Baru Lagi Guys, Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver Unboxing - Galaxy User Guide

Hello assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hello guys meet again. So for the video. We have another new family from Samsung, so if yesterday we discussed entry-level from Samsung yeah and in the future there will be plenty of Samsung Galaxy Note, and I think this video is just a distraction, at Hendra Samsung Galaxy A7, but instead of the Samsung Galaxy A7 that one has been a long time, Sis. Yes, it's true there was peace, Samsung still or can, or and also 51 together and ketones or fades.

It exploded really on my channel, Samsung Galaxy 51, but honestly this is the first time that I'm going to unbox so soon, what the difference is to the previous scene or something now Farel Ice also with the color variation is Crush, silver Yes, the new variant - color, Hey guys, Apart from new people, we can also enjoy some of the mode features on the Samsung Gala xy S Fenty series uh, Navy account, or this one has been completed. Do you really subscribe and also turn on the bell button? If there is a new video from Aries Saudi, Samsung Nokia E71 box set uh which is still the same as the previous version only this color variant has an Infinity-o in the middle, which is quite minimalist now.

If we go around here the bottom part looks really gas if, for example, the others with the RAM variant 8 GB and memory 128 GB Wow, that is really big. Yes, with employees is a silver headcrusher Yes, a new color variant will be in the world of Samsung smartphones, Okay, It's white, black and blue because this is Silva guys. This is when the Samsung Wave A71 business is under pressure. I first found out when I got an IMEI sticker and then a little or this smartphone, guys. The best makes has three advantages, where the Infinity-O display has a strong camera and supports fast charging also. First yes, yes, a place is like that, guys, so it's true. There is also a transparent socket and there is also a short 3x guide.

OK, then give me the headphone earphone cable It's too late to get a Galaxy Vegas, it is like this, so the model for TWRP doesn't use a cable, but for example it's enough to just use an earphone cable, map. Is there a data cable that has these tips, my friends, wow yea trusted? The head of the charger also goes up fast,'' If you read it wrong, it's up to 25volt muscle,. It's certainly going to be really fast charging at 4500 mhd, we'll check it out. On Instagram later, I will just update it like that, the Cheboksary on the Samsung Galaxy A7, one is quite complete, close to the softc, Ass, transparent, and also the info. OK, don't go anywhere, so in the unboxing video guys,.

If anboxing is like this, then talk long times large times high and if you want to see amboksing, just Adidas doorsight, more patience, Mega Nokia, E71, silver variants, Here it seems the color variant was cool, Revelation was hard for us to push, Hey he's the container for this, guys, the Crush wafer color variant Wow, Friends Try it here Now's the color was silver.. We were impressed when we used this. Because when we click on the container uh. The colour is more like a pool. Ja, friends, if you like it or not, write it in the comm column. There are four cameras with this level of 64 megapixels and if I recall correctly, for example, it was a room design like that when I first had an ant cave in the Samsung BRIDLE series.

Some of the cameras designs are flashed, and some of Fauzia's protrusions are quite OK.... Okay, now if you have Parkinson's cash, you must stay safe. It's not glossy, but it's mad, and if I watched it, I would have been able to wait via 51 before, It looks like there is a hologram effect. It looks like we have an audio port at the bottom for sure, and also simple reggae speakers. com power, power volume control left, Okay, three SIMs at once, sad or floating, a1aaa simplest, one additional micro-SD. If you feel that the kick is too much, 128 more or less can use an additional external micro SD, already one more. If the series is famous for being thin, this is cool type congratulations, It has a large Infinity-O display in the middle and this means minimalistic.

If Fatin is for Rizal here, right top left, left bottom, Hitler is lazy, it's really thin and cute. So it looks like a71 and h51i That is 'right', I didn't remember 't wrong, My finance manager has just bought this Samsung S11 because what was really WoW, really with specs and also or ask about things, Samsung, to the point of password guys. What is his name in the previous post, if I am the biggest, there is a keris on Samsung Galaxy A7, and also 51, This is the largest at the time, 900,000 guys, the line until the loan is 14-01-2019 yes. The expansion period in January 2013 was really too late. It's a complete exit and forget about this one Super AMOLED plus screen type Yes, plus. This A7 already uses a fingerprint sensor on the screen. Let s try it, guys 123 OK, it is a bit of a delay.

So it's a dice, your friend, see package 7. Is there a complaint like that on the fingerprint sensor? Use the Wahyu version quickly. 21 Android s, Android 10 is already busy with 8 gigabytes of Ganesha Mellitus, 128 GB, while the distribution of the battery is 4500m. Oh my, I actually read the cargo ship earlier as long as it said to the camera. Now one also has a husband in single mode. No, leave here is like a mode that allows us to take several photos with multiple videos in one lifetime. If, for example, we want to blow out the candles because we are confused, This single take can benefit, guys, so we'll get some of the options I mentioned earlier. Here is the singles photo mode,. It will not take a few, as I explained earlier. And so the results will be like this guy.

This usual photo is a modern model, The deep camera is finished with webself. He is fairly complete with PGS for this part of the camera. Let's see, yes, take more pictures and also here. There is Ultra whitening guys and there is also a Pondok Serius video. It is already present on this Samsung Galaxy A7 so the sustenance used is more stable. Also here, uh u, Ardhu prayer, OK, Abdul is also here, guys I, remember trying it, Abdul. Here, we made lines like that guys. If he gets sick and changes he will follow where we go, that is the point, Hey JG. Quite a lot of modems or modes, guys. It's already gone Oops Pro panorama, macro fortnite, mod, live focus, super slow motion, slow motion, hijrah havers So, it's quite complete section- and here is the newest mode Ah, production.

If you want to be depressed, you can activate it and use it for various kinds of manual photos from the can, or the iso level, the watch, the pellet level, and also others. Friends who really like mobile photography in the sense of liking are already captured moments like taking photographs of pulses of the otok-otok folio with a smartphone. Shelton's video here, lets see, it's a video, so forge Mba always has the front camera in the armpits until Foke is also 3S, Wow, you are so insistent, Evercross, the front camera or the back camera can record you alight OK, yes, it's the same as Samsung Galaxy Note Tenlet that they claim is not fake, but also record video It uses CV as 730 friends, don't forget to install 11/1. Also equipped with the NFC feature.

The full package is that yes, yes, yes, guys, for the Samsung Wave a71 and actually I also have friends, yes. There are thick ones, here they are, uh, Samsung, Galaxy, A5 151 is great as well as the last fairway, Crush Silver,, yes, and also has the attributes, start with the promote mode. Until there is also a single take, guys, the video is 51 I. So next time we make videos for slow comments. The conclusion is on the Samsung Galaxy This A7, that is costing 6.5 million, yes, but I met you in the forest.

You can get a free bungee when you saw it, It is complicated, so you can get this, boys on a Samsung Galaxy bat 1.8 for I! If this Samsung Galaxy A5 costs 4.9 million, What does he get, it's free to bring a powerbank and others, degroot? How do you write an e-assignment? This, tnis or a51 can be directly a motorcycle, taxi, click and click to see it in the description, column Okay. So if I conclude that it's not just the new color variant, guys, but it is also in camera, mode, guys, the camera has a pro mode and also a single, take and also the color variants are also really cool. Cleaver is not next to it, maybe yes, so it presents a new and fresh feature on Samsung smartphones that ran previously, which sold well.

Another thing is that it is quite crowded, the sales are really quite big, so yes this could be an option for friends, because yes you can deny it, guys. The LG screen is super AMOLED plus the battery is large, it uses a 500mah. Moreover, Ram and Romeo are also very hungry,. There is also an Onscreen Fingerprints, there is also NFC, in particular the camera, and so on. You are perfect, you don't forget! Thank you for the video, please don't forget to subscribe, and if you have any other requests to talk about, half 51 or abused, just write it in the comments, column..

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