All Galaxy Phones: Forgot Password (Factory Reset). - Galaxy User Guide

Hey, what's going on everyone, so you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and basically forgot your PIN or your Password on your Note 5 and you want to know how to bypass this. What you need to do is a factory reset and don't forget that after we do a factory reset on your phone all photos, videos, all your personal settings are going to be long gone, OK and if you can back it up and go ahead and back it up before you begin this procedure. So what we want to do here is basically turn the phone off first so press and hold the power button. This menu pops up here, press power off and then press again on power off here until it is completely shut off and then once it is totally off we do.

So these three buttons, okay one two three press and hold and wait to get right there to Samsung on the logo and it's like let go and wait for the phone to boot up into the Android Recovery Options menu. You want to use the volume button down, okay, so we are going down to where it says: go all the way down to where it says: wipe data / factory reset okay and to select it. Okay, so I'm gonna press the power button and then it will basically want you to double confirm you want a factory reset I'm going down. Then Thor says yes, I'm gonna press again on the power button to choose and then way down here and don't forget guys.

Once the factory reset is complete, everything you have in your phone will be long gone. It's going to be as if you bought the no. 5. OK, so it says here only no promises failed mount preload, no such file or directory. That is perfectly fine on mine, okay and now it is this reboot system. Now I'm going to go ahead and tap the power button to select it. I will go ahead and let it reboot, then back up these boots up. Okay and there we go, we're at the Welcome screen and that was pretty much it if you guys have questions or you are still having problems just comment below Thanks for watching Bye..

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