Buy a Samsung Galaxy A51 for 2022? - Galaxy User Guide

Hello Hello, everyone back with me, Alfani Ramadan and in this video I will explain whether or not it is worth purchasing a Samsung Galaxy A5 in 2022, considering that the second price is already at 2 Million. Let's start the discussion immediately. The Samsung Galaxy A5 already uses the Poncho model for the front screen. The age of the A51 has been almost two years since it was first released in Indonesia. Super AMOLED with a resolution of full HD with an aspect ratio of 20 to 9, and also the 51 has a fairly thin surrounding bezel that is not less interesting. The h51 already uses the fingerprint feature in the display, which makes the 51 still clearly visible.

There is nothing interesting on the back itself, because the material used is plastic and if not properly cared for, it will cause mold like this. This Samsung Galaxy A5 was first launched in Indonesia in January. Samsung's own ipset, namely the Exynos 9610 one and for itself the Mali g72 MP3 for the afternoon itself which was present in Indonesia, was 2018. In brief, this sentence is still good to use for playing social media and can still be invited to play games, but not for heavy games. So we can still use A51 from morning to evening to play social media and occasional games without needing to be painted for charging itself. 51 It takes about two hours to charge the battery from 21 percent to 100%.

It seems that now many people have started to buy smartphones by considering the features. This last NFC is the rear camera portion of the A51. This can fork Edi at 30fps and 1080p at 30/120vs. Similarly as for the front camera itself. She is the result of security from the rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy A5, one with a resolution that is full HD 1080P with 30 vs, and you can then judge that the quality of the video and audio recording is hi.

If this is a recording from the front camera, Samsung, Galaxy, A5, 1 and Q can do it themselves for video and audio recording quality more or less like this MP3 hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi, in conclusion, this Samsung Galaxy A5 is clearly still worth using or buying in 2022. Please check the unit in detail before making a transaction, because in the Indonesian Samsung Galaxy A5 Facebook group,. Quite a lot of users experience cases of not having a logo at the time. I do not know also the cause of these cases, as for sure the A51 I hold is running smoothly..

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