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Hello, [Music], hello guys come back with me, bimbi uniques channel. If in the previous video I discussed the difference between the Samsung S7 to Ultra with me, before, yes, in this video I will discuss some cases for the Samsung S7 Ultra that was a or gadgetim, when I saw the post. There are a lot of netizens who say that cash is cool and cute, and there are also comments that cash can protect. Lonely, isn't it?, get it directly through the nearest official Samsung store. Therefore, you must watch this video because I will recommend some cool cash for your Samsung S7 so that when it arrives, yes, in your hands you are curious, just open it. First off, okay guys, this time I brought some gifts for Samsung S7 Sultra which I categorized based on Lux and design OK.

First off, there is a cash category with a unique design and cool motifs. There is Spigen ragged armor and the last is the most stable, Spigen Kriuk armor. Let's talk about it. The first thing we will talk about is the Galaxies Odet Ultra Ringke Fusion, X Now. He has a design like this, so front is not textured on the inside, Guys. It has army-like motifs, so it's really suitable. If your SWT is Ultra White or Green or flashing maybe it is also suitable, while at the bottom here it can be seen for the output, adapter, speaker charger, and there is also a port for later which is already installed in Escondido Ultra. Now i forgot to explain in the yes section that there is also a next one on the back.

This is what is called a fusion action so that when placed under it, the bumper camera is on the Ultra Stones do not directly hit the bottom of the floor or our Major General. They are made of softcase on the right side, bottom-top left of it is made of softcase and then on the bag. On the back it is made from a hard drive as that, and then on the side of it. If it looks like this really makes the group files more comfortable, it doesn't make this cellphone slippery and don't forget to protect the screen and camera, it's more cash it is taller than the screen and the camera is okay. So i'll talk about Spike, I.e. Spigen, liquid er. It is one of the most popular cases, yes, from speakers, of course. Almost all Samsung phones or iPhones have this type. Sorry Samsung, Spigen, Liquid, air.

He is a very best seller so for many himself liquider, as usual, he pulses ok. Liquider is that he has geometric patterns motifs where he can show or gives a really nice script file on the inside. It is used to thoroughly spread the heat of the phone, not at one point. Usually the engine is hi. The heat is that this is the purpose of spider web and then, when you hold it, the virus is really comfortable,. So now that makes the Group Files better and don’t forget. It protects the flange so that it does not form a pepper. The lens is directly protected and this, of course, will provide special security for your Samsung S7 Ultra camera. speakers again, but from the arm racket type or now shaking, it's the same as earlier Liquid Er.

It is the best selling line from spigen, almost all cellphone series. It has a pattern like this, which is closest to the camera. You can hear a stripe motif, now it's a striped motif like this and then on the bottom, which is of course a hallmark of Armor rackets, almost all Armor people, that is for sure, there's a cartoon - design like this,. Also here is an afternoon embossed motif, the name of the brand Spigen, Spigen, is like that, then on the inside it looks like Liquid Er. It has a spider web, whose function I have explained the following idea : Er last time, for cream files the script is a little s low than the liquid er. It has an effect so that Kenya doesn't get slicker. Also forgot to remind you that all of the Spigen casts that I reviewed are also on the corners.

Aircushion technology is an anti-shock system on Spigen, it's very suitable to protect exported Ultras., you guys, and certainly not less important. So it will be safer if you put it anywhere or take it anywhere, it will be safe. Hi, after being reviewed by gadgetin, and satisfied. A Wirman is Spigen Griyo armor It doesn't exist for this variant. It's as usual, yes, like before, and what is interesting about ice is that the back really has a very good motif. If Spike calls it hexagonal Saigon all Design because it will have a hexagon motif, hello, in the hexagon motif, there is blue-blue Hi, the blue group, where the deep blue color is cool so when we use Estate Ultra to play games, it doesn't get hotter than usual. It's really really good tension for this case itself.

That's a lot of hybrids, including the website, so he is in shock on the right and left. Ys S above that Diaz is okay, always in the back. It's a hard case like that now for the back. There is a protection hot film that you can remove when you install it later. This protective film is intended to ensure that the iron plate inside can be channeled cold to your SPN Ultra. Also this is really suitable for those of you who like to be gamers on your Samsung S7 Tara. Now for the game files it is a very good, isn't it? It's really slim, it's the equivalent to liquid or to people. The files are really good and don't forget the inside corners on the inside.

There is also aircushion technology, where the Agus technology is the Anti-Shock owned by the spigen and don't forget the design for protection, also on the special part of the screen or on the special camera,. So it is definitely okay n. When it is placed on a flat surface like that, yes, we will discuss in the second category. If you know that we discussed about the first category keys, which have a unique or interesting design already. Then we will talk about the clear case in the second category. This tip has an advantage where it will still stand out, or your HP Advan T2 ultra design, of course. This time, I brought two, the first from Ringe and the second from Spike Neng from Like I brought fashion-fashion, just without X of course, and the second I brought from Spigen Liquid Crystal.

We will talk first from the ringket, move aside for ice like that, yes. Now, for Hussain, he must be a lot, namely hybrid. It's therefore a mix of two hardcase tires and a softcase for the softcase on the sides or the right-right side-left side-bottom. As for the texture on the front and back it is the same. What I brought was the match variant. When a film is opened like this, it will give the impression that it's meeting, so it's not clear, but the effect will not stick to fingerprints, of course. But of course we are also ready for the clear variant or the snow! When you are going to use it, you can peel it off first, so sorry so that your cellphone looks more stable.

Okay, and when you hold the script file it is really good, a little bit Balki than the one So guys, for example like liquider for the hybrid. It's a bit for, but a bit for. Andn't forget to protect,. It was already on the camera or the screen here, so it will be safe when placed on a flat surface and will not scratch the camera or the screen of your Samsung S7 Tara, OK digestion. Next, i'll talk about pigeon from Spigen Liquid Crystal. Liquid crystal with him is also a top seller. The appearance is really clear and the thigh is in shock.

If the Hussain was hybridized, this one is a soft case, The design is almost the same as the Liquid Er ; ; So it's on the camera to protect each lens Really suitable for those of you who like slim cellphones, where a clear cellphone like this will highlight the color of your extended Ultra, whether it is black and white, green or color hunting gending, yes the purplish red color is also very good. When using g like Of course, this is uh and don't forget in the spider in the corner there must be a technology called air cushion technology of course. The key is then higher on the screen and on the camera.. Each lens will be really good for ezsploit, that is ultra,! We will discuss cash with flash colors. We discussed the unique design in the second category.

Originally, I brought examples from two classes, namely Khasoghi and Cheryl of course. This Siril brought I brought the type Britney. If this is typical, she has fresh colors, of course, for your information. Yasril & love you as this, he's a company with spigen So. Diaz made a group like that Hey Ok for the appearance. It looks like this, Galaxy S2 White Ultrasize, Cheryl, Cole, Bridge Now is flash a lot for that. He has a texture that is really soft or can be folded. The slick is more precise here, but shortcuts have been used, but are delicious, but don't easily stick to fingerprints. Celine's taste is just a little nauseous as for group files. In my opinion, the most important thing for our current cellphones is a creamy slim slim.

Now and don't forget, on the inside of the film. Now you can see that there is a corner on the right-left side, top down. It has two colors too on the camera frame and on the Kenya part, it has a different color. For protection then don’t forget to protect the camera and the screen, it’s typically still higher than the camera or screen. So it will provide more security for your Ultra sports. You think the color is like this is really suitable for ritual SDNs, whose colors have stopped, it is appropriate, This is really a best seller of Love Logi. He is famous for his flashy colors. It just happened that the color I brought was the best seller. The color is like Tarra like this y, a So on the back. There is also a Tutun the same as the bridge Cheryl Cole.

This color is navy blue like this, then it is combined with yellow on the camera and inside the cellphone, of course, also Rich Solo Lenovo pinidea much more Hybrid, yes, of course. So the back on Arc S on the right and left sides is obviously a soft case. It's hard to see that on the camera frame. When you tap a sound there is then a sound for the motif or texture. Yes, he is almost like Siril color breed on the back. Then there is of course loss, and on his back there is a motif like this. Almost screams pies are like spiderwebs, How are you guys interested in not using the cash which I reviewed earlier? I started with the first category which is about unique designs, the category which is about clear guys and the third category is Paso Alkes, which has attractive colors or colors.

If you want to show off unique colors like burgundy or green, you can really choose keys that have clear colors, like the one in category no2, which is the mainstay of Spigen, there is something called liquid crystal. for those of you who want to highlight the color of your mobile phone or you or you want this to have a smoke color. So Ringke Fusion is here for your choice, or if you want to show it off but halfheartedly. The choice is the ringtone version Smoke Black Okay, but if you are a true gamer and want to show it through lux which is cool, you can really choose. This is from the Spigen Krio Armor which has of course an X diagonal design which is really interesting and is really suitable for those who are really lazy.

Last, but not least, so that your cellphone looks really fresh and new, of course, so that all eyes can see the wrong thing. You can use the admob login, which has colors that definitely spoil the eyes, and for all the casings I reviewed this time. You can find them in the description column below, and I've put the link down there, okay? I’m Edwin See, you in the next video. Don’t forget to like comment and subscribe and see you next time..

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