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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hello guys, we meet again in Syahrini's video, yes, okay, it's 2021 guys, first video - window from me and I'm tired of the New Year with friends, This is the latest Samsung gadget, mini cute ones, The puzzle in the video does not matter, guys because we are going to do it on purpose so that it’s two ways for friends to make it comfortable and safe and take a long time to watch it, Let's unbox for this package, friends, check the link for the membrane on me, orange slider by the video subscribe to the channel and also turn on the bell button.

Aes and Kett miss if there is a new video by Arini Yes, Let's get rid of it first, so it's LED, Samsung Galaxy Fit to Fit 2 There's already Fight 2 boys I'm almost too late, so here I bought it for 590000 Yoi So. When my friends checked at the campus ikamasta, the information was 650 600. Basically, the number is the official price ritual itself : one wants the price at 6993 to be quite affordable compared to the first Galaxy Fit, yes, yes it's cool, Replace this band Five? Yes, so we don't immediately become a little sluggish. : Hyang Wenang, with the red color variant. Wow, there is another cave for black people and busrah, it is very rare for each smartband to be red. At best it is black, pink, and another one red.

Okay, let's make music for the Samsung Galaxy Fit? This is the first time I have tried the Galaxy Fit, yes. I love the honorarium and Mami band funds if they are easy to get the fifth, guys, The Galaxy Fit will get a red unit and it immediately turns on guys. On - Off, the end of the media, and here's a short guidebook, You have to check if you have friends who haven't used Smartfren. So all files were moved to this time, How about Nikita's smartphone, first it is neat, and you don't go anywhere, Yoshiwara red is really pretty. The details are like this, eh, it's quite large, I am 1.1 in situ, and it's also AMODLE, the tree at the bottom is like that.

It looks like there is no preservative for this comeback, guys come in and do it like this, uh, ah, I noticed that it turned out that this strapped made it downwards, guys. So it's okay. It does not come off like that, because usually I feel like using the Mi Band, I slipped accidentally sometimes feel stiff, like it comes off, so the social media, I dipped it at the bottom, guys, I haven't tried the first Fit or Vitae yet, so yeah I have a first impression with a dropship like this. So the front with Mi band 2 expert is already one when the favorite heroes are the color, so before I also save the Khatam band 5. Now the pink color variant is like this I'm already having fun, guys, there are red and black, but there is no yellow.

Also if we compare it, it will be like this, guys, let's change it again! It's not that hot, it's really pretentious to use that for Mr. girls, What's the difference, guys, what color do you like? Try a black or red photo. Let's focus on Gal Axy fit. It turns out that the screen is guys. If it says 1 inch it turns out that I thought that it would be full but turns out that the box is shaped like this once to see how many steps the notification is. Is it cool to sleep, choose a sport? Ok, there is walking, running, cycling, swimming, swimming, other sports, Ok, another sport, for example. If you are here for sports and gifts or are for these, you have chosen to take care of it.

If you set a swearing timer and also Oh there's a reminder to wash your hands, guys, You guys contributed 25 seconds of writing, so make sure we will keep it up this time as soon as there is a reminder. In terms of sports choices it is somewhat minimalist ; you can run only, cycle and swim. I'm not comparing myself to being selfish, but just as a reference because I actually rarely use it for the first time. The sports, Mod here, yes, here, but obviously, the choice is quite far compared to the Medan five, which initially contains an outdoor treadmill, cycling, walking, that there are many types of Mods, yoga, jumping, pulling and also freestyle, In the Mi band there is quite a bit of drowning.

I use it really rarely when I check steps or stress levels and also when I measure how much it is, It turns out that this sipittu is the only other thing. You can just turn it on, but if it's fast you want it to be like it's worth more and it's kept with a smartphone, It's called the Samsung Galaxy Fit, guys, and can it be used for KLS? It's like you need an additional application, download it. If you're a Xiaomi, Realme Oppo Vivo, you can connect to the Galaxy Fit to the scene, corner by Faith, OK, interconnect, OK, directly connect guys two. Let's just prove that he can connect without a t-shirt and Let's Go Okay to your sheep. So Away, guys., how much battery capacity is left? It also has an alarm wide hand wash Find my best So.

If the smartphone for example is lost, I will tell you that it is actually just oh he gave the tau vibrating by, guys, try it vibrate guys, OK, so now, let's check again what is here, what more, there is a widget on your band. add a line of widgets that you need to appear. There is also East Jakarta hand wash and also here you can add a calendar. It says that everything is hot truncated, there is music, you sleep steps and also water. You guys can count how much you drink in a day. How many steps to install to sleep? How long does it take to start the music and also don't count? Your hearts are funny?, but this needs to be added as such and we can also start from the brightness limit and also A swin time out.

How long is four seconds and five minutes? I take a little bit of time to unlock, guys, to answer if the 10 Smartfren packages are set, if they don't become dead, supplies, and there is whatslock also here, Goodnight - the mummy and a little Iodine, look at the software update and we ran out just to Uwak Khayna. But is it full, guys, but can it be customized? Can't we see if it can be personalized, can't change it, not using photos like that that match our outfit, can't be changed with our photos, I. You just choose what you want and it can't be different. If we already have the Galaxy Watch Cup h, the template is different. We can change, starting with other colours. Vibration and also sound and others, now this pressure is a notification.

My YouTube-Lover, tuner also comes here, it is also Instagram. But guys, and of course what you need to know is that it is already on the screen, yes, it's a touchscreen, so it's already active isn't it? uys, so it's not only in the middle of the road, athletes already have a way to manage stress, Maybe what is this sport Hey, guys? How much exercise do you want but if I am normal, the important thing is how many steps, what time, right? We are declared boxing and also my first impression of the old Samsung Galaxy Fit. How does it fit in Mbak, Arrinish's, hand, Ms., Eka., try? Writing in the comments, column and Sibolga is a very good update. Why is it is now cheaper : because and in terms of price. If you can say that half of the number launched is actually.

The first Fit is really free so Mbak uses Laila the 1.1 instamp ladder by the dean and also has a larger battery. That is 159 and also say it is said to last a day, guys and don't forget this. I Samsung has guys, yes, I realized it thank you, everyone. Try to subscribe to the channel, look at you in the next video..

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