Again! Samsung Galaxy A71 (5G) & Samsung Galaxy A51 (5G) - - Galaxy User Guide

This is the first smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy series that supports Wi-Fi networks. There used to be a Galaxia 90, which also supports Wifi networks but the results are like gone and there was no news or I just didn't know. These two smartphones have been launched to provide good connectivity features if the lower price segment is currently almost complete which supports networks like the fish in the S20 Series and the price is over 10 million. Second impression of smartphone This is actually the exact same as the Galaxy A5 and the regular version of the Galaxy A7, which are officially sold in Indonesia. Only that there is a slight improvement in hardware, because of being able to support the network.

You have to use Ocean Paint support the V network, as well as the Galaxy A5 one Fauzi, and Galaxy A7 one., like this powered by the 9800 casino which has the latest Flexi Modem The previous downgrade was 51. Other specifications of the two smartphones are that the infinity-o camera hole is in the top center of the screen. The camera that is loaded in this hole is similar to the 32 megapixel Galaxy Note 10 on the back. Official makes a camera which fits in a square car. The configuration consists of a main camera, a racing megapixel camera, an ultra white 12, megapixel camera, a Megapixel macro and a dss05 megapixel camera Galaxy, A5, 1, VCD, multiple RAM options, namely 6 and 8 GB internal memory, which can be extended to 1 terabyte by Micro SD Card Galaxy A5.

One Vc battery is slightly bigger than the regular a51 version that is 4500 mhd complete with a temporary 15 word fast. Charging support for a71ke Cis, both equipped with a Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy A7, one cheese. The screen size is wider when compared to the Galaxy A5 1fc. The size is 6.7 inches with full e17 resolution. The screen is also decorated with a puzzle that asks for a 32 megapixel selfie camera. A rectangular car on the back body, 4 cameras consisting of a 64 megapixel main camera because ultraway 12 megapixel macro camera 15 seconds real red Desire for 5 megapixels, Galaxy A7 1v is also equipped with an exynos 9820 chipset, with two choices of RAM.

One version of the Galaxy A7 is equipped with a 4000 500 MH battery capacity with fast 25 word battery charging. Both come with a number of supporting features such as finger dominance, module that is hidden under the surface of Google Speech NFC pot screen and Bluetooth 5.0. However, Samsung still doesn't have the information regarding the price and availability of these two smartphones, it's global, including in Indonesia, but reportedly summer. So that's all for the Samsung Galaxy A7, with one KFC and 51 version this time and see you in the next video [Music] Hey..

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