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In this tips and tricks, video for your Galaxy S, 22 - cell phone, I will show you how to rearrange the multitasking menu, how to use additional memory as rambo is, how to create smart switches and much more. Let's go if you leave decent rest, it means to Galaxy s. 22 rheine doesn't want to miss subscribe to this great channel and activate the bell so that you will be notified when the videos go online. These tips in this video I show on the Galaxy 22 Ultra but they work just as well on the Es, 22 or only 22, plus, which ones with a few exceptions. The tips also work on older Samsung phones with android 11 or 23. That means if then you change the wallpapers, the icons and symbols in the operating system are adapted to the colors of the wallpaper.

To do this, you pinch two fingers together, go to backgrounds and style, want a wallpaper from his gallery from text to ok and then you can select the various color palettes that you should then take over from the recognized wallpaper. You then can also set the palette to apply the app symbol if you use these days. That's quite nice but if that's not enough for you - and you say you really want to change your phone - then we'll look in the team gate where you get there. So, of course, the whole setting will be changed much so that you not only see the wallpaper, but also see the icons of the euro in the lock screen.

Also the texts, for example, in the individual apps here that is hell without or also here in sms, app all the messages that you then totally different because of the navel. It's a cell phone in a completely new design : invert, look at the stick settings Everything has been changed yes and now a cell phone looks completely different. If you want to undo it again, go again on the right menu with two fingers ends in the store. Now I would like to show you how you can change this app shortcuts, and so here I have the course set on the left because I need them more and more often to show a vaccination card and on the right I only have the camera.

If I wash up here now a copy of Sap will open automatically when I have unlocked the lock screen, so I can show my vaccination certificate much faster how to change the apps here. I will show you now go first to the settings and then to the lock screen. If you click on left schott now you can select simply one of the apps installed on your system. I picked the copa sap anyway and then this will be taken over by right, shortcuts as well functional. You can either select an app or do a quick check in Select a function that does not require unlocking, for example the flashlight, dictaphone or calculator.

If I know about the constant notifications, then I have the brightness control here immediately, If you want it here too I will show you a video now, and you want it to go down again and then you go here to the three dots and then play out quick. If you now control the transparency and click and want to show or always, you can also disable the other two buttons for device control and media playback. That's why I locked them and now you have a much cleaner notification menu. The field is a little dimmed further than the screen - that mainly at night when it is dark another b, a little more pleasant for eyes. If you want the screen to be a bit darker, this war-defining switch probably is not there for you.

Are you feeling and then merely pull it down your menu of war settings? If you pressed the finger on it for long time, then you can even adjust the damping intensity of the actuator. So if we now slide the slider to the right here, then we can. The screen will be activated a bit more patiently than if we turn the intensity down again and the same trick also works with the flashlight. If we activate the normal one, then it just lights up normally, but if we hold our finger on it for long, we also get a submenu and you can even adjust the brightness of the flashlight here ls regulate. The smartphone accessory manufacturer srg ssr offers interesting cavities for the entire galaxy s 22 series to protect your smartphone. .. I want to introduce 2 cases for the Galaxy s 22 Ultra.

Ok, it is transparent and does not cover the excellent design of the E220 ultra but that is not a cheap China cpu cache. The corners are reinforced extra to protect the edges. The camera is also raised a bit and therefore is protected even better, but I liked the case with integrated kick stand. If you believe that, the cell phone can stand comfortably on the side or stand high on the table. There is also an extra protector for the camera that is in a Galaxy Cell Phone is doubly protected. The accessories are not only of high quality, but also available at cheap prices. Currently, there is a 15 percent discount on the cases, and if you use the displaying code at checkout, you get an additional 15 percent discount for the price and the quality.

The checkout Definitely recommended - We liked it very much. You can find the link to all the accessories in the description. I find it particularly useful that the on-screen Galaxy phone shows time and notifications, but you also have it. Occasionally you wish that the display would shine a bit brighter. If you disable it, the brightness can be turned up and now everyone else shines a little brighter. As always, if you press the power button twice, you get into the camera as far as you can, but you can also change it so that you get into another app or trigger a function like that, then go to the settings and then down to advanced functions. We now can see pressing twice, camera, quick, start or open app.

If we select this now, all the apps that we have installed on our smartphone will appear, but we, for example. I think this is a more useful application because I still have the camera in the War settings menu below and still can use it. You can start as quickly as you can also create smart widgets, like you know from the iphones. The clock offers wrong thought if I swipe through here I come to other widgets like calendar, weather, date here, netflix widget and here the clock again. This is brand new in London 4.1, and now I'm going to show you that you would first set it up with two areas together and then go to widgets. There is a company 1, a little wider and the largest I had there four times two.

You can change the size again, but how do we configure that now? Simply press your finger on it for a long time and then when setting gest here you will find a ll widget that should be displayed. Now we can add a new one, for example, now samsung internet, let's press, add, and if you want to delete one go long with your finger, and then you can see here you can mark them individually, and then simply remove them with. For example, now this google had around you and I just want to go here now and then I can even choose from the different templates 1 here, namely now partie man I'll go back and now I can just swipe through and has different widgets, by the way,.

You must still download it from the app store and you can configure your widgets the way you want, I have now created a few examples. There are also side panels you can also activate from here to the top right. If I end the whole thing here in my underwear and then wash up again and then go in my side panels, I see on the right how I can easily call up my template and then by default, Both apps are immediately opened in a window, but make sure that it is all turned off first. To do this go to the setting on display and then go down for the side panels. This checkmark must be activated here, another hidden function that few people know about. That also gives not every manufacturer and I now show activated videos into your phones and then click on the three dots at top right and then set up.

If you want to use his galaxies to those who are deactivated so much faster then you can disabled animations I will show how to do that. Now, go back to settings, this time under biometric data and security. Now you also get more biometric settings and deactivated unlock, show transition effects, but that wasn't everything. If we go now to fingerprints, you can also deactivate the endgame to the nation again and now it goes a lot faster now, beginner tips. There are also people who are completely new to a Samsung Galaxy and I will often be asked how to activate these most important ones down here. That's very simple, I'll now show you the settings and then go to display and you can go down the navigation bar to start the button.

Do you want to simply swipe here guests and now, you can always look left and right of the homesc or top up on the rear. If you want to use your mobile phone with one hand, but the screen is too big, then there is the Samsung one and maude the activists. Then you can still operate the mobile phone with one hand at the star. I'll show you how to activate it now, to the settings advanced functions and then to the one-handed mode. If we mission here at the bottom area the Unit Mode will be activated, but you can still adjust the window. If you click here on nice guests, the window makes smaller and bigger. If you are in line here, you can move the window up or down so you can really adjust to the position of your hand. So the left, a blood test, can do it with the case.

Then move the window of course to the left side because you simply click in the empty area. I will show you how you can expand the internal memory to ram plus by default. Theoretically, apps should stay open longer in the background, and you have a little more performance when you go to the settings and then battery and device maintenance. You do not have a 5g contract or want to deactivate it, which typically saves you a bit of energy, Then I will show you how to do it now, go to the settings, and then go to the top connection. A lot goes in and out from the branch, so that 5g is deactivated and you will probably save a bit of battery again. If you have persevered to this point then it is already very good, but now it works to the next level.

I'm going to show you the absolute professional tricks gut lok is an app by samsung which lets you personalize your money even more radically ex sandy, and that's where things really get wild. You can find that in the Galaxy store, you open it, and now go to the top right on the search and enter gut-shaped lures. I can select it then the gut lures are displayed when it is installed. Let us now go open here and now you will see various good lures under apps that you also have to install individually. Then, if we go to home, screen, activate a vertical app list, for example If we now just click a screen of and after At, the top of the vision we see how the apps suddenly are arranged.

Better, and I have it here, here of Good Luck by selecting steck, is normal here, but there is also grit for example, there is, for example, such a large overview. Then is also interesting the vertical list that is a bit smaller or such a completely shrunken slim. We can go there and setting which contacts and apps should be displayed in the submenu. We go on this here on revealed direction, and now you just want a contact out and go back again. If you share a photo now, for example, click on the symbol, and this quick change comes up.

It is now automatically displayed in front of a placed symbol, but you can configure the apps here and which ones should be shown on it and then click on More and then here on Edit and now you want to display the apps from dna, twitter, gmail and whatsapp for example. If I go up to my notifications manager, for example, for the underwear, a screenshot is taken and if I wash from the side of Longwiesche, it gets me into the multitasking menu, everything works with the manual operation plus the block gestures on family, and then cooperation plus. First and then you can configure your vision here under the left and right arrow as you want.

Do you really want to be able to set everything that should be activated when where I divided the swipes into short and long? If I wash the regional up, the following app opens and if I swipe diagonally down, I return to my home menu. If I move the system up a screenshot is shown, and if I move diagonally down, how do I get to my notification? There are thousand settings in the whole one-handed mode, enable and show the side panels War settings open the cell phone and make it quieter and louder here. You really have no limit with blue markings on one side where the field is. If you take a step back, you can even see areas adjust here.

You can change the size directly from the length and also set up the positions up or down simply how you like to use it, so you can use the phone the easiest way possible. If you liked the video give me a thumbs up to support me. If you do not want to miss my galaxy s. 22 reviews, you can now also subscribe for free to this great channel, so that for nothing more missed you also follow me on social media, for more madness and behind the scenes all the links are in the description. You can now check out the links, my review of the Galaxy s, 22 ultra or click here on the right, for another 24 tips and tricks click on it..

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