BEST PERFECTION!!! Galaxy S21 Ultra VS Note 20 Ultra Indonesia - Galaxy User Guide

Hello guys! Nelson here and this time, as you can see, I'll compare the two best flagship phones from different Samsung phones. You could say this Interesting conclusion that reached Samsung at the end of 2020 and then the release of the Galaxy S series, which is usually supposed to come out in February, but this year came out in January and the Galaxies 21 Ultra is very interesting. Because with an attractive body and also, of course, an overall experience that is possibly very good from Samsung in early 2021, ok Hi. So at the end of 2020, Samsung gave the best – the Galaxy no 20 Ultra, which is very OK in my opinion – and especially if you love expand? Yes, because sp is the key in my opinion where it can't be replaced.

If for example, you need something like write Write and then you also like the photo signature for your blog, yes And, this is another brand image for the Galaxy S This Galaxy S 21 Ultra series supports the S. Pen, I've tried the S pen on the Galaxy No. For example, this time you can press it and then raise it up to change the camera and so on it does not support the galaxies 21 crash.

The actual body problem is not 2003, it is already very good with stainless steel and then with the camera which I think is much better compared to S20 Opera for design issues, and the results are perhaps more perfect compared to not Galaxy S 20 Opera, but I take my words back and I can say that the galaxies 21 Ultra is the best that Samsung This size is certainly much bigger than it is attached to the frame. The camera looks much bigger than Opera no20, which is actually very bright in the frame for the problem. If you hold it like me, you will instantly feel the burden much heavier.

It can be said that the glass used is very good, the same as the 20 Opera, namely using Gorilla Glass pictures for the back and front and the color is also uncertain because there is a Phantom Black. This is very good in galaxies 21 obra further for camera problems. The results can be said to improve lah comparative to no20 Opera but not significantly and also Because. It's definitely a bit better, with better competition of photography on galaxies 21A closer and what's different between the lenses. Here is that there is a periscope lens which is 10 times on the Galaxy S2 Plus one Ultra compared to five times on the Galaxy Note 20 Optik then three telephotos are given here compared to Galaxy Note 20, but for example if you take a photo with Block, Fx, it is the same.

If the Tiesto is an Ultra, I am confused why didn't they use the photo three times so they use the 108.1 main camera but maybe crop it for the fake bokeh, which is given in galaxies. Yes, each year one that comes out new and collected no26 training x990 with 700 meters plus for ds21 operas. It uses exynos 2100, which is at the Samsung highest given with five nanometers process, and in my opinion is a pretty good jump compared to when x990 came out compared to Snapdragon 805.

The difference is rather worse but if for Ex2100 compared to Qualcomm 888, it is still better, colcom, but Exynos can compensate better for gaming problems, Both expressions are similar in my opinion, because parji 865 x900da is very good and also offers a much better experience with m&s 21 Ultra. It really gives It's much faster but in my opinion non-expired is exactly the same for mass displays, This is an advantage that I think is quite significant for technology lovers who like displays, because even though both of these LTDO from 10 to 120hz use the 2002 Dino can only do full edge plus for 120hz, but if it's ds21 Ultra, I think thank you for the case, The same type is also used for battery problems because the s21 Ultra is 5000 mh.

This can give Xperia C almost the same for the battery life for the screen on c because lppo is also given, but it is more 500 here. If you open this many applications, there must be better advantages in Galaxies, 21, Ultra Software problems already use Wahyu Edga so for 02 blowbrush edit Wahyu and for sure he is Petrus for the future and at least the same as Android Bus 11 and now for you guys.

Should, you choose Galaxies, 21 Ultra to Opera, no20 I! If you want to ask further questions -- and maybe there are some things that I haven't seen in the video Hi Prophet, for example -- my recommendation will always go to Galaxies 21 Cobra because of the advantages it provides and also the branding image of this Galaxy S series has changed in my opinion, and you could say: S21 Ultra is a very good start for the future in the Galaxy S series, the rumors are indeed Galaxy, Note 21 or continuation of this Galaxy No 20. There is nothing but I can't claim 100%, but as seen from all the growing rumors, it seems that no21 does not exist and is replaced by the direct option to s21 ultra.

If you compare it to waiting for no21, it is better for you to go to s21 opera directly or, for example, you want to wait with Z vol 3 which are most likely or that have been converted, can be s-pen. So maybe Samsung thinks not to issue a Heavy 21 note, but we'll see how it goes for the end of 2021. gear is from..

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