Behind the scenes of Till We Meet Again with Samsung Galaxy a52s 5G. - Galaxy User Guide

Hi, maybe you can hold me, don't go too far, Pi Spawn, the Aurora parachutist below. The most important thing is the size. It would probably be all things like that: Hey, let's drink coffee at Telkomsel's natureland, but now the name is bringing to the food, okay,. The colony is below from Laura Yes [Music], former nickname of Hi. The only one is [Music] Hey it's good but the photos are back Yoga. Today: hi, hi, hi, HP, Hi, tiny Hey, Rizky, Hi, Hi, maybe stop this [music] [Mus ik], really coffee, testimony Hehehe, while test this really amazing. Typing, we cut it for a Samsung commercial, but this Samsung is sick again in the filming process. Some teams have already appeared, for example, Chen the Dog and also a channel for selfies.

He takes a photo macro with a Samsung cellphone, so here's a screenshot of the brother holding the steering wheel [music] in Indonesia don't cry if you still have to be a doctor, [music], you're the only one who tracks [music] and this operating system that presses the hair immediately, by the way is good, I. Okay, [Music] Just cover this so that the table of contents sanitizes tomorrow. Skin Dreams are just smiling thinking that our friends are finishing by about 10 in the morning what. Now, we will test fine Aurora, singing is always a good machine for you already. It's only that it's not comfortable, it's still not natural, because maybe he's afraid of change from the surroundings and the flowers. So we're looking for another location where Aurora can be released and more.

Are you now trying to block the hi hi - log in Hey? For me jisme Hey '' Ya, see me your reptile The picture is the area where the cause [ _ ] melasma is like that again. The problem is that go to oil and take action, hi hi, I hope yo yo in Indonesia Don't stop by oh, yes, hi, but then that's a very strong name, Lenka is there. But what is it like for you to have menstruation called? He is not with speed, he is with a good spirit. N't la piye [musical] keep Helping us want these tips first. The original position is aggressive or Want to offer. Gendingan Diphtheria believes Okay. The stenbay action record he smiles even though Teteh tells you OK to take off the drag. Maybe the owner is really lonely because it is quiet when the magician is there, hurry up.

Hi [Music] may come in, OK. Let s sing Sekar Corpse [Music] Hey people sleeping, we are Mahakam, Drain It's there, OK?, [Music] Hi, trace Well, so that it doesn't leak at the end. My stopping gold is so that when you take a photo of a Jenggol Shirt, that you pay for them to go to Bali, a singlet is enough y. The news was long ago, yes, [music] is only big above [music] we are recently entering a song from Laura will tell us mp3, our voices all hurt energy Let. What Aurora said is really people feel that they will lose you, but later we will go back from the left.

Only Virgo according to ilove you so much for watching [ music], Hi Jelly, [, __, ] You Once, then stop give me know how many times takes the weekend, but typed in desert You mean, ready to ask, OK, let's make it here. I'll be a flying dove and breed with Aurora, I want to sate the tv, OK, please smell: okay, [Music] [Applause], [Music] Hey, hey [Music] Andrew. Here Hi there : my Hot Package, Bukit Tanjur guys, is pushing back, but the distance is tight. Right away the position is embraced, can't find this action. Phone, live arimotaki, just make an expression to the left. His wife is really a thecodont, Oh, yes, [music] The Princess was meant to treat Maha Dewa protector. When you can, use a bottle on the side.

The banana roll action of Christopher's special feature is much stronger when the [music] bye, bye, [Music], [Applause], [Mus, ik], [Applause], Hi, kyup, in line with debt is increasing steadily. See you tomorrow, Hi nude preparations gone gay technique. Ih Vampires are back on this Dolly track. Go on, continue, go until you get to the front of the state-of-the-art camera, specially for Kin High. If you want to get Rich Get Rich, another food, technology, Kodokan, Kenek Clothing, please help us with Coffee..

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