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These days the fitness trackers are affordable, colorful and powerful. The galaxy fit 2 has blown my mind with all the smart features that it packs for only 50 dollars. I've always sought to show good and relatively inexpensive gear with useful features and finally the galaxy fit. In some ways, I actually had very different expectations when I bought it but I like these fitness trackers so much that now even the awful samsung app echo system for androids doesn't make me feel that the fitness tracking features are quite spectacular. We're going to check each one one by one. The links in the video description will give you more details about them.

I can recall similar packaging ideas about their premium smartwatches, and I've recently tested the galaxy watch. So don't miss that video, because the device is truly awesome and is linked above here within this tiny box, we can find the galaxy fit 2 accompanied by the charging, cable and some instructions by Samsung and that's fine, so the Galaxy fit 2 looks like that a lot more sleek with the previous generation and we noticed that it's a plastic body with comfortable and gentle to the skin silicon bands and very unique and effective buckle tongue. The health tracking sensors are located at the bottom, so I'd say that it looks just like most fitness, trackers.

This is among the best displays on a fitness tracker these days, much brighter and vivid than the one on the mi band 5. 15-day battery life, Ip68, waterproof, bluetooth, 5.1, Hr, tracking and sleep tracking, automatic sports detection, even option for using predefined responses for certain messages. If we have to say everything in a way that it sounds simpler, you can expect this tracker to automatically follow your daily activities and routines, like walking, running and hr measuring during that time, to show you the notifications from apps. There are some features that are missing such as blood saturation, tracking or gps but we shouldn't forget that it is a sub 50 device and even more important a samsung device.

Just for record, the launch price of defeat 2 is only half what Samsung asked for the third generation a year ago. Let's see about the software menus are easy to navigate in highly customizable. I have notifications, hand, washer, timer, stress management, the workout modes, health overview and you can have music control cards, hr dedicated ones can be adjusted with galaxyware. By the way, if you need a comparison of the visibility in daytime between the most popular fitness trackers right now, here's how the screens look on the side at their maximum brightness level as compared to Mi band 5. It is for Galaxywear which requires two extra plugin apps.

In order to run the tracker, they are, pretty large 200 megabytes for what the Galaxy ware app is used for configuration and it uses the plug-in app for every other Galaxy wearable device. The watch faces tab, you get to like something apply it while there is currently no market for funny watch faces as it is for me. Band series I think that most of the stock ones are good and functional and well visible in daylight. Here's how you can adjust the way your cards are showing up and the rest of the features as well. There's no always on screen mode. Also Samsung have added the high heart rate alarm finally. If the hr has exceeded a certain value, the galaxy will vibrate to warn you.

Someone sends you a message, let's say from Whatsapp, you can reply using the pre-defined answer, not only that, but these responses can be configured and you can add such of your choice and most alphabet appears to be supported. My native language uses the keralic alphabet and it worked flawlessly.

It's a fun fact to note the most popular competitor here: xiaomi, they call their new tracker me smartphone 5 but apparently the Galaxy Fit 2 is the one that is truly smart, because the messaging responses alone put much fancier modes like huawei watch, gt, pro amazing, gtr and so on to shame and as mentioned it automatically detects workouts which, based on the two weeks I have spent with the tracker, doesn't seem to affect much of the It is indeed great for me: band, 5 and amazfit band 5 lasted around 6 days with my kind of use with all sorts of tracking enabled, while the galaxy fit 2 gave me easily around 10 days which surprised me a lot so yeah. It is totally recommended for great battery endurance to look into some of the health details.

We opened the fourth necessary android app and that one is called SAMSUNG health. I can confirm that the accuracy of tracking steps, measuring hr and sleeping are very precise. Here are a few things for starters and we can continue talking about missing features in the comments below the video there's no pai, no vo2 max no blood oxygen. Saturation sensor, no GPS, no microphone, no NFC, but don't worry. I'm going to count the two complex android smartphone echo system which totally needs some attention of samsung one app for configuration, another app for checking the results and two plugins kind of confusing, but I can totally recommend Galaxy Fit too.

It's a surprisingly capable fitness tracker at its price point with its many strengths and a bit less weaknesses. The best in class display many smart features and brilliant ideas for improving the usability. It's simple: it's smart and reliable and, in my opinion, one of the best trackers you can find currently from a non-chinese brand impressive work from Samsung and also quite unexpected, but it is a fact. So tell me which other devices you want to compare it to and how don't forget to support my channel. A Like is always nice to see. Subscribing is free and guarantees a lot more cool tech inspections. Also, make sure to share this video with friends and family so they know about this cool piece of tech.

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