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Hello Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, meet again with me Also, greeting skin channel. Today I got some cash, while the newest for the latest Samsung series is the Samsung A12 series. The first is for beautiful ice for the Samsung A12 series I. That means the packing is cash. This car mat continues to be of the best quality with a white setting like this. We are again given a protective pot or this plastic. The appearance of the DM2no casing for the Samsung A12 series, With a combination of pink and the color of the edges, it looks like silver or silver, combined with gold. The ringed boarding is now first trying to get rid of foam. The appearance of the casing has an inscription, loved, touching on some kind of spots or beads, in pink color.

Let's check the back of the outside like this, asking for protection so that our P doesn't come out when there is a ring. There is some kind of smell, or maybe it's like this here, well, basically here I give away the soft case here, The soft case is clear. Let us try to fix it on our Samsung A12 cellphone. The fall of cash style or love fashion like this, which mothers or women usually love, or there is a kind of glass that reflects here also. The part of love symbol right now. The first thing we might check for the camera. If the red is protected, then there is a cover as well,. This is the part of the edges that look like this, it seems to be not in second position. The fingerprint is reduced by half,. It looks like this is approx.

but it doesn't affect the style of the volume buttons up and down ; and has this bottom, the bottom it seems, with precision. Even though the style cash falls loose, we check the front, the grip grips, the grip by the code, on average the Soviets are a little loose, and this part of the protective part of the screen seems to be evenly distributed. So long as this seems to be recommended to use, anti-scratch note Greges so that the cellphone doesn't get damaged quickly. There is no slight protrusion, survived hi, okay, like this. This is about the first normal appearance of this at a price of IDR 40,000 Semi for Nyai friends, friend to the cloth or cool I'll.

The link in the description is just the first Kenny cash, with just being in love with a pinky bead motif like this, combined with gold or silver colors like this in the kenek section I just go to the next after the first cash for our Samsung E12, this time yo, here are to the next, only 12, calls. Let's see how to open a collaboration earlier with this, it's given a kind of more protection. There seems to be something like that now the front appearance is curious.

We can have a Samsung a12a with this blue color and continue with our second case, with a little blue accent too, with a Xenia motif or shiny, there is a feature that will be better Bang Happy Salma dolls, like this in view it's typical for the first to enter the village, the second for Samsung A12 series, Let us check the red part of the head together with you,. This is the practice of super-protection of the contents. We look at the ports for fingerprints or shops.. What is the name of the volume of power, lumen fits precision, head of volume, top, prime, bottom, whatever element, the bottom MP3 is sometimes closed for speakers. This part is a bit strong, but here it's a little loose. So, the lack of candy cats here here makes us defenders below.

If it means that it is not safe for screen protection. The e-cash section as that is roughly for the second Kesa appearance for the latest Samsung A12 series with happy writing with the color for around 30. Yes, gathered about 36,000 Nisa noodles, The typical appearance of kenek I walked up to the next one after the cash. The next one is a purse or cash clip that goes for real on the front and back with a purple color. This service cost around 52000, given it like this, there's a kind of foam after I tried it a little like this, hi. Here is what it looks like with the money wallet : The strange jar also stays stable with the three-dimensional texture, with edits like this, for friends or brothers,.

There are people who want their cellphones to be well-protected and the contents are also given a kind of screen protector later. There is a hole and the other features can also be made of Na Ro card or attached like here. This is what the story looks like after the strap is attached. Our Samsung A12 Handy is ready to have in blue, If we look at the front like this, it is about textured, with stitches with embossed motifs. The camera looks like it's also protected, yes, it's a little far. The problem is that if it is like this everywhere, because it's sunken, now our camera checks the edges. The edges or parts of contents are so open that the one on the lid is closed. What is the open element also not closed, the volume buttons that pile up also keep the bottom part open.

Now for the charging spray, speaker and audio jack that hold this cellphone, we can install it. This is roughly the type of steam hanger. This is the third cash discussion for the Samsung A12 Series with a flip cover type or fade wallet. It entered the fourth fall, just open it, still with the crystal, open it with the ceiling, there's a kind of okay. It's like glass, it's not a little transparent, my hands look like this after that. Essentially it's still a soft case, The typical appearance is already installed with the degradation color. It has a pinky pink color. Usually the appearance is inexpensive, around Rp. This is the typical average, starting mainly with fashion cash. The cover is a little so it doesn't open up here, the flash is here.

Then we check the main part The clear or this seed is partially closed. The edges are the same as the fb settings: section, the volume button up and down, Mike. Let's check that the front is just wrapped : Gan Mayan, the standard rabbit softcase in particular may be a little too big to a little loose. The species is given a scratch-resistant front, so that the cellphone Yesti, It usually looks at the lowest price. Here it seems not to be very cheap when I enter the next case since after this decoration Hi, next belongs to SM then the fifth iso batik cap seems to have given up, just go with it, of course. This isn't very clear and continue a sort of tie, with a mix of flowers, here I will maybe at Marquez on the edges tomorrow.

Let's try now to plug it into the Samsung A12 series. My standard rings can also be used like this, it is about 30 feet wide. The implementation is lazy to hold the cellphone Hi Okay. There is some kind of flower on the bling, Demian is also protected from the sides, He usually gets the volume for the picture up, not below that. This is where the top hanger is, only Mike is empty on the side because we check the front.

The sound was almost the same, and Maya's grip is the same as this, Its still a strong element factory with the exception of this part, which is a little looser, If you want the cellphone to be safe, it's not beautiful, it's scratched or a screen protector for the Samsung E12 series, Hi guys, Like, I'm a little closer to you, just amera Okay give us this blue color, the younger the school. Probably flash is here a bit market. I bought this for around IDR 35,000 36,000 of this, but with the difference. The sides are exorbitant, first remove the foam. Also the Chinese language Warung VIP ST Ordinary protects the film before use. Basically, it's sexy, enter at a party, so here's the tomorrow, Hey, Mr. This protection can be comfortable b, agus, SD School is here and the bottom still there.

I mean, there is nothing partially closed,. What is the volume button before making it available, maybe hold the top so the side of this stimulant falls, sir, the protective case netto cash protection seems different from the cash-cash style that was the problem earlier here. The front grips is here and it is a little higher than the HP - screen. We act too high, digging times. The value here is a little too much for the Samsung A2teen series cellphones in the market around 36,000 with the absence of texture, accents.

I just go to the next button with the orange buttons, after a little bit of this casing I still here with the protective case falling off, there is sometimes something like the size is with the cream color with the taste of God, The camera lens concludes this foam and then gives this rich inside. If we want to attach the glue we can paste it here. This time is like a quesella in its typical appearance. This camera has glass writing on fashion. Occasionally, there are camera mechanical experiments. There is a flash lighted symbol: the price is around 40 In, the 2000s. Now there's a little bit of shimmer on me. Even though I'm a ninja I do not have a series, okay, like this now,. Lets check the camera protector, still the same as falling after cash or cash and cash Mega protects a little.

There's a kind of bumper, a little higher Let's check the real ports, the holes, which had been open previously, together. On the side there was a closed one that was given something like a hanger or lanyard or step strap, and the volume pad is then on. What is with the volume power button or the fingerprint set is the same for the bottom frame. It is divided into empty, empty pressure, right, let's check the section. The front fell earlier, together with his friends, the fashion cash start. If you could give it scratch-resistant so that the cellphone is safe as an exception. If the money is over there a new tooth is broken. Another thing is available here.. we can get this Temple for grip If we want to watch it can also be put in this, and the pop-socket can be shortened like this.

The last is the same as our 12 this time in the latest: new favorite media for the Samsung Adobe series, just open with a combination of wa, The silver color on top is kind of lonely glass. The bottom is a buzz like Trabas, migration, pink blue, and looks like the edges are with us in the Empire, the leader Why. A ring is also formed at the bottom. This ring is formed and the exact part determines the entrance of the back like this because we can just install the KPI, now like this. It will be installed for the last Samsung series,. It is around 40,000 yes, together with the previous component. 50,000, this feature arrives, we can stand it, it can continue, if I don't, we install it. It's just like the camera protection problem is thin, almost the same as before, yes.

There is a bumper, an Aceh mask in there. Besides this, it goes down to the bottom and continues in installments to the front. With this it looks like the last story for the Samsung E12 series has. There are about three gas bosses with different motifs,. If cash is used, the rings are different colors. It's a flipcover. Someone is first here the camera with the name of the app and the specs that keep the voltage constant. The other two with this type of sketch are sparkling now they are reunited. Okay, that's what it normally looks like for the Samsung A12 series. Probably that's all for our discussion. This time I don't think so. If I forget to like Share and subscribe to the dance channel, It makes me even more excited for the latest casing for the count.

The Ministry of Health can also write in the comment column. Now I send peace be on you, and Allah's mercy and blessings..

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