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Hi and here, even if you open Instagram, you can find nothing unique if you play the video. The audio appears from here, I will share some tips to increase productivity if you work using Z vol, 3 action Kai after Timor Oan Welcome to my video and this time I want to discuss about this smartphone. This is the Samsung Galaxy Z Vol 3, the most sophisticated and luxurious smartphone, and also the latest from Samsung and I am a user of Z fold series. I used it from the second generation or was photographed and now moved on to the vol3 So. & When I watched a video review that I made and in that video said that being photographed is the most comfortable smartphone I've ever used, and this is the default free successor.

The first trick is the design which is thinner and lighter then the inside is born, which is now interactive and interacted because there is camera under display technology so the camera can be hidden on the screen. The preset times are increasing and there are also things that are not in the second generation, but in this princess, namely IP exit rating and also support for expert and all improvements. There are things that are even cooler because of the release price of Votre. This turned out to be almost 10 million cheaper than the price when Zippo was first released in Indonesia, Wow and I'm. Not the only one who feels this. Rizki's friends who are rocking their phones on YouTube also feel the same way Go-Jek. I've checked on YouTube and this is a lot of refills today, David.

This gadget has droidlime, it's fresh, Rio Ario Pratomo is awake, trevi complete, it just yesterday, again, There is a free way to make a lot of it commercially, yes. There are reviews by Samsung, there is Joshua Vergara, there is Putu Reza, or there's a flashgadget, and there are a lot of other reviews anyway. The price is better, more or less, but in this video I want to give more benefits, especially for those of you who want to work with Z vol 3 later, so I will share some tips to increase productivity if you work with Z vol 3 so enter the first tip, namely prayer, first, determine your priorities and if you are new to hold a smartphone, I think the first thing you do is to install applications.

You need and also install the bloatware application on this smartphone and do not n’ ; es you do as Samsung is famous for providing a lot of applications and they can be useful. That's why I normally divide this application into four categories for the essential ones, such as banking, antivirus, then password management, auto-ticket and the like. It is an application related to presenting documents in all formats including Fals - storage such as FTV drives and others, then email, applications and printer plug-ins, and this is very important.

Finally for content applications, such as video editors, audio editors, image, editor, social media and instant messaging, while entertainment is more about streaming, eps, newsapp and games, and then we discuss about data transfer and there are several methods depending on the scenario. There is a method called Smart Switches, If your cell phone is not a Samsung, you can still download this application. So this application allows you to Saint data and also receive data using cable and wireless, and this can be used for other Galaxy phones, Android.

This can be done all together so that once connected wirelessly or using a cable and if you send data using a cable, usually yes, it's a triple point Oh and you can send data when, for example, your data I usually put 203, my data on my cell phone and if I transfer it takes about 20 minutes. So it's pretty fast or if you send general information like the photo here you can use Klikshare, then you guys can use wi-fi direct, can use bluetooth or directly input, it's also possible to go to that application. It is really easy and if you want to transfer data from a laptop or a computer, you can use two methods. If you've heard it often, you've seen it often. but for those who link to Indosbo, I think there are some who do, so I give you an example.

Then you sign with Microsoft and then you stay here on the head of the computer and are advised to open the website on your laptop. When the site is entered, he will want to open the application on the laptop This is called your phone, and here it will open the YouTube application, now, OK and coincidentally I registered here. Wir are already connected, because we have both signed in, and now we need to continue, and this will happen. The pin and here it stays continuous and I Enter. The PIN is OK, I've already entered the PIN, and suddenly it will be connected, Sai and it's OK. If you are working on a laptop and still want to access your smartphone, you can actually continue it. If you want to access it more than that, you can also mirror your smartphone here.

If the screen is off, then you don't have to turn it on first. So here mirroring starts and then this mirroring can be accessed and it happens that the laptop screen is Wind Wow. The touchscreen is like this so it can give you the same experience as a smartphone, But if your screen is not smart you can use lazy or use a trackpad. Let's try it, we'll try to open what application, Pa YouTube. It does not work ( twice, but not in the way it's intended) - the opening - YouTube - OK and here.

If you play back the video, the audio appears from here, enter the copyright again, This audio appears from the smartphone, not from the laptop, and then if you want to transfer photos, for example, then I want these saves saved directly on my laptop, and this can also be used to make actual calls, eh Keli. It only makes it easier for people who work on a laptop and want to stay connected, Their daughter is cruel so it is default.. This is as well as supporting the main work on what laptop, especially if you use the Galaxy book. Yes, it will be Oh busy, hahaha, oh yeah, before I wanted to type it. If you don't forget to subscribe to this channel so I'm even more excited to make videos, don't forget to like the video.

If you like, it, continue and a little extra for those of you who want to transfer data it's by sea, you can go to the Ma section. You can go to Samsung Cloud, one Drive, Google Drive or other network storage and the Mafatihul Huda application can also check if there are duplicate files on this cellphone so that the stores are maintained and talk about storage for internal story, Smartphone This is actually the speed, huh How about, but I actually hope for a better number for the Android speedgrade actually, as this is a premium category of phones that are really used and also used for work, so I hope the numbers more spectacular. This is actually it is already good and sometimes for some people for the sake of their productivity. The doll wants to move, for example to the next page.

On the other side just put it here, set it, we challenge Colang,. We want to select and move to one page alone, This can also be I will return it to its initial position '', for example. What is the exterior screen like and also if it's a swag, what type of settings are there and can be changed, whether you want a sprit, keyboard, mouse, standard keyboard, floating keyboard, and this is cool because it can be adjusted based on which screen you open? If you use another keyboard I don't think it can be this cool, and for those of you who want to have two displays on your smartphone. The inner turner will not affect on the outer screen. It turns out there isn't, then if we change the outside, this is the wallpaper.

For those of you who have two worlds, you separate the work from the inside of the screen, the outside is the relaxed one. Can it be here or, for example, the external appearance is professional? The first tip was to set the first display. The first thing I did was set up the autofill service, either by Google or using Samsung. If you log in to the various applications that you install it will be quicker and easier to do. If you use the password manager and for the union Samsung is very famous for its expand all. Actually, the place is just you hold it down and you want to go to the left. Can you make an alarm or not, start recording videos or use the keypad or also other things to the application or even this is interesting.

You can make the name FPR, so open 2 applications at once with one shortcut. What do you want to open at the same time as YouTube, for example, while opening YouTube We want to open the playstore like that, for example, while opening the Playstore now, now you can save it by pressing the middle point, then on the right, you chose the one. You are one, at least at the middle, you tab, then you select the one on the right. This makes it easier for people who need it really fast, have very high work intensity and really need a shortcut. Then you will make it very simple and try this for those of you who use this police Jeep. This can be inserted in the motion and slide section or set by you. Yes, Sidqi can be used here for the most important applications and also the most frequent way.

Then start the operation by tapping the power button so that the application can be triggered. If you can check the missed notification notification when there is a promo hahaha then it is also important that you can blame the continuous cover scream. These are applications that if you open the open screen, the screen is wide and then you close the application. The application remains running and this must be set one by one. Also hey, you have to make sure the application you are using is working. It's on and also supports and goes to the third tip and this has something to do with the newest feature of this princess, which is the s-pen, but don't get me wrong.

The s-pen version, The s-pen for volts, has a photo of the edition written on it and this tip is softer and rounder than usual. This creates the risk of damage to this special flexible screen. If we write by hand here, the writing will automatically be converted to digital and we can share the results in various formats and it is really helpful for people who want to revise reports or maybe a thesis or also to revise the content of a colleague and to expand. I actually have an S-pen analysis for Z vol 3. It's like Messi for PSG. But finally it's Coming. Yes, if asked, then Messi is the determinant of PSG's success. The answer can be yes or no because in fact he has many. I was expecting a lot of people to want it.

Many people need this s-pen to have a DC voltage because I don't think Samsung facilitates this expansion. I know how I know it from the casing, because if you want a car and you want to bring Assistant too, you guys want to or not find Keys which also supports saving this cs-pn and at least I made a review of the available casing like this and I'm confused. But actually looks good, it's cool, but when you use it, it's really off-road, maybe for people who like it I don't care about functionality, I do not think it's a problem but what I know is that the cellphone is infected, even Beyonce exits or I call it metaflex sip, people are not only functional, but also concerned with aesthetics, so people like this I don't want that.

I chose a more conventional 2-piece casing like this, even though there is no slot for SPM, but yes, I want one that makes a mood booster. Okay Actually, I have prepared only three tips, but there is one additional thing that I think is necessary and can be considered as a tip where actually it is often Open Settings in this Smartphone because on this smartphone there are so many features that you may not know or already know, but never tried. It can be done here and then there are also features relating to things that are quite crucial in fact, namely the postpartum battery,. You can charge it, oh yeah, And this has an effect on the charging speed, because when it was in this state it charges half an hour longer than on Syifa charging and also in this is a feature called Protect.

Betri how will you charge and it is limited to only 85 percent, Its function is to add a laser from your battery and also here in many other settings such as enhance processing for faster processing, but it consumes more power, so I seldom use it and also, for example. Here there is a setting for two Messengers, then there is also motion and sliding, It's already part of the refrigerator, see at, and there is also a Samsung Dex where this can allow you to connect to a TV or monitor, or also [, __ ] and those are some tips I share with you. On my experience, using this chipotle and maybe later will be other videos related to the review., prepare it in a different form and a form that is more useful for you to feel yes.

So, yes, I hope my journey with this smartphone goes well and so far I really like Smartphones. Many people doubt whether a smartphone like this can play the Steam, but I'm sure more people will use smartphones like this in the future because the price is also more affordable. The features are really helpful, in my opinion, for diverse professions: It's a really good voice and screen video. If you like the video, please subscribe and if you like it really like it, share it with your friends. Lilian and Vishnu Kumoro say goodbye to you..

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