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In the section who wants to buy a Samsung Galaxy S 21 FM. Maybe this video can help you make a reference because this Samsung phone can be a barrier to buy a Samsung Galaxy S 21 effect, you want to know what it feels like Let's begin the video [Music] before we start to tackle the topic of discussion. I want to tell you that a strong candidate to be a barrier to the Samsung Galaxy S 21fb is his own brother, namely, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Vi,. The first is its features, the famous effect series with alternative smartphones, which has complete features, but the price is quite affordable by saving 2-3 million.

S2V has all the features like in s21e, yes from wireless charging, Hi Samsung, Dex, stereo speaker also supports Super, AMOLED and even ipcc Ecuador industrial systems on this cellphone too. So you can still get flexible features but at a low price g cheaper. The second reason to consider 20v es is innards. But if we compare it to the Sergon 865 you can say that is from the Antutu perspective must win,. The generation is a newer exynos 2100, but in terms of performance, stabilization, I, tested on the CPU, throttling Snapdragon 865 has a performance stabilization of 79 percent.

As a result, this performance stabilization works very well when used to play heavy games like gasoline impact because of the 20v dies, which is the Snapdragon version, I can play games quite comfortably on medium settings at FPS, 60, Minion frame drops and temperature is in the range of 40-41 degrees, and for those of you who follow me on Instagram I’ve created a classification of smartphone capabilities in terms of handle game b. This is Kenshin Impact and es 20v is included in the tier. Dad is a steady, but the note is for friends who wish to play impact games on a Samsung, cellphone I suggest that friends download Mbak’s gadget through the Galaxy Store.

Maybe there is a difference in Freya - more smoothly on the Galaxy Store, I have proven it and that's why performance stabilization on a cell phone is very important, especially friends who like to play heavy games like this game, Ms. the same hardware, the front camera both supports 32 megapixels,. It can be a focal length like this, and the video resolution of the front camera can also be dispersed at 60fps. In terms of resolution it is similar, the main camera is 12 megapixels,. But overall, the 20v ice still feels like its flagship in 2022. The area feels quite spacious and the consistency between the lenses when broken is quite reliable and has a good point and shoot.

[Music] Hi and the main camera can forge at 60fps, it's quite stable, the 60fps fork rarely goes, the 60 SPS can be stable and results are pretty good, too, for the ultra-wide lens. Apart from the vocal link exactly with the Lenovo iPhone Ma5, the stability is also really great. The Ultra web results for the G30S vs, and this fourth reason might be suitable for friends who like to use SD cards, as the Samsung Galaxy S 20v supports hybrid SIM. While on the Samsung Galaxy S2 it is 1mp, it supports dual nano - sim. They upgraded the series but it's a shame that the 20v ESD card is still superior.

Even though these two divisions have the same capacity of 4500mah, but I tried to do the same thing as Jagatreview did, namely play empek - gasoline in the lu60 vs setting, It turns out that the 20v dredging is more efficient. By about eleven percent, if the s21 effect is reduced, 12 percent, so that i think it's slightly superior to the s21 effect from a scenario like this and convey the 865 battery in this Samsung Galaxy S 20v, which is the exynos 2100 version, and even yesterday, I used this cellphone for the Jelly driver, It turns out that this can be 6 hours, more yes, screens on time activated, it is 120hz. Therefore, before buying a Samsung Galaxy S2, you need to consider an effect at a cheaper price or about 2-3 million dollars.

You can get a cellphone which is more or less of the same quality and that was the barrier reason why. You don't need to buy s21e Vi anyway. I have three reasons why you should buy an S21e through, if you don't mind these five things. It's a little smaller at 6.4 inches and the bezel is a little thinner and the screen type is a bit improved compared to the S20 Vini OS 20 V is damaging it is also quite good, yes, with Super AMOLED 120, the pilgrimage. Are you considering buying the s21e v is in terms of design that does look more modern in 2022 compared to the sr20vet I'm holding This person was a consideration video, Why.

Do you need to think before buying a Samsung Galaxy S 21 effect? Yes, indeed, from the three things I mentioned, it is quite updated, but based on the five things I mentioned at the start, in my opinion, perhaps the ice 20v was indeed more abounding in terms of performance. This is a little bit more biting than the Snapdragon version of s21e fade,. Hopefully, this video can help friends make references to Ki who already subscribed..

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