Camera Battle 2022 #01 -- S22 Ultra x P50 Pro x iPhone 13 Pro Max x Pixel 6 Pro - Galaxy User Guide

As an example, when in March protested, it became a good hospital, Ferdinand. Because at that time p5pro had not released a global chip, Bro., the unit we have a party with has a chipset that sends 9000 and it is not relevant, especially this global release, already using Snapdragon triple8, not to mention cheese, even planning to make this Battle camera something that can be done regularly whenever there are several new smartphones released near the website, which were recently released in Indo. What are ms22 t-50 forests, because there are only two, so we exclaim iCloud Pixel, 6pro and iPhone 13 promax why, because these two are my mainstay.

Every test, dance for camera, matters, the same as the previous Battle camera, I invite a guest star, a proportional and professional photographer Hello. Let it be different, Alesha asked me not only to be just a suit, but also to help take photos of Karr Yoi, so that he is more handsome and cool. If you have other opinions or experiences, please feel free to contact. Let's talk about the results taken by the famous photographer and not about the invitation. For those who like to ask questions, someone wants to pass by for a while if purchasing and selling second-hand phones at Hi, of course, trusted cellphone, friends, good reputations, and those who have my own friends.

The items are complete, not just cellphones but there are lots of other interesting gadgets, like the mainstream anti-mainstream. There are all mobile friends, not only Felly Tokopedia, but also at shopee, Bukalapak and Akulaku. Don't forget to also follow your mobile friends on IG, TIk, Tok, YouTube and Facebook to get the latest gas updates, guys! I want to begin from the FB analysis, aka uh philosophy, uh. If it is baliak, it does have a similar FW from around 120° OK s22, ultra, p5pro and iPhone 13 promax. The 6pro pixels are a bit narrower, yes 114° OK, between the three smartphones with Novi 120° earlier. If I look closely, everyone is smart enough to correct the distortion on the edges aka, anitousen bucket yes. I want to ask Jasman first, before I have taken it several times.

Freeware that is still fresh from where bro should be allowed to update next update okay because the two shots are completely different in character because the first one is bright. True that the skintone looks more natural, but the tree behind it isn't really black. If I had to choose, I would pick between Ultra white x6pro and S22 Ultra because the picture I see is more about noise and more like shark iPhone. Raden Ajeng is a bit weaker than the p50 prostars, Agnes and Ovarrolton. If asked to choose a book, it's hard to feel because the name Prospero Formalin is good but I still feel that he lost activex processing, especially in the neck and slightly over saturation.

While the S22 Ultra is cleaner, the saturation of the cockroach only loses in contrast, inconsistency and the processing of the face looks like I want to buy two whose OK. Here we want to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each smartphone camera, not looking for an absolute winner, because there is really nothing there. Relaxing bro, [Music], Next elite for pellets I'll. Take the first few photos that match the optical zoom The S22 Ultra is two telephoto lenses with three times the Zoom and 10 potassium while the shortest vocalist is the iPhone 13 Promax with three times all fix just.

3 pro gives four times optical zoom, while 3 pro 3 and a half kg optical zoom is only promised for info, even though it looks the same three times remember it is calculated from the main focal length schemer. So if the main camera is really white three times I will be as close as I can say that the start improves skin tone is not too good,. The phone projector 13 is too cool, affecting the skin tone, which looks blue, and the black is too dark. Some details can be lost between the Pixel 6pro and the s22 Ultra, which I prefer both of them. The Pixel 6pro has processing and contrast that is more neutral in sharpness. We can't compare it with the same frame size because of the different distances but at 100% the crop cutness is quite balanced.

My dut is an extra 10 times the optical zoom and S22 Ultra I compare it to 10 times the dimple area of the P50 Pro which is hybrid actually. Yes, but they are not. one of the main selling points, even though it's a Gopi I can appreciate the p50 Pro here, even though traces of processing can still be seen on the S20, 6-level operation. This time is correct, or is this p50 Pro dead 20 years old, even if it is a little secure when talking about our hybrid zoom? Try it if everything is Hybrid Zoom 15 times where it's finished, which is the most effective iPhone among the three others.

Just pick the p50 product s22 Ultra pixel, is already starting to not smooth the color gradation on the skin is like watercolors, that's the main thing, especially on the chin, until I want the s22 Ultra already beginning to feel it is true, but it still better Am. The Ice 20245 Progo really likes it, even though, if you ignore it, you feel like you, don't chat, but the results are still very natural. This is ideal so lighting is good outside in the evening, v50. The process feels like there are over seven in the hair, so at a glance the hair looks like there are gray hairs, nayaya, between the S22 ultrapixel 6pro and the iPhone 13 tome x. I chose Vixion, Amrozi Bro, because frogskin Ton and cagnes are good and not too long-lifed. I agree that next to him Mr.

[Music] is still playing the merakmas game, yes, but lovers, the conditions are more difficult, The engine - cell lighting brush up backlight I think that QS 22 Ultra again is a contrast, novel - procession problem, how about Yes when it's like this? ; It really feels like a problem, even though it is a shame that the main object used it well in the result. The FW around us actually got water fish that was carried by the wind. Think this Civic 6 Pro I want to try to make the sparks shine a little more, but in other parts it feels broken, yes. If the iPhone is good at first glance, but again, Jung, In, Snow, White I think. The best thing is that the P5pro has succeeded in the exorbitant Eid and the model Sadness.

If we also take bekleed photos, but use a lens, an ultra-white for the operator S22, it's not in my opinion like that. If you want the image with a cleaning, but the background is a little too much so yes, the back 24 pixels are really good, Iphone C, Klareyan, makes an offer for slang for our Noisy. P50 is like that given by Sin, by straddling with Charles in the main object. Pong still runs Jing [Music]. Let us go to Indoor Lighting, Thompson aka yellowish lamp Wow, Namro went immediately in my opinion out, because it went again under Expose v50 Pro. There is a problem with the skin tone, plus the overall softness that is lacking in the facial area. Even though the texture of the rope shirt is still good between the S22 Ultra and the Promax Level 13.

It's a bit confusing actually because each has its pluses and minuses. If s22 Ultra overall G I, like the bag, it's just that the contrast is a little over, and then there's Charles who's lacking in the clothes. Actually it is not very important because his face is fine and I choose both byino. So it's possible for 6 pros to take photos of Nights, not that the process takes a long time, so there's a risk that Saturday will be reduced, especially if people take photos if they move, make sure it affects yes, s22 North the color appears like sadness, but it's still good iPhone, captor, Sakura and skintone color is a bit pale, but daily cream is as good. Then, returning again, I think we are here, bro, it's called a flagship smartphone, yes.

The MPIX 6pro is too dark, although it can be argued that it can still give a lazy impression, but about the cagnes. Yeah, reduce a lot the iPhone contrast then, on the face. The graded has started to look like Captair, p57, he is really helpful. So my explanation looks like there's sunlight from the back of the polytheists, even though it is starting to fall, what I think is the best thing for you is the s22 Ultraman, the war when the impression of night is still very sad, it still is pretty good. So overall it is still good huh and [Music] I also tried the white modding of the Ultra Web,. The very first is the pixel 6pro even though it's still quite noisy in the sky, but it's still very good.

The s22 Ultra is cleaner, but the service has lost so much color ; I like the iPhone ; the colors are still not coming out as yes the cool temperature can be made. While the p5pro has the highest saturation, then the height for detail, iPhone and p5pro is still inferior to the s22 Ultra Okay Bro, ready, [Music] now for portrait moments. We have, in my opinion, also a mess apart from the contrast opacity for portrait extension photos. The only problem is that the extension is still inferior to photo s22 and iPhone 13 Promax continues the processing in the hair, yes,. In my opinion the choice is between iPhone 13 promax and Samsung S 22 Ultra. The texture is better than s22 North, but overall image, quality and processing I prefer this iPhone to return to the Vanue.

When I switch, you sate the sky and the earth, it seems to be a matter of inconsistency. It's good because razor blades are actually ice that isn't working. The sten on the Progo p50 also had x gear, as if it didn t work. Bro, the problem was the smartphone camera, so really you have to rely on image processing. This photo is a little lower in color than its surroundings so it's Agave when the s22 Ultra is still low in skin tone, even though Saturday is very pretentious yes, If pixel 6pro is good it's just that my part of the world is too strong for selfie photos, especially if it's self, it usually comes from a girl's motorcycle. The best thing to say is that the iPhone 13 Promax perfectly fits.

The best selfie overall is the s22 ultra sharp, good color, the least it has a few small flaws in the shadow part is too thick,. The rest of the sadness is still the same, at least in iPho ne and v50 persib [Music] because I'm just entering into the video, I'm a photographer, a proportional videographer. Let's see the results. It doesn't seem like a surprise when I say that the best overall is still the iPhone 13 promax from Moscow coloring matter. The bread and video stabilization fork, 60 fps, the rear camera is minimal, shakes and the s22 Ultra and Vixion have their own advantages and disadvantages. Each s22 Ultra is quite good in terms of color, although the front looks over exposed.

There are cheaters, but a little x6pro with processing The x-gear video provides color processing and the foreign IP is stable, but jetri when compared with the s22 Ulfa If. The promo p50 inherits the shortcomings of other smartphones. It is too contrasty so the face is very bright and the GT feels really good. [Music] Entering selfie video everything can fork 60fps except pixels, 6pro for G30S vs, even S - System DR - video is able to provide and Yaichang amazing stabilization that is gokil and overall image. Iphone 13 promax hull was hit inside not wide enough on a crannied krenceng. It's more pinky, while the p 60 Pro with the widest FF, I.

Don't like it because the over-contrast shadows are very thick, The sky has also started to overexpose the music in the background when light is quite dark. The pixels have a strange color so in the video it might be trying to process the video in light conditions excessively when it comes in. Noise in dark areas is also terrible. The stabilization is good, even though Samsung is also white balance, it's quite run from the original to Magenta Plus, the area should be too dark. And the best thing is still h. Iphone 13 promax overall is good. Concerning video recording, the sound condition is quite noisy in the background. It is also possible to focus on Iswara, the model with a non-intrusive background.

The difference is that it's only a matter of volume, while choosing 50 Pro sounds very compressed. The audio is like being hit by a aggressive noise reduction filter. We just want to choose one, it is impossible because each cell phone must have its own character, We just need to match it, which do we need more of or if there are a lot of videos, for example, It's true that I've never had a smartphone with a video-centric camera, it's a power bank I don't either. I like to admit it actually, because I'm not an iPhone, but the video still holds Better, watermelon for videos I want to add a little bit of time to take pictures using the Pixel 6pro, I take mostly one shot, so I'll compare to the others, So it's like the site where he ranks on broadcom, it's different.

So you feel there is a slight difference between this Triple8 and the one that sends 9000 myself, I need it less often Miss. Therefore, for those of you who haven't watched the Api 50 Pro Video that uses Send 9000, click the link in the description. There is a long video on there, Eniwei. The completions are cheap. If it is a stick, don't forget to subscribe, share like or if you don't like my face, you can hate it . More Oh yeah we've been waiting for our next poison [Music]..

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