Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, back on the gadget thamarai channel where we will discuss one of the Samsung label products from the previous video, We have already discussed the Galaxy S3 which is the titanium version. Yes, and this time I also discuss the Galaxy Fit 2 even though it was already late, because the item was already old or about 1 month of its launching in Indonesia, together with the new Samsung Megastu Galaxies, 20v product,. So the S20 series, with the Nadia fan edition and the cellphone that was priced at 1.5 million before, and is now priced at 700 thousand OK, Let's just box match OK, the unit is already in front of me, it's time to unbox it . What's in the Galaxy Fit 2 OK, check it out, guys, OK, open it, as usual, I am not in.

The duration will be shorter than the word because the discussion is too big. Don't think there's a slight decrease from the previous Fit series because the previous Fit series used wireless charging. This is the Galaxy Fit 2 and now using it, I, replied to charging again yes,. If you make Beat 2 and become an effect hobbyist, because the full edge is the same as the previous rubber E-water debit, Let's just watch it live while it is charging, what's inside, fast, only the charger cable, the same as Star Gstar, Unseen or Part20, Ok, I'll charge it first, while testing and not activating the Tria. This is the initial display after reading this state. For those of you who want to be quick, the cellphone doesn't have to be Android, yes.

Root Galaxy was able to edit the app in Playstore or Appstore, okay? After I had set up the DM update, the Galaxy Fit 2 can already be used. I use the Supra valet sensor and the charger, There has been a decline because wireless charging is maybe expensive, er. Wireless charging is the distance from Grand at other brands like Garmin and Xiaomi, especially when it is really far away on Samsung with color charging almost everybody uses it,. Also you have to charge it, it is exactly the same as Dick Apple Hi. So in the cave, shop the products are all available, starting with Samsung Garmin, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi and of course one more thing. Here it is, the host display can be typed, now shifted.

There is a sprinkling of the athletes footsteps and when we go to sleep we can again put the sport on. The choice is walking, cycling, swimming, sports, Dmasiv. There are many more, there are more for stress levels or about blood, weather, the timer. This is when the pandemic had already had a hand washing feature. It's used to measure the number of hours we sleep in real-time. This deck is for playing the music from Sydney. How many times we drink a day, just add more, for example I, drink a glass without one glass and don't forget a here. If there is WhatsApp we can immediately respond and at the top there is a toolbar for the light.

Don't absorb the battery How much is the battery 90% and this is scratching the knee as much as vibration, Death music, For this sound, there is water, resistance, fine, Mi, mobile or to find our cellphone, or vice versa, from rizam's cellphone, and there is a natural modem or sleep. The difference is a bit tolerable, because Samsung has started to receive more affordable Super AMOLED screens at feet2 I, in terms of price. Think it's really cute this morning. WordPress has become very suitable in the past few years,. I tried this for friends who do not like MB watches, and I certainly recommend it.

So there is a black sam color, it is red! If you look here, there are a lot of stylish and comfortable 1.1 in Super AMOLED 3D, glasses WD Ma'am, Your body is thinner in your hands and you feel comfortable. This elastic step takes up to 21 days of use. It uses the KWH er matre workout action, so it's not connected to a cellphone right? If the building is for 15 days, hatred lives for 30 minutes, whether there is a vocal infection or when you connect a cellphone, it's here again. WOW, more comments, automatic tweets. It will be automatically that the WordPress he brought with him will find out how many Caroline burned millions of us and how many hours or how much time did the original quality timer take more fully in the workshop,.

It's just like that, but even more complete is Samsung help in the friend app. -Family of cellphones, powder headphones, alarms, initially for now. I know that the tail is there, especially if you are hungry, but as in this case, there's already a cellular alert feature. Consequently, if we've not washed our hands or it is an izer story, we'll immediately be reminded of this Samsung Galaxy V2. Picture of two drops of water on the easy control: toolbar Noah Band Motif. What I just explained here for a quick response or a chat reply on Whatsapp? You can stop making music, the specifications are more or less the same, guys, yeah. This is already an os using free, roads s. It's not tizen tejen he's in the Galaxy Watch Cloudy Midi.

This band uses free, Roads, AMOLED, 463, Dekrup, guys also wear an only 21. The same person continues to use a lot of plastic already with a Levis photo sensor. The mojave, accelerometer and zeroone frontage was not again on the right or left buttons on the Galaxy Fit one. That's all a short review this time about the Galaxy Fit 2 for the price, it is 699. You can use an installment debit card. You can immediately see your friends or go straight to the cave shop in Urban, Republic, Lippo, mall, Puri, underground floor number, 7 to be exact, in front of Sociola..

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