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Hello, [music], hello, assalamualaikum, warohmatullohi wabarokatuh, see you again, I'm here tomorrow. Yesterday I came a subscriber, so he's a customer Hey a few days before that brought a Samsung Note 9 phone Well. It turned out that yesterday I brought a Samsung phone, note9 Yes, short story : He bought this cell phone in damaged condition through online. He said that the engine was normal and then only the LCD said it was like that. A few days ago, it deviated because it entered the water,. Hey I was surprised, wow, including reckless, So I don't know, all of a sudden come and bring this cellphone okay. So it is clear that I tried to charge it and there is no display at all. The display is blank, here it is.

Actually, this cellphone bought was damaged and he doesn't know how it really is - we'll discuss later. We discussed this cellphone, his wife entered the water and then it turned out to be a short circuit in the PCB and it was very difficult to repair well. Maybe after watching the video he immediately looked for a damaged cell phone, so that it would not be damaged, Says. It is a normal engine, but it's black Hey, but for the purchase of a damaged HP that is blank or what says LC It's, also not necessarily just the LCD, right? Yes, on the previous cellphone, I saw that there was no corrosion level in this part of the machine, so it appears to be safe yes.

The battery also is dead due to the power of the god-level short circuit, so the short circuit is full, but it doesn't automatically detect Hi it is not hot. Usually it's a short circuit on the PCB board, [Music] OK,. It's a clear CD, he's listed as a normal machine in the description, I ask Have. But yes, Selling Hi I also obey the customer's request. If we look at the engine, it looks like it is still smooth and most likely the engine is still normal because the LED light also flashed [music] when I tried to charge it. The problem is because there is no display OK, so this cellphone and I don't know yes, the history.

Why did it fall or because of what is clear behind the no display, Let's first try to sneeze to ensure that the LCD connector is clean without any corrosion, because on the connector if there is a level of corrosion, it usually has an effect [ music ], hi. Sometimes, it blinks even if this is still the biggest factor possible. Yes No, after cleaning we will reinstall the machine hi, hi, hi, so hope the owner or customer wants me to move this machine to his. I immediately hope that just cleaning it can solve the problem, Ok I will try, Bismillahirrohmanirrohim, oh, oh the LED lights are on, guys, there's a flicker, yes, the Diki lcd and the smart feed response. Then the flashes the camera's LED light.

Ah hihihi, I think it's the lcd, right? The response is normal when trying to charge it, but it's just Kediri. Uh, the lcd only responds blinking and then turns off [music] Hey hehehe. I want to check if it is a normal machine or not. It's clear that the LCD [no display] just vibrates [music], but I feel hot, There's a hot area on the CPU OK. Let's try uh attention again, guys, there is a picture Wow. This cellphone is weird, guys, so it was not there. Besides that there was a sign of lightning. There was a picture of a lightning!, only big music, but the thing that stuck in me I feel when I hold this cellphone. It feels hot Hey. Wow Ok I'll first check the battery, when it's charging how come it just blinks, It just is to make sure he is new, just buy it online.

According to the description of this machine, it is normal ; only the lcd is broken. We will activate the battery to charge it, hi guys, I left it for about an hour, so Mr. Zuhur I came back again and Wow, but this is weird. It was a lightning sign, kefir, Bismillahirrohmanirrohim. [Music ] Hah, it's gone again, guys, he blinked, and then there was no response. Yes [Music] I press the power button. Also, there is no response in Indonesia about how to input Hi. There is a response on the smartwatch, but Hi prints the power button. This looks like the power button Oh. Yes, the machine must be pressed ; yes Try it : the pin is most likely not stuck. Try it while pressing the machine like this Bismillahirrohmanirrohim Wow amazing gadget, Samsung Galaxy, Note, 9 Oops.

It turns out that the machine is not attached to the PIN, but why is it charging how come? He actually doesn't want to charge these Keys Factor King. Yes, there is no sign of lightning, but what is he blinking for the battery indicator? Hey, hoah W. This seems like a tea problem, but LCD Yes. It doesn't even blink it blinks oops, uh. That meant the lcd was a moment earlier,. Oh, I hope that the owner watches it. Yes, 21 million more were bought in damaged condition. WOOOO! Hey, because he looks like Sultan is free, He wants to buy 2 million carcass cellphones only. Isn't it important for us to comply with custom requests?? Sometimes it's what, sometimes the lcd flashes and then uh, If it's an AMOLED LCD, it's sometimes a bit fussy.

If it runs out Exato and stays in the water is fussy, but yes. This is also strong, OK, I copied it, but what is still there So the question is, when it's charging, it doesn't respond. There is no sign of lightning, but it appears that Disney SBY is signal hi wow. The CPU is guys [ music ] because I felt the heat in the CPU area, [ music ] hunk. For some HP Nusa CPUs, this is the case, it is unique. This means that this cellphone will turn on after the CB has been cold. It is heavy, guys, other hot fish in this CPU area. It is AC power, Eh, at the bottom to save Puyang on top board, it's power [Music]. The camera is clear, guys, incredible. Look at how hot it feels. Think it's a pity the CPU fix is problematic. I, don't know., the ticket is divided Ok, oh, the temperature is too hot.

Yes YES fix this is CPO guys! There is a problem with the CPU issuing a hot temperature even until it is erupting, or detects. Oh, it's a shame, so he purchased the intention to move it to a previous mobile phone. It's a shame and whatever it is, I'll follow the customer's request. Whether I'll move it immediately to his previous cell phone, which is damaged. This cellphone is broken [music] Wow, that is a shame! The old one who has him has an extreme, Oops, so he also bought a damaged cellphone. He doesn't want it [Music] Wow, This is wider, I think that is getting worse, the LCD - guys - The LCD is almost dead within seconds.

It doesn't even want to turn on again I turn it on the image doesn't appear anymore because what I feel is the engine is hot, so yeah here's the situation. It turns out that there is a problem in the CPU. It is marked by the heat in the middle area of the CPU, A d I accelerates other performance as well as when it is charged. The temperature appears hot temperature Hi or suddenly the LCD gets big and disappears hi. When the battery connector is removed, cool it the engine is turned on, want it to be a symptom of a CPU starting to weaken, Nyi Roro or Usually, if the cellphone is found. When touched it can't go away if the power button is replaced or the dislike button is again pressed.

CPO is a serious problem for this cellphone, and hopefully can be used as a benefit, and we will continue and wait for the owner's confirmation, The Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh [music]..

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