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[Applause] Hello and we want to present the complete setup of a prepaid starter set in the anteroom Aldi Talk that has always shown it from the net. Now we are concerned with all the things aldi uses e plus network and then has the medium and the starter package in the programme. That actually cost 43 euros, I paid three euros for the triple sim card - Mini micro - Nano - everything in a single slot - and we have there. Then here is a data transmission of 21 mbit in download and 8 mbit in upload, the basic price of 11 cents per minute, 11 cents per SMS and 0.24 euros per Megabyte to aldi Talk itself. That also means to the aldi e-plus network or from the medium - 0.03 cents per minute. That also applies to text messages.

You can cancel the fee starter, set 12 90, 13 euros, incl. sive, 10 euros starting credit, they have everything in it. No contractual obligation, no basic fee quick and easy Aldi talk is simply convenient and clear in the package, and there are documents we have the explicit documents here, and here we have the service description, you can read through all the entire thing is clearly laid out there and you have all the options there. Here is the sim card activation time window City limits that the activation window is twelve months. That means if that activates the twelve months time period to make, calls or use the starting credit then a maximum of 200 credits.

That means you can't conclude that this is also quite good here, then everyone will be blocked and already customers waitresses will be told about every possible culprit. Also with a so easy now, we give it via the browser or app or by phone. Also is possible, but I think that would definitely be the case create costs because that is actually when your previous provider takes 24 euros then so he could port this number. Ortner had the key combination 11, 55 here and you can set your package and flat rates and charge immediately via the app to lanz Very easily and then will show available around the clock. What do we have there so start is since 13 basic fees tent.

Fixed contract term is also no longer applicable and it goes to the three cents per minute into the aldi talk network cent. In all German networks, the mailbox is free, the clock rate is 60 to 1 SMS 3 cents in all networks and the 11 cents per SMS in all other mobile internet use. The data within the eu, with a data width of 21 mbit as I have said previously, are 24 cents per megabyte clocking the 10 kilowatt steps. Then we have community Flat Rate Option ii price here. Four weeks, 299 internal internet behind german callers, are only in germany to talk to aldi, then there are 43 combination packages eight euros. That means that there can be up to 1.5 gigawatts of high speed surfing here.

That means you then can surf 1.5 GB high-speed for four weeks, that is a month. Of course that costs eight euros and here we have the top package, which you can choose everything you want here. There is still the possibility to choose another flat rate, which with a segment even has three gigabytes of high speed. If you do not want to stream videos right now I.e., want to watch Youtube on the go then it works quite well with three of each. You would even be able to watch a film up to five gigabit high-speed flat rates are available with the ml package, but that would cost 20 euros in the month. That was the actual arrival of a normal tariff that then included calls, SMS, all networks and in other EU countries.

In principle, we have an Internet flat, small 500 MBhz megabyte speed. The l goes up to 25 gigabytes I even have a larger high speed 5.5 gigawatts That is a good 415 euros a month, then you can have 5.5 gigawatts. So with it you can do everything, but also to book expensive music packages. A big song is small or medium sized. Now the number is listed, propose reset the volume five euros filled up so it really is. The prices also are nms, no sms here the customer stuff so all info here really transparent. Everything is included here and translined, so that you have your card here.

That means we have a large sum here are a medium because the seamless ones you can now put them like that, I even pushed the name and seven, but you could also put the micro here in the middle or the whole large card sizes are compatible with all three gears and that is now access to our smartphone, so that we can also use the smartphone to access the internet or make phone calls via Aldi Talk, and then everything goes on and we need it. We do everything too, and now we will set it up, put it in our cell phone and then we will start by changing the sim card. That means click this sim card extraction tool or a yes. That is the safety pin roland another little sweet gadget. Let's see where the cutout is here, English, remove it and down there is the recess.

It's like that, and now it's a hole after hole and inside so the new sim card should be immediately logged and then we have to return into the system then pretty normal. You must of course enter the pin from the back of the card. On the other side it says: Euro pin, the pin is connected to the SIM card and if you don't enter it correctly too often, then it locks the device and wants the trophy or the pin number two. If that doesn't work either, then there are also the puck and the prog 2. So you have four options: four different numbers to get a system there come in so then we have to enter so that we now have the sim card, this mobile phone and can now unblock your mobile phone, of course, also blocked by a pin must still go with this lot.

So if you have to enter two pins first pin for the sim card, a second phenomenon- mobile phone can come back into the system but you know that because your mobile phone was already there and that's why we're going back into the system now. Therefore, you have two options: You can go via the browser or through a special app. That is the aldi talk activation that is also possible. If all that you do you have to have your own personal data. Yes, there is a single puck, a sp in 2, then he or this app or the browser then wanted to have the cell phone number I gave cell phone number. Then I could enter my data and now it goes to an excellent identification here is the identification through the details of the procedure is then explained on the following pages.

It has a good resolution because then you need to have an ID document in hold the camera and open your face and then it will be determined that you are also the one you assume to be. Once that is completed the registration is complete and the identity checked and activated, and you can call immediately. So I will now continue to identify it, and then conduct this. You can watch a demo, video or start the identification itself, so it runs really well by hand.

Everything is clear and easy to understand in the steps, what can you do is, if you are already in the Children's Facility on the sap side of the facility, that's just how it worked because you can even book additional tariffs, Of course you have to be careful that you do not set the tariffs such that you later say : crap, I didn't want that at all, so I went there and haven't selected any tariff yet but first of all because of the initial credit of 10 euros, then have it on the card. So now I start identification that we will see each other shortly, but now I have to identify myself. So now I had to show my ID card on the front and do the back and now it goes on with a connection as you can see and now I have to communicate with the operator that I have just started or talked with.

Then the operator wanted me to hold my ID card up to the camera. Then I should form the cards until they are made so that he can see that it is made of plastic and we will get our login within 24 hours, and that means our card will also work. Now your data will finally be checked and a mobile data provider will be released. Full rights check requires the activation of your SIM card, usually within a few hours. They said to me within 24 hours that we could end this sim card activation, saying goodbye to. Now we have to wait until the activation is completed and then we can use the app. Aldi talked app because we have to first celebrate you are in the system that go to lists.

You have to download the app from Google places or noticed the wrong things download from Google places or of course start the Aldi Talk app from the Apple Store. Then you can still allow that you can let aldi talk, make managed calls or reject them and then accept the use terms and then welcome to aldi talk have fun with our newly designed tariff options. Book top up credit manage account data. This is really very clear and also quite easy to set so we couldn't turn them off automatically when you log in with an Aldi chat password. That means first to register and then to complete the registration via the browser. We then can not register directly with the data within the app.

The terms of use then enter a few more details about yourself, and then you'll have completed it quickly at the stage I'll. That's a bit too personal details, but you'll do it well. About an hour ago, I got an e-mail and everything is fine. Now the aldi talk here is your mobile phone number loaded. So I think that you should close and then your e-mail address is not yet verified. You should confirm it via the link house on the e-mail That means that you open the E-mail program immediately, then click on the link. The ten euros are also very good here, and now you can go under options. In this case, you will see the individual options available, that you can then book, such as Internet flat rates, a travel package, a complete package,.

So let's go for a travel package international package 50 50 mb, high-speed volume lalala than you can choose everything you want for packages Harold because now you can surf the internet already, you can surf already You can make calls only that of course directly costs money. If you contract a roal, you have a collective agreement for four weeks. It is normally cheaper for you, therefore there is an Internet flat rate. There are combi packages consisting of Internet speech and SMS flat rates. There are speech SMS, rates and a music package and then activates also. We have 20 euros and I think ten Oberndorf package m would cost 12 99 4, gb, high speed internet package.

S2 broadband Internet, provides fast Internet to all German mobile networks and to this German landline from Seoul, including mileage four weeks and the price is 8 euros. That is for a moment not to compare that, because I still hesitating between package and the online flat rate program. That means you have an internet page, 15, 99 cents for now too much so, I should, as I said. It's a bit high again gl for 10 euros or the internet flat rate for seven euros, one gigabyte high-speed internet, of course the very small four euros will also be the one that takes longer But then you can't use many MBs until you're throttled back so that you have internet for the whole month, so to speak.

You then announced model builders again so very slowly and I now find the internet flat rate m for seven euros, with 1 gigabyte compared to the combi package, the combi package with 2 gb speed. That means you add 1 euro and get two gigabytes of high speed internet, flat rate mobile phone users are free to call anywhere they like So if you want the package together we will also go further and then it will be listed here again.

The general terms and conditions of the cities apply, and then you can book it here for a fee if he does that it is then automatically activated for the said four weeks so book resourcefully and then it starts with 2 gb, high-speed internet flat in all networks for eight euros at the moment, and then you are also high-speed moderately with two gigabytes on go tariff option ordered by sms. So now come back to the home screen and then you can only have a credit of two euros in one cent. We choose the package it and the data volume here remains so that you see how much data volume we still have and that is good in the app permanently. Besides, now we only have 2 euro left to ward off and the package will go in a month.

If you document multiple options via your bank account, you have to enter the bank, account data or credit. You can then insert it here and then have the account added here on the app or on the card. So it's not so simple but it's still relatively complex to get a contract up and running through these identification steps. Then you put the package first, do you get the data for the whole thing? Then you have to either log in using the browser via the Aldi tag, activation or phone. You need an ID card that you have to identify yourself, but that works via the smartphone. If it is a camera phone, and then you could also go to 10,000 partner shops and see each other in person, that's also possible.

You can choose a data package or we can make a call and go online via the normal charges that the provider controlled there and then charge. It is best to use the app or use a boy, and then you can continue to increase your flat rates and individualize them. I hope we can help a lot of fun to help dam further. Give me a positive feedback and see you next time [Music]..

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