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This is welcome back to an amazing blazing update from samsung galaxy a little to your eavess today, I'm back with a new and amazing video from samsung and uh. This is your tech x and I am back again so today I have an amazing and special video because this is going to be new and amazing update from Samsung that I heard about that it is released in India and this is about your samsung galaxy 81, which has its new update of uh android travel and one ui openhold uh. So let's see and I will try to cover in this world so let's go to our setting and check out. Earlier it was dated like May 22, but they released them earlier two or three days and that's really good.

So I will try to cover all the information that are relevant to the subject in this video in any possible detail, so uh. My main concern will be uh for you that I will try to cover all the important points which uh really will mean because I will not try to cover all of the points that you know will lose if no time is wasted. Let's see what samsung really provides to us in this update. What's going on here is yours: ui 4.1 upgrade and android 12. So, you can see first uh, you can see one ui 4.1 bring wide array of new features, enhancement for your Galaxy device, more uh, annotative, more fun, secure and easier than ever.

There will be a lot more things in privacy, camera microphone, approximation, location, clip gold and your Samsung keyboard will be enhanced and that's great home screen and uh. Lock screen is going to enhance camera lens and zoom video, never miss anymore. So that's great enhanced scanning gallery. There will be more things in the gallery and a photo and video editor is improved. Your profile face sticker dance and night. You can see quick event, so a lot of mine has been there samsung internet. There will be enhancement in that samsung health also. Are there accessibility and your more future improv improvements for your day-to-day life, and there are plenty more things.

If you want to read the whole thing, I will put a link to your description of uh. Sie know, the link of the official website of Samsung or you can just go and check out the software like me and scroll everything and take time to read all the things and lot more. Are there resizable picture in picture, quick access, popup windows and some apps that should update separately after your Ui 4.1 update and that's really OK, you can go uh like a Galaxy Store. If you have and the galaxy store just uh, you can visit it and just wait a little and you will be seeing that this opening and just skip this time because this is just you know so much irritating. I have to click on three dots and see you have updated the page.

You can simply go and update these things, uh let's jump back to our software section, so uh let's discuss important section. Lastly, that is your software updates information that is so important in terms of great so that uh first, we discuss your version name size and security patch level, and that's quite so that you can see guys uh, there is a link given here. If you want to check it out I will definitely put the link in the description. If you go to this link, you can see here a lot more things. Then you can see that it is a version name, security, patch level and size lot more things here and uh. It's versatile - I started with the redis code a315 for your Samsung 821 and that's great.

That is pretty much massive, because it is a 2.2 gb, roughly an ambassador. This is your 2219.79 Megabytes and that's great and insane its level of security. That is so much expected because this is your april, and you know if you remember: it is uh! It is currently working on your uh january 7th update and that is really so disappointing but they finally release this update and, I think uh. So this is the whole update guys so you just have to wait a little for I just go to download it and I will be back again. So this is going to be crazy, so my installation is done, so I'm going to update my phone now only.

So what are you waiting for just go to the settings and check out this update now and update your phone now for your improved and new performance and amazing performance and the latest Uh, you know features you can explore a lot more things will be there. So hope you actually find this video helpful and if you find this video, let s also let your friends know that update is out for 831. Suppose you have not heard of this update, just wait a little, because this is released in India and they already released it globally so you are in your country or for your reason it will soon reach you. I have to do what to go to settings right now and update your phone easily and stay with the family and share this video and uh be subscribed.

You don't want to miss any kind of picture from my side, so this is a complete video for 831 and I showed you live uh installed how is going on so this is all thank you guys for watching, see you in the next amazing placement away from Samsung. Until then [Music] take care and see you..

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