Bagusan Mana Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 atau Galaxy Buds Pro?

We were talking again about Samsung Karembang this morning. This was launched just along with the new Flexvolt and if you look at the positioning, this girl is actually not a competitor, the Galaxy battery, but she compliments me,. So if for example you make the castes that promote on this rock below, judging by the place, this is the third death from Samsung with keys in the shape of a box. What distinguishes it immediately from the previous is the outer finish? How does the bastu of the Galaxy appear glossy with white color Oh Yes? The Samsung Galaxy is correct, regardless of colour choice.

We want to choose the color Kei is all white on the outside, while the different inside is like this, even though at first, yes, I see it's a bit strange but after using it every day, it turns out that Allah Panda's color scheme is like this. There is still an indicator light and on the back there is a USB port for charging. The wireless charging feature is also still there, of course, so I want to use a cable. In terms of form everything is free. If you compare it to the pros, you can immediately see the difference. It's also smaller in size and feels very light. Happy with TWS fittings that are too tight, maybe have small ears for everyday use very comfortable, whether at home, listening to music or maybe video calling meetings all day or traveling to sports.

We use the right type or tip of the stone So if, for example, labspro Yes, the fitting is tighter and tighter, even for people who feel that it's not comfortable to wear for long, Galaxy really offers a solution because it's lighter and smaller, but it's not perfect because it's a little lower because it only has ipx2 ipx2, where it is splashproof only with water. Similar to Galaxy Bro because in terms of specifications, both are dual drivers, but a little below. One level below the basspro reaction, I opened an audio valdez. We can only hear that song from Spotify - Yes, we are still musicians.

If I listen to this, it's just not too loud how about But still, okay, Mitsu is also good, Yes, it's not that sportful as for the island or base for example compared to Galaxy, Babs Pro or maybe another TWC that focuses more on that part So. For example, you are a user who is looking for TWS to listen to a song that invites jedug. In my opinion, for most users, especially those who bought the Galaxy, Enjoy it, Sis, aside from those quotes to hear at a time such as now, microphones are really important, right, Galaxy It has two other mics and 1 inner microphone in that section, and for immediate results. Try to test it here. I'm on a plate with Galaxy Z, vol 3. Galaxy is correct, and here is an audio test from the microphone Galaxy rock sounds like a problem when using a meeting.

All sorts of results are like this Oh yeah, that is enough for now and now let me move it to galaxy babsb roye. If I have time, I can also adjust the results for the difference in the results okay, it just connected, but there was a small error in the settings and yes, here is the audio quality. You can listen from the stock e-dashboard microphone in the same condition as before, Do you think the microphone is only of exceptional quality? Write your opinion in the comment column below and let us take a look at the software. Of course, it can still be connected to the Samsung werble action, The included features are still really good, but you can see that quite a lot of the features have been reduced from the Pro version, such as the example MB installs Galaxy stone.

There are three options, while maxpro graphic has four, then basspro can choose intensity, mohai or low, while Batu has no choice. By the way, for the performance of active noise cancellation,. It's actually still the same nice according to taxi specs and a lot for you, Swara from outside like station fans on the train or Marty. So even if it's noisy around us, maybe we are going out, kids, use something else depending on the situation : Go to the betstudy settings section here, there is no voice detection like a basspro that turns off the sound when we try to talk to other people when also wear this dress, actually, for me. One, more thing that was not on the Galaxy Batu is Threesixty Audio, which is a kind of special, Miss Samsung isn't here.

Samsung claims for the battery lasts about one hour from one voucher, five hours of use from my experiment with active noise cancellation. This claim is actually almost close. If not, watch the last episode from episode 1 until it goes out. The battery of this stone galaxy is still a lot. The price is good, the features are complete, I'm sure it's still inferior to the Galaxy basspro. This is the tracking praisin about the retail price, because in the retail, Galaxy chapter 10, we also see PT. The stone is 1.6 990, so Hi, that's the retail price Yes, but if we enter the marketplace,.

There are many who sell Galaxy BassPro at number 1.8 1.7, So it's a bit different but you get more features, for example Fostex Yeon, There were M16, more choices, Threesixty, Aldya and all kinds of things, but yes. Actually here, if I see, Samsung is trying to offer a better fit with the Galaxy Buster, want it to be more comfortable to wear, it is really comfortable to wear for a long time. It is up to you which one you choose, which you are looking for, a more complete feature, the sound may be better or you prefer. Perhaps the site is good enough and fresh? It is not good enough, but it has better fittings to put on kai for long time even though it is not like a pro. So if you stick with one thing, all the links are already in the description column below the rock.

First for Devi, in short, Galaxy btdc, Samsung Thank, Brothers, Nabawi, Sutrisno, Goodbo, see you again in the next ideo devil orange, always and as our nice day, [Musi ]..

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