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This is the artist review of the samsung galaxy tab as ultra. So I've been using this tablet for a few weeks now and today I brought it out for sketching. I'm actually at the Kanban glam area in singapore where the sultan moschee is and around this area there are many beautiful shop houses for me to draw this video is going to be a bit long. If you want to save some time, please check out the text review I have written already. The link is in the video description below before I show you my sketching spot. Let's take a look at the items included in the box, so my tablet was purchased during the pre-order period at the Samsung store and it comes with a samsung t5 ssd with 500 GB of storage.

The other pre-order goodie I received is the Samsung book hover keyboard, which has these two parts. This is the stand that attaches magnetically to the back of the tablet. Here is also this flap with a housing to protect the pen, which is magnetically attached to the back, and this is the keyboard. I have already reviewed the keyboard case in a separate video in greater detail. If you want to check out the review, the link is in the video description below the bottom line for this is a wonderful keyboard case with good build quality. The typing experience is fantastic, the keys have good travel, and they are white. If you buy it separately it is not worth the money because it's just way too pricey it's overpriced. However, when it's included as a bundle it is a pretty good deal.

The goodies which you are seeking will vary according to your country, so these are the only items included in the box. Besides the tablet, the sim-ejection tool, this is a rather long usb, c2c - cable. Unfortunately and this is the Samsung S Pen design of the Samsung S pen is almost cylindrical, except for this flat side used here to attach to the back of the tablet for charging. Yes, inside the S-pen is a battery used for bluetooth features such as adding gestures which you can still draw with the pan even if there is no battery life in it. Its weight has solid build quality, it is comfortable to hold with its matte textured surface, the pen supports hand rejection, and it works quite well.

So you can rest your palm on the display while you draw and it will not introduce any stray strokes depending on the app you use. Sometimes you can go into the settings to turn on streak palm rejection, which makes the app only accept hand input for drawing so, for example, now I will not be able to do so if I want to draw with my finger. This stylus is accurate and very sensitive with minimal initial activation force. So as long as the pen tip is touching the surface, even if you don't apply any pressure, you can get a thin line very easily. You may notice the line trying to catch up with the pen tip, so samsung actually advertises latency as 2.8 milliseconds.

However, that 2.8 millisecond latency only applies to selected apps; for example, some song notes with most of the drawing apps that I've tested, such as midi bang, you see here clip studio concepts they will all have latency. There is no problem with diagonal line jitter, so that diagonal lines drawn very slowly seem to be very straight lines can taper quite nicely and it's easy to maintain consistent pressure to draw lines with consistent with one thing : that is important that is not included in the box. The tablet supports 45 watt charging so you can just get a charger that can provide power to 45 watts if you want to charge at maximum speed. This is a massive tablet, and this is how big the tablet is compared to the included s-pen and how big it is compared to my phone.

I can probably place four phones on top of the screen, so this 14.6 inch display is going to give you a lot of surface area to work with when you are drawing, and this tablet is very reflective, but as long as you use this indoors with no light source coming from your back then this is the kind of visual quality you can expect. The display is up to 420 nits which is bright enough to create a true HDR effect. The tablet is only 5.5 millimeters thick, which is very thin thinner than the tap s8 and s8. That's the Usb-C gen 3.2 port that is very fast and that's the pogo connector for the keyboard cover weight of the tablet is 728 grams which is considered lightweight for tablet this size.

However, it's actually kind of heavy when you compare it to other tablets so this is not a tablet I can handle easily with just one hand ; I always need to use two hands when I'm carrying and when drawing. Pixel density is 240 ppi, so the visuals, such as the user interface, text icons are all going to be very sharp. So depending on how sensitive your eyes are, you may be able to detect flickering on the screen. If you have sensitive eyes, however, I recommend checking out the tablets installed in person. Compared to the previous generation, unlock works quite well quite fast and very effective. There are two cameras there, one white and one ultra wide, and there is a fingerprint sensor here.

When I hold the tablet with one hand, half my time is on the screen, but thankfully, palm rejection actually works really well. But if I hold the tablet like this and move, my thumb, nothing happens. So that's palm rejection at work if you're using an app with lots of buttons on the side. Palm rejection actually works so well that it's very easy for me to activate these buttons accidentally when I hold the tablet like that. What's more likely to happen when I try to zoom in and out. If I want to zoom in or pan around I need to make sure that my tom is not touching the display as was mentioned earlier. There is still a good selection of drawing apps, such as clip studio paint, sketchbook, krita, midi band paint and concept is one of my favorite drawing apps.

There are many who will be using my midi band paint for my sketch today like the infinite painter. I subscribe to the plan that supports four devices, but I have enabled the app on too many devices so clip studio is deactivated. My license actually makes me enjoy drawing with midi bank paint pro and I'm quite familiar with this app. The tap s8 ultra has a huge display which allows you to have pallets on the left and right sides and still gives you a good amount of canvas space or surface area to draw on, and that really makes the drawing process and drawing experience really enjoyable compared to the tap s7 plus I've used for about a year and a half.

This is also 16 by 10 in aspect ratio, but due to the larger size, you get like a lot more surface area to work with the display is laminated, so there is no gap between the pencil tip and the line beneath some settings that I highly recommend you not to turn off before. Drawing would be the show air command icon, which is this icon on the side where you can accidentally tap it, and there is the open air command with the pen button, which I always accidentally click on. The initial activation force is very minimal, so you can draw a really thin line even though you are not applying any pressure. Nowadays, I no longer use matt screensavers.

If you use a matte screen protector on this tablet it will wear off the rubberized pen tip quite quickly and if you don't know it is not easy to find original Samsung pen tips for the s-pen. My only problem with drawing is that my palms are sweaty so that it does not really glide like that on the glass surface. So there is actually a lot of friction from my palm on the display on the glass but otherwise the drawing experience is very smooth, very responsive. The lines always come out exactly the way I expect them to come out. The pen is great at detecting changes when you are drawing with minimal pressure, which is great, because this allows you to taper the lines really smoothly and sharply. So you can get very beautiful, tapered strokes that is very important when drawing comics.

Among the other pens that I think are well matched are S8 ultra in terms of drawing performance. The main advantage of the ipad is: there are a lot more graphic design, apps available from the apple app store such as adobe, photoshop affinity, photo affinity, designer adobe, illustrator factor app such as vectornator illustrator, so from the Google play store. Many of these graphic design apps are not as full featured as the ones on the apple from the Apple App Store. The model that provides the best value for money in my opinion would be the model with eight gigs of Ram and 128 gigs of storage, because you can buy a micro SD card to expand. The storage you and 8 gigs of RAM on Android are more than enough when it comes to drawing. So now I'm back indoors, sorry about the noise earlier.

I did not realize that it would be that noisy. When you use the tablet indoors for drawing this will not produce much heat or heat but if you are drawing with this at maximum brightness, especially when you are outdoors, this can be quite warm warm as in the type of temperature that you can expect when you are charging the tablet how long the battery life can last will depend on what you do. Based on my experience, when I sketch outdoors with maximum brightness, the battery can last up to six hours and if I draw indoors with auto brightness, the battery can last up to eight hours.

That provides you with this computer desktop user interface where you can have floating windows that you can move around or resize just like how you can move and resize windows on microsoft, windows and mac os, there is also the taskbar at the bottom. If your external monitor has the touch screen, you can use the touch screen to move the windows around or resize them right now. There are some limitations of Samsung dex external monitor support. The other limitation is that there is no extended desktop support, so that this is running samsung dex and this is actually in Android tablet mode. So we can very quickly resize windows and this is samsung's second screen that allows you to use the Samsung tablet as an external display to our windows.

This is the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, which I have already connected to the Samsung tablet. This is an extended display mode which means I can actually move this window and move it over to the samsung tablet. The connection is wireless and because you are using windows you can actually drag software like photoshop on the Samsung tablet and use photoshop here and you still get pressure sensitivity. Finger gestures are also supported, which depends on the software used, the latency is actually not too bad. There is slightly more lag compared to drawing on android tablets, but this is still very nwndable. They are not as sharp compared to what you can see on your laptop or a good computer monitor. However, the tablet is 16 by 10, so there are black bars at the top and bottom.

This happens because the Samsung second screen is not able to fill the screen because there is no way for me to increase the resolution to fill the whole tablet. There is actually an app from the Google Play Store called Super Display. This app works just like samsung's second screen, but it has none of the limitations of the second screen of samsung. To conclude, this is a tablet that I can very easily recommend artists the overall drawing experience is fantastic thanks to this massive display on which to draw. It is a pricey tablet but if you have the budget I'm sure you will be very satisfied with your purchase. I guess the most important thing to note is that it has PWm.

So if your eyes are very sensitive, that could actually affect you and the weight of the tablet is something you have to get used to because it is quite heavy. If you add a case it's going to be even heavier so that's it for my artist review. Subscribe to my channel youtube for more artist reviews, thanks for watching, see you in the next video bye..

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