Audio Engineer reviews & compares every Samsung Galaxy Bud model (Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds2... )

I am going to let you hear the comparative differences between them using this two thousand dollar binaural mic, so you know, make sure you are wearing earbuds or headphones to listen to this video and get the full experience. We'll also hear differences in the EQ settings on most of the earbuds, so you can hear how each eq setting changes the way things sound by the way this video is sponsored by Best Buy in its regular top deal section, which includes new items. The total will vary from laptops, tvs, video games, pcs, cell phones, tablets, appliances, cameras, wearable speakers and earbuds and more, so you should check out their website regularly to see what is available. Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw a bunch of Samsung galaxy buds on sale there.

So you never know when you can get a deal on these so check out the links in the description and make sure you follow me on Twitter at this technique as I'll tweet out when I see them on sale. We'll see some other earbuds and tech that I love that is currently on sale later in the video, but if you're wondering which one you should get and which I like the most well, we'll find out. This track is filled with a lot of listen to the Sub frequencies, the high end of the snare, the hi-hat sound and the midrange from the synth. To be fair for the rest of this video, we will not include the samsung galaxy buds live in the comparison because I can't capture it as well as I had hoped.

I'd say that they are the weakest in terms of sound with an overall muddy sound, not a lot of solid and controlled low end and not much high end and the fact they have active noise cancellation makes a little sense to me because it doesn't create a seal in your ear. The sharpness of the hi-hat and the stereo ecstatic spread from the Wah-Wah sounds and let us know in the comments what you notice : [Music] The samsung galaxy butts 2 are the newest addition to the Samsung galaxy buds lineup. With it comes a clean and new minimal design, active noise cancellation and confusingly a list price of 150.

At that price it seems rather confusing, because the galaxy buds pro go on sale quite often and close to that 150 dollar price point and when that's the case, it really makes less sense to get the galaxy BUTTS too. But if the Galaxy Butts 2 go on sale on something like Best Buys Top Deals for closer to 100 then it starts to make more sense as for their sound they are a little brighter airy and clean, but lack a lot of that low end fullness and the mid-range is a bit scooped out. It feels like it is a little bit buried, so that things like guitars, piano and voices are less full and forward in the mix, which can feel a bit less intimate and energetic and less full and immersive in their general sounding.

Oh and that is active noise cancelling - well we'll talk about that later in the video [Music] with all the other earbuds. Speaking of the samsung galaxy but 2 let's hear how it handles different EQ settings, you'll find that all the earbuds contain 6 different EQ profiles that you can choose from within the samsung galaxy wearable app. Now in terms of hardware design all cases are glossy, except for the Galaxy buds pro which has a matte finish, which I definitely prefer. If you want that really clean and minimalistic look then it also comes in a ton of different color options. If you want to be a bit more adventurous and expressive, I don't mind the design of the buds and if you can get this really red color, I think it looks really great.

As for the buds life, they're a bit interesting because they are shaped like ugar beans, which is kind of funny, and that really leads towards comfort. The buds alive are not typical earbuds so that it can be a bit confusing to figure out unless you read the instructions to see how you put them in the ear now, despite the fact that they have a design that doesn't go as much into your ear canal. So if your ears are a bit smaller, you may want to keep this in mind, and just like the butts plus two it does have a kind of oval squishy shape and then there's the galaxy buds pro. It hasn't actually had much of a sim at all and apparently I have fairly big ears, which sound way better in the head than say it out loud anyways.

Keep this in mind - and in my experience I haven't had any issues with any of these earbuds falling from my ears. Well, for this next song pay attention to the clarity of the attack on the acoustic guitar strings and how forward the midrange is on the body of the guitar in the vocals [Music] [Music]. But if I sing all the time now, some of you may ask why I included the Samsung galaxy buds plus, since they are essentially outdated and do not follow samsung's current design, language and feature set for their earbuds. Well, despite their lack of active noise cancellation, I personally enjoy their mid-range ford and full sound compared to something like galaxy butts 2 which kind of scoops a lot of that out along with that.

They have a much more affordable price for what I think is a better sound quality and what is really cool is that Samsung have added some updates to them even though it lacks active noise cancellation, they have added a transparency mode which actually is pretty salty. If you are unsure of active noise cancellation and newest look and prefer a fuller, mid-range warmer sound, then surely buy the Samsung Galaxy buds. The bass guitar is also a huge part of the song [Music]. One of the great things about samsung is that they tend to carry in a lot of features that other companies don't include such as wireless charging. It makes it super easy to keep the battery on topped all day.

That means that the galaxy bus plus has the longest battery life, but doesn't utilize anc and the galaxy buttons pro is the lowest but uses anc as a whole, though you'll probably be satisfied with the galaxy buttons pro, because it will get you through an entire day listening alright for this next track, listen to how clear the bass guitar is on the track as well as the electric guitar and then listen to how bright the symbols are in this track [music]. Remember these best buy top deals at the time of the release of this video. The samsung galaxy buds aren't on sale, but the Sennheiser, cx and cx plus are on sale for fifty dollars off. Here is what the galaxies, but two sound like the Sennheiser momentum, two earbuds are 100 off and have active noise.

Cancellation and personally I really like Sennheiser products : I even use their microphone for my videos. You can find out what deals are going on by checking out the links in the description and thanks again to Best Buy for sponsoring a portion of this video. It's got a nice mid-range low end without being unwieldy and muddy. Measurements can be completely different, so for this next song we'll pay attention to the meters and how they're consistent and volume between each earbud, but the Galaxy buds pro sounds significantly louder purely because they cover more frequency range in a balanced way. Balance mixes for musicians pay attention to this wild perception of volume. Now, let's listen to how the galaxy butts pro handles different EQ settings.

We'll actually go through all the options and then go back to the normal EQ profile, because I find it to be the best option, among all the others, avoids all the problems that you, like you find in the other EQ profiles. Now we have extremely varying styles and levels of anc. There is the best of the best like what you would find on sony, xm4s and apple airpods pro that use both outward and outward, facing and c where you feel like you're in an anechoic chamber where you feel isolated and there's no reflections, then you have anc that only reduces noise in specific frequencies, which means that there is still a lot of noise, and then you have anc that makes It honestly sounds like you just have a microphone for everything, but it's focused in front of you and is less full.

I don't even know if anything is going on, it's so insignificant, so I would turn it off and get the extra battery life and then the galaxy best pro at least gets rid of a lot of mid-range sound like most room tone and white noise. It's still far from what you get in terms of AC on the airpods pro sony, xm4s or the bose quiet comfort so it fit into the camp of being useful but not of industry. The plus side is that you don't feel any pressure that you can usually get with top tier options like Ac. This next trick is for my personal friend who is a composer, hannah parrott her name, listen to how dynamic the trail sounds and if you can hear all the layers from the horns to the very strings and melodic percussion instruments [Music].

If I were to rank all these in order, the best sound quality would clearly pick the Galaxy Butts Pro as number one. So conveniently that means that the top two are the most and the least expensive, which means that depending on your budget there are some fantastic options, and if they're on the top deals list of best buy, you can also get the galaxy butts pro for the same price as the butts at the list price. That's a steal - lets listen to one more song, but I would definitely recommend the Galaxy Butts Pro as long as they fit comfortably into your ears - and let me know in the comments this song.

It really has a killer bass line in it, pay attention to that the synth and vocal reverb thank you for watching this tech today, until next time [Music] forever [Music]..

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