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Last night the Samsung Galaxy S7 series was released, There was a Galaxy S4 that was SWT Ultra and also the Estate Plus I watched the following, because when I checked on shopee Tokopedia by others, it turned out that pre-order was already opened, guys, there's even a complete list of prices and specs So. I went immediately to watch yesterday and finally took my mobile banking to join the Pre-Order. The spec password is like a camera screen. In the afternoon = ST - Jar, but it stands for I immediately put the Galaxy SL into the basket and have prepared mobile banking to pay for this cellphone, but before checking out, normally I re- go to the white of the product to check whether the product I ordered is really what I want it to be.

You know or not, and it turns out there is a Hi I haven't really analyzed, and that is the battery,. I am immediately confused because I doubted that this much capital could keep up with my daily usage-days at a cost of tens of millions. I don't want to gamble, guys, especially since this cellphone is still new, there isn't a review yet. Also, I can not share the battery life of the three cellphones. What I was confused yesterday was also reminded of the Zenfone Ed. This is a phone with a very small screen, much smaller than the Echelon II galaxy, but it has a bigger battery. Capacity, which is 4000 mhz is Snapdragon processor is the same as the Galaxy S7 series. Even though Gracia is different, I am sure that the efficiency isn't too far off.

It is a generation difference, even though the screen is smaller and the battery is bigger. The HP battery life is really mediocre,. I also have the Galaxy Si Fitri which I reviewed yesterday. It turns out that the battery life is also mediocre. Why am I doubting the battery capacity of the Galaxy S 22? I'm not saying that the Galaxy Dot is wasteful because I haven't tried directly the cellphone, guys, especially the definition of Boss.

The level of usage Everyone must be BPD too, but because for me the Galaxy S7 plus which has a land battery, good people say it's still mediocre for my daily life, finally from there I decided not to buy a Galaxy S2 at that, If the battery is 4000mh, perhaps I still consider it but because I'm the type of person who likes to play games with the 3700mah battery, a It doesn't make me pessimistic, I think it would be more suitable for those types of users. It has a long battery life, even though the battery is not big, of course, from the processor, the first Snapdragon agent, this one processor whose architecture is smaller than the Exynos 2100, which in theory will make the processor battery consumption more efficient compared to the second Galaxies 21 processor on the screen.

There is a possibility that the screen power consumption will be more efficient than the Galaxy S10, because its size in third is reduced from 6.2 in to 6.1 in and the most important thing is the variable river stretch. + driver seat The screen can be pressed up to 10 heads, that's far, it's smaller and definitely makes the screen power consumption. I think these 3 things can make galaxies and Tito have the potential to have a longer battery life, regardless of their capacity. I know because I haven't tried it yet guys and because I'm not sure about the battery life of the Galaxy X4. The main camera has now been changed to 50 megapixels.

This is a very important change as it means that the video at a resolution of Kenya will be wider compared to Galaxy S and Siwon huh? It's very narrow, but this 50 megapixel camera is also moving really well right now, because the other capabilities are really good. There is also the possibility that the photo and video capability of Galaxies and deleting will be even better and the Telephoto camera has also been upgraded. I reported yesterday on the Samsung video review on the Galaxy S2 Epi that the telephoto camera used in this cell phone is sharper than the Twenty One Plus when used for far-reaching sexual relations. Then it should make the zoom results much sharper compared to the Galaxy S11 series.

What makes you curious is that, from the performance in the Samsung Galaxy S1 plus review a year ago, I said that I hoped that the Galaxy S2 white series would have speed that is faster than this HP, because it's already pretty good, I missed it, and that seems to be the case because the Galaxy S series use very powerful processors, namely Snapdragon ezenwa. The S4 can tame this fruit processor, because if it succeeds in terms of power, it will be an enormous upgrade. It has a very large bedford value, good gaming performance and more advanced technology, so that the output is also upgraded from 25 Watt to higher.

Was not a big upgrade, but it's OK for a woman with an extension plus, and I'm also curious about the body essence file series, as well as having stronger stamp duty. Her body now has a more boxy shape or box glue, and the bedcover is also flat is different from the Galaxy S11 which has a B cover and the edges are slightly curvilinear and should make you feel even more different and the prices of these three cellphones also surprise you guys, because the prices of all three are cheaper than the launch price for the extension series, All three of them are made 1 million cheaper than the SMTown series. The dawnload of the cave is really interesting because in this spec there are lots of upgrades and they are more promising than the extension series.

Being, i'm venting about my confusion about choosing galaxies out or estate uplash, If you are still curious about what cellphone is, check here, the description, column and don't forget to subscribe, yes, we can discuss later, Galaxy S7 plus on my channel in my next videos..

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