 owners received small updates but they are important.

We got some flagship phones from the galaxy series that we didn't expect on the a series at all and also simply general speed and performance improvements here. Now if you opt for the a71 5g you get all the same specs but a snapdragon 765 g. The drastic speed difference between the iphone 12 and the a71 that we saw here would not be compensated by going for the 5g model. That one is only ever so slightly faster than the base a71 time for the comparison of the camera. We have an array of four lenses: 64 megapixels for the main lens, an ultra wide camera depth, and a macro lens that I'll show you in terms of potential diversification in photo styles. Galaxy phone takes the win, but the image quality favors the iphone.

There are two lenses here: both 12 Megapixels and the budget has gone a long way to bring great quality to the optics. Sharpness, colors and image processing is done phenomenally well by apple, both in terms of the main lenses when compared to each other, but also in terms of the wide angles. I will go much further in detail in terms of the camera modes that the iphone has to offer. In my dedicated review, the camera stability update a71 which was an over-the-air update in practice made the camera more stable, but it's still nowhere near the optical image stabilizing axis found on the iphone 12. It is nice to see what Samsung has done on their mid-rangers to make them compete with flagship phones.

I'm not going through a comparison like this without showing you the selfie test, so you are judged which is better in this department. You begin to realize that the a71 starts to fall apart in the speaker department and if samsung wants their top of the range, a series phone to compete only with regular flagships they're going to have to improve it. In my time with the iphone 12, the a14 bionic chip and the camera setup really make it stand out in the higher tier and the higher end smartphone market..

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