AKHIRNYA Saya unboxing Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Sekalian Tes Camera

Hello, so he dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra, yes, This is Samsung's newest flagship, wow, yes. I actually happened to stop by Prima Abadi, yes. Stop just by Jalan Gejayan number 12, just opposite the Demangan Market. You know if you are stupid, bro, if you subscribe to Wow, if I drag it first croce kletek, This short guide is the same as a cable Wow. It turns out that there's only an INC Adapter, isn't it?, don't be sad because yes, it was deliberately removed because yes, maybe people would have had an affair at home, so it would be bi ar. Please blame Apple forkletek-kletek uh. And yes, it rains like this in terms of front design. It is not that much different from Ma's predecessor now is the back, so Wow uh.

This is the variant with 128 storage and 12 3 GB of RAM and you could say that the price is the same, Yes, the price of the sultan, but also the flagship, but yes, I was expecting it with the absence of a charger and earphones with Keisha, I hope the price is more tempting, but yes, it turns out to be relatively expensive, Ethnicity is a little cheaper than schiavone promax, which costs 20 million and more, it is better to buy a Honda Beat huh. So in the past I was happy with the improved rear design. The back was quickly dirty with fingerprints. It looks like I like it a bit, but it doesn't drop fast, but the back is slippery. Maybe you guys love that the smartphone is used in cash, yes, and there is a slight correction.

The surroundings at this time are the strongest gorilla glass and yes. The sides are also aluminum to pass the camera. The lens circle looks really big ; bro, yes, but there is. Maybe the design is meant to make it look more minimalistic, but it is quite large. I agree with that the design does look cooler than its predecessor. Extreme action brush in Ultra is also more characteristic of the design as of yet. Actually, I only drove for a very short time, for the camera. When I see that the live focus mode is now changing the name to portrait mood, maybe I don't know why it has changed, maybe the word portrait is more familiar, it's better to say it and the feeling of the number of effects in the portrait mode.

It's called Rectors, vibrators Wow, where the rear and front cameras shoot video at the same time. Yes, we can also belong to the philosophy. Inflammation of lazuma please white, maybe it is suitable for that. Creators who make opo video reaction. Video series have also become very useful, of course Hell Oh Now I will eat crackers, yes. Okay, I'm good, I tried it, guys, the camera was changed once more, yes, I can make quick paint. How can I use this feature, Nadia, the animal and the camera shots after I tried it for a while, I actually need to export it.

Further I pray that I go here and there to speed things up, but so far, I am happy, what is the result, mainly for this club thanks to the existence of this mode, I ensnared him when it was dark, It was a waste of material for uk, no sight [Music] Hi. The ice stopped Ultra, yes, estrogen progesterone and opo meneh the new screen. The screen is used by both AMOLED Rich 120hz which is slightly different. If I look at the specs on the gsmarena the maximum brightness is 1500 minutes earlier. Yes, and for performance, it carries a high-end chipset, Samsung Exynos 2100 Nanometer latest in production The antutu score is like this as a case of performance. Strange thing is that when I did the benchmark the first time, the result was an abnormal text.

Don't know why I'm also confused, I re-enumerated the score even though it dropped a lot, The features are complete and characteristic of Samsung’s flagship I. Explain a bit more than that as it looks like there is an IP67 certification, what the heck, patients will just charge referrals a There are all sorts of dogs. The point is that what is new is Doi now supports S-pen, and : Yeah. The SP doesn't support bluetooth,. Similar to the newer version of the Galaxy Note Galaxy Note I, I think, I've tried the sp later. When it's slow, Eh, then the Fauzi network, the water, supports Fauzia Flexi, just like Samsung, but can't be used in Indonesia. The website has not shown a slight decrease to. Apart from missing the 6 microSD slots, that is the charging speed.

If I read on GSMarena, the spec sheet has been lowered for it. Fast charging in the previous 25 worlds will now be 45 Watts. So esterang is contracted Is it a problem if I personally, do not care really, I think it's 25watt ud Ah, the leader of some people, I'll mix it up, but fortunately. So I still have a lot of amperage to export from Samsung's newest flagship smartphone because there are so many features. What I mentioned recently is just the biggest ones, oh yeah, there is someone here with sleeping vocals. I am interested in the usual overseas galaxies, not the plus one ultra, because yes, especially when it's not because of the small size, but on the PO page.

Maybe next time I don't know the unboxing as well as the sensors and the taste of the camera on the Galaxy S7 Ultra Thank you for watching IG and flying reviews as well as see you in the next video..

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