BEST HUD + DPI + SENSITIVITY SAMSUNG GALAXY A01,A10,A10S,A11,A20,A20s,A30,A50,J4,J5,J6,J7,J8 - Galaxy User Guide

It was May and saying Reborn, trailer [music], save guys, beauty, Silva, Aqui and Rapaziada. If you parachute after a sensitivity and some tricks to climbing the cover on 20th is right and first it leaves the vision, fan and subscribes and activates the tink for you, your first Ah it's starting access and learn more about the 4.4 And. This sensibility in It works only for cell phones that are on title is for all cell phones beauty and troop I guarantee you that you will get pica and Judith with that sensibility and you will be accused of rack and liquidity. Will she beauty and troop no Poli the video guys because the rest is because you are hurting me and ignoring you beauty and guys.

I tested all human issues and it is approved without por cent, beauty and boys. Moths in the crosshairs Branca is here on the open edge. Don't skip any part of the video, because you are missing something I'm going to say, and it is very important when it's time to get in the car beauty, tropa, bro, I'm going to say hello See who else comments, hashtag, better sensibility in the video that you can miss something I'm going to talk about, and it's very important when going up cable beauty and Mano. Put the comments that cell phones, beauty and play and enough rambling and let's go to what matters: let's go to configuration.

Let's stop cell phone configuration and remove the animation, you activate it, touch mouse control, you activated screen zone You, leave the font size at the minimum, the size of God You leave it at a small or minimum delay of locking down. 0.5 seconds Put it in the cult and Guys your painting accounts I put it on so I can put you in the MS project at minimum speed of the mouse speed I didn't change anything beauty. Is a house to the left and the window situation, EA, animation, school of transition and animation duration scale that is above the smallest width.

You leave in three options: deactivated that you yesterday the best performance during the game, and it is very important that you guys put everything right that I passed beauty to you, I think I got the your cell phone. Nun what a beauty hacker and now I'll pass the two specific release buttons for this sensitivity and the first take out is 56 percent and what I use and the second shoot button is 47 percent beauty access it with this button. You test access it with the button that you two and it doesn't work in this case.

I'll leave it again and now I'll wait for accessibility, guys general! It's 76 e627 62 guys and if you made it to the end of the video Thank You tropa, together we are parade that shares and subscribe We are together..

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