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Hello, How Are You? So, in some of my previous videos that covered the Samsung Galaxy S20 104, I said that I intended to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus series at that time, but it did not happen because one was worried about the long delivery time,. So it turned out to be the Samsung Galaxy S7 series. If I'm not wrong, I saw the first person to receive it around February 26 or 27. Titi was approximately a week faster than estimated by Samsung, but it turned out that not a few were even made. This video I received on March 6th, never received the item. I have seen it in some of the comments on other videos or on Hi Imagepress who sells the Samsung Galaxy S2 White Series.

Estate is the usual or estate the son and finally sa yes yesterday I tried to buy a Samsung Galaxy S 22, which is the Ultra version with ready stock. So I bought this at a regular store and the price is already cheaper. The pre-order price is about 19891033 18 million 300,, so it's cheaper, about 700 million for the items I bought. He didn't get this pre-order bonus, but it is cheaper. Every 700,000 plus 5000 drew cash back from Marketpress, a minimum of tens of thousands, In your opinion, it is better to have a slightly more expensive pre-order price and with a trick or simply given,.

The price seems to have already become cheaper by around millions, but we only get the cellphone, If you pre-ordered the estate version, that's correct, he received a casing, and then there was a man in a box whose contents were often added a few times from the casing. If you go to Samsung, you can also get it, because this seems to be a pre-order item from the seller, who sold it out. Personally, I prefer to join Po, because he got a pretty good bonus, if the Evi extension had color yesterday, Z2 and Galaxy Fit, my problem continues, If the SWT is here, Kan gets a case and also gets a bonus voucher of one million and a half, which we can learn more about other Samsung products.

You think it's the same with the price if we buy the cellphone, just consider what it is like and that was a little intermezzo about this Samsung Galaxy S, T2 Ultra, so I want to give my opinion 24 hours using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultra I bought the one yesterday. If the contents of the sales package are because it is not a PO, then we only get the city. It's only the handset that contains the Samsung Galaxy. It's the Ultra Tite and there is a charger, a cable and that’s it, and that’s all there is to ask. I'm happy that the first Samsung leaf is in Indonesia, because Samsung is a brand that it's enough to listen to what consumers say so far in Indonesia.

They say that the Snapdragon version I prefer the Snapdragon version over the Exynos, specifically the newest Sine, which is said to be a collection with AMD, I. Don't really care about that, because I actually like good photos of Samsung products that use Snapdragon chipsets,. If, in terms of performance, Snapdragon Eden 1 has done more, it is a very fast chip. The most powerful chipset on the market today, but his wife is owned by Qualcomm is different. I have done a comparison of the performance and the results of the photo and video quality. It won't feel really good in everyday use, but the results of the photos are better, so the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the time was the same.

It should be better, I hope it is better and for the design problem need to be discussed the Samsung Galaxy S7 Sultra. The only thing which is a bit unfortunate is the back design. That makes me Deja vu with the Samsung Galaxy A3 224 hours with the Samsung Galaxy S Fenty training. The Samsung series can take a smartphone to the next level in many ways, e.g. when you first activate the Samsung Galaxy S, on this birthday. This is pretty, the resolution is high and the refresh rate is also 120Hz, so very slippery. The black density level is really black. The resulting color is also really dark and it is very bright and the brightness is up to 1750 nits. The screen looks like that when we use this Siva esthetic Ultra on the outside. I feel like the Samsung Galaxy S 22 has gone up.

I think it is going to the next level. So if we can compare the capabilities of DSLR or mirrorless cameras to the capabilities of smartphone cameras, it's here, Samsung Galaxy, S7, Twin Rp100, so it starts to get closer to the photographic capabilities of a mirrorless camera. The color saturation is good, that's what I like the most, this is the telephoto camera. It is actually used so the telephoto camera is optical, so you can tell that Friday the sticker that moves back and forth is the lens. It is not software, and therefore it means that the photos taken are Putra.

Djembank, net10, * optical zoom, is very sharp and can be used, correct? In my opinion, a compared to the iPhone 13 yes, it's a photo, it's still good, Samsung, Qwerty, tool I have not tried it much because this cellphone has died for a while and a second photo from all the lenses on the Samsung. The battery is quite big for an HP Flexi, it is 5000 milea rose. The battery life is strong enough to be used for 24 hours for the audience, also pretty good that it can run through five hours and a half with no gaming conditions, and I set the highest resolution A1ke and also this Cemetok River is the highest at 120. Therefore, the ability can tell that the maximum capacity that I have in the ST Ultra Parish can last all day with a screen.

It is comfortable to continue to feature on the Samsung e There are also a lot of stetikas apart from the sp, which has more and more functions. There is a feature that perhaps Brainlyn hasn't thought about giving this feature. Thus, the charging speed setting for Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultra is in fact not the best in terms of charging capability. Samsung is arguably behind in other brands. Pamitrans can already do 65 What, but it is only 45 Watt but in battery settings given us as users the option of several settings, so we only want fast charging, so fast charging. Only the activation of the acceptable capacity is stuck at 25 words or we can smile, super fast charging can be up to 45 watts, thus the user has two options.

Which option is useful for increasing or maintaining even longer battery life, and in. This is one of the very good features and it is of course ketoprak sip. It doesn't exist in other smartphone versions and this is one of the advantages that exist in the Samsung Galaxy S2, GT, Ultra and what's more I think my impression of the Samsung Galaxy S Tab for a long time is Ultra, 24 hours, just like that, so I think for 24 hours it's been quite fun. And now all I'm thinking about is what is the justification for spending 18-20 million on a cellphone, because I don't want to invite you to be consumptive like saying I just bought it, because it's a good cellphone. You don't need to mention it like this because it is a really good cellphone.

About, I will review Asih Sa, This, msung, Galaxy S7 Ultra may be a little longer, maybe a month later, because I want to think whether I can earn money from this Samsung Galaxy S10 Ultra who is like this for this video..

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