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[Music], Hello jungle, Explorer here and today, I'm gonna do a little review of this five-in-one Telo Telephoto lens kit for smartphones, with Universal clip I can't pronounce this word. It says here it has a 102 degree, 80 degree, fisheye lens a36, 0.36 times, wide-angle lens a 15 degree macro lens and a goggle, but that is actually not what is in this box, there is actually something else in this box. The first thing is: I'm gonna say: this is a really nice little case, I mean very hard. However, the case can be used if the lens is not that good. So what we see here is a telephoto lens and two little bitsty lenses, one of them is going to be a macro lens and one of them is going to be a fish eye lens.

Here you see your clip and here is what they call the goggle, which is really an eyepiece that you screw on, so that you can use the telephoto lens as a kind of monocular. That's pretty cool with a little pad and and some instructions to show you how to hook up the stuff. It is kind of a feat for me, since I have big fingers and it is really hard to hold on to this thing. Very simple, you screw the lens into this, let's start with the telephoto lens because that would probably be what most people are interested in, and you basically screw the lens into this little brass screw hole right here. Ok, then you use that to clip it to your phone now, I'm going to use this Samsung Galaxy.

It takes amazing pictures and what is the purpose of this lens kit? We all have good smartphones, they all take great pictures, but they have some shortcomings and that they can't take pictures far away or really close. They work really well for a lot of things and take great pictures. That's where this comes in so that I'm gonna go ahead and show you how this goes on. You have to move it around and kind of make it right where it is now. There are a couple of adjustments on the lens itself, there are a forward and a back one. This lens focuses sort of far away now, I'm about four feet from that box. So, I gonna do a little testing of the telephoto lens for you.

So you can see how that does right now I got it on this me photo backpacker err tripod and a reason I have it on. It is because this thing is really hard to stabilize with the telephoto lens attached to the camera and I want to give the camera the best possible of putting it or the lens the best chance to do well so I focus about 20 feet away on a bunch of bottles on my countertop there, the picture of me. Backpacker air comes with a bluetooth camera switch so that I don't have to touch it when I take the picture off the camp, so no movement whatsoever. I see a good focus on it right there and we'll go ahead and take the shot. One - Two. I'm going to throw that up there now. I want you to look at that.

Okay, and what I want you to see is that right in the center there's a vinegar bottle, it's real! Sharp, but you see that it gets out of focus towards the edges and it is kind of dark on the edges called vintage, adding there that this is a cheap lens that happens with all of the expensive camera lenses. It just doesn't notice, but it's really bad on this lens. It's a cheap lens, but it is kind of clear in the center of focus and if the subject is right in the middle it actually brings it closer to you. So, but if you look at the counter top, my counter top is actually not bent like that. It actually is straight but there is some barrel distortion there.

That makes the actual countertop look like it is kind of warped, okay, so right at the center, you get kind of it's real but everything outside of that started to get warped a little bit. So, you know that let's go ahead and compare those that are a pretty significant difference, one to the other - all right - so that it really gets close on things that are far away and closer than you could would do by digital zooming - that is, I'm going to zoom in on that picture. Now with my digital zoom, okay and I'll take that picture and I'll throw that up on the screen for you, OK, so you can now see that the picture does not look good because it's a digital zoom, it is cropped, and it's very fuzzy.

Okay, there it is now I'll do a close-up, because this is a telephoto zoom lens and not a zoom lens. You can not get very close to the subjects about five feet is as close as you can get I'm going to zoom in to take a picture of the box. You can see the letters within the center are focused but then the number five and one are out of focus because that will again be the barrel distortion and division. This will give you a good example of what the lens does there? Okay, so the next one that I'm going to test out here is the fisheye lens or as they call it. The super fisheye lens 180 degree, 4k, HD and 4k HD doesn't mean diddly-squat guys it is just the words put on there just to make people their catch keywords that people they think they are gonna make people like it more.

It doesn't mean just diddly-squat, okay, so I'm going to take the cap off, go ahead and put it there and show again how you make it here get my hand out of way now the fisheye lens it's going to have that round barrel. Okay, I'll do two things here: I'm gonna do a macro shot and then a wide angle shot, so the first is going to be a macro shot. - Let me go ahead and show you what I can do with the actual camera. Okay, now I'm going to put this back on the centering net. The best as possible: Okay let's do a wide angle of the room where I am and I'm just going to shoot that all right and toss this on the screen. Now, if you look at that, you can see the back of the kitchen chair here to the left and then the window over here to the right.

Okay, so I will take this off and I'm going to shoot the same scene exactly from the same position, and you can't see the chair or the window. It definitely gives you a much wider angle of view, but it also at the cost of significant distortion and the barrel effect. So let's move on to the little thing they call the wide-angle lens, take this off here and put that on okay. This says 0,36 times super wide angle, 4k lens, HD again: Oh, that must mean that it really is good I'm going to center this up there, try to get it centered as possible, set the phone down where it was before and shoot okay and take it off and shoot and throw those up on screen. So that gives you it is not quite as wide as the fish eye lens, but it is.

It doesn't have nearly as much distortion, so with the fisheye lens you get a wider angle but you get a lot more distortion. OK, now I will make the macro test with it. Okay, now I’m right here right there right there right there, OK and again with the camera phone right there. That is what you do if you look and throw those on the screen and it gets you a little closer but not really there's so much distortion and blurriness around the edges? I really tried to give these lenses the best chance to perform well, but at the end of the day, we are talking about a twenty-six dollar camera kit. You get three lenses a case, the eyepiece clipped. You know that a real lens costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So if you expect miracles from it, just that's not real.

The fisheye throws a lot of distortion. It's gonna not be a really high quality shot and only what is right in the center of the lens. If you can hold it stable enough is going to be worth all you know, so you're putting I like to put it like this. If you take a high quality lens and you stick the bottom of a Coca-Cola bottle in front of it, you are going to get a bad picture. Okay, the glass, the glass quality and the lens is actually the main factor, and it just takes a lot of processing to get a really good quality piece of glass? If I wanted a professional lens for my Sony, they start at $2,500, okay I can't afford those I'm poor, I took literally one year of YouTube earnings to buy the lens on the air.

I mean this stuff is expensive, I'm trying to improve the quality of my videos but it costs a boatload of money and it costs. I just don't make that much off on my YouTube videos. You know I last year earned like a thousand dollars. It helps, but pretty much I spent every penny that I made off of YouTube on better equipment, trying to improve my YouTube videos and that's why I really appreciate you guys. You know I like, subscribe to and and stuff and help me out because I mean I am not making a living here. It's not bringing me any additional money you know, I've spent it all on equipment trying to improve my videos. This kit, it degrades the quality of the images too much um. It would be fun to play with it's kind of cute.

In an emergency situation, the telephoto lens could be necessary to have a close up. It might do something worthwhile that the rest of them, even on the worst day, would not use. You can expect miracles, absolutely not, and I try to be reasonable. It actually does better than that, I think it does great for $26 lens kit, it's just not usable. For me it might be useful for you, you have the evidence I've given you, give examples you make the decision, and that is the end of what I've got to say about it and I hope that. If it has liked subscribe and comment, it really helps my channel till the next time the jungleexplorer sign out [music].

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