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There will be a film a test report on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra! This is the only thing left that I was allowed to hold the device in my hands now, two months ago and since then I have tested it again and again and compared it with other devices, and I mean, if you have the choice between normal emergency and a 2,000 euro phone that you can fold, please forgive me that it took me a bit longer to get right into close-ups. That is a very good phone, but first of all the battery is not a long distance runner because it could be, and I could again samsung for you snapdragon exynos product policy, that you are following kicking butt, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s actually really good overall, maybe even a very good phone.

If you look around now but that is extremely unusual with the emergency series, especially with the ultra, with the flagship of this series, that the prices actually are already at 1000 euros in the direction of 1000 euros. And if you take the big dealers, then the devices actually cost only 1050 euros in 256 gb version, which is extremely unusual that loses not so quickly actually but so much in value, but should make us very happy, as I mean, there is still a bunch of money f for a device, but it's a good phone. It is just tear tearing SAMSUNG's butt open to why you got the beautiful green out of necessity 20 normal three, not also in the ultra, helps that I have the choice between this matt, copper, pink.

I still want it even after two months, I can no longer get used to the fact that the pen is now on. This 120 hertz is a dream to look at and more than ever to read and all normal but lately I've been an xbox ultimate passport, holder and stream with it, then here also play if I could choose with such a device and maybe next to the place 8 per to gamble on it, because I want a large display, the at 1 always friend of the emergency series. Also, the videos would want to record especially auch because the sound recording works with it a bit weak front camera that doesn’t really weaken direct. With videos being actually ok again, are also with the recording battery life.

That is yes, you can get through a day but it is not really satisfactory especially with a 4 1500 mAh battery that can also be charged quickly when empty by the staff, with the stylus I have on stylus and it works yes, yes, but the question is: how do I use the notes users out there who use the fact that a lot of the discs to get their notes, tick off their shopping lists or just write a few things here quickly? I live with not again and again, like I also play with ROM but then for normal that I would say the apps too and then I'm again ready for the pen for a week or a day, then I'm no mood for the pen and then the next day, not at all and then I go back again, and so all the office stuff stuff I have here tried and yes.

That also works a lot with moving files back and forth and and and but still the thing as a full computer with the dax, which I find completely satisfactory and was always a pleasure, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor right across the corner. For the second time again, 0 is good for chamberlain, but now I look back and forth at it and it opens I didn't want to now. I just did this above so somehow I am now better or perhaps without that I will always j a without that shows me.

Then the fingerprint scanner go out again like that and now and usually works really great and really fast, just not when you want to show it right now but I actually like the fingerprint sensor, I really like that, but too many now take closer close-ups and then do it so that you can see a bit more of the device for comparison. That doesn’t really say much yet, perhaps an iphone pro 11 max next to it to classify what the not 20 ultra finds again, I don't want to say that it could, but for a big phone, that's a house number here or if you keep 40 next to it here, that's OK! That's a big problem and personally I like that 6.9 inches l, but you have to imagine that, but I really like having it in my hand.

I feel that it is much better balanced, especially as far as the camera is concerned, so that it is not too top-heavy like the 20 ultra. I complain on a tour and anyone who asks me s20, ultra or just 20 ultra gives you a 100x zoom s20 ultron even turn the battery life a little bit better because of the 500 milliampere hours more. I would take just the 20 or just the feeling of lying in my hands without batting an eyelids. The content is a big device, but I have it securely in my hand, so I just wanted to say that I had any problems or charge scratches on the USB port or something here with the s pen when I put it in and out after these two months, and it really had to suffer from the pen having shown signs of wear and tear and the cat on the back or at the front.

A I'm not worried that it will still look reasonable one day and I have not changed the device specifically for that you can see the advantage of a matte back fingerprints. Once you had this 120 hertz on this beautiful samsung bolt silver, nothing else. If I switch there, I think I still get a good 400 pages and that's enough, but samsung I show you ear long I got them in time and yes we have the eighth of October, and I already got Oct security patch from Security Patch and on it and Samsung and one must not forget that we are the most serious with three year updates so display. Perhaps the best display We, also in an emergency build and the size is really great. It's simply the biggest, most beautiful, best display I'll, just say it and it is a pleasure to look at it.

It gets loud works like 80, 90 percent left, not quite as good but then I mean I'm just her volume and not just nice sound. The sound experience here is really nice and useful and, above all, I have a maximum volume e almost zero vibration, especially on the back. What I now notice is maybe air movement from the speakers, a slight tingling in the hand but for the device it is really nice. Thus the audio visual experience is great and the speakers are there. I also don't have any background noise, that means playing at night at a height or something like that or a quiet environment. Nice I want to say that bastos doesn't come here anyway and the kitchen fairy de slipped here.

But the speakers did not match the size of the display of the device and the audio-visual experience. It's like that again, it is rare like here I don't have the good spixel on it and no matter what I have with it big apps small apps I'm good at streaming. It does not count here, but it doesn't matter if I switch between all that stuff and everything possible. It's quite a relaxed, nice user experience cafe of everyday stuff anyways, but even if I go in with the larger things or even if I then record her with videos and what that is about a really nice performance. No, if I go there, no, not us elfi record but then process the night shots again.

If he is then having to save something after yes, now he is also stealing the delay and then you can see it dredging and rubbing down there and still would and still talk and now the photo has only been processed. That's the only thing but I think we already had that in the entire series, this year so to speak, where I think it's right not in terms of performance, but I do know that it's a software thing from the hardware, but it can't be that the Samsung takes a while to process the night photos, but everywhere else the thing runs so well. It is a large device, but we still don't have a 5000 milliamp hour battery because the pen has to be somewhere.

It actually sounds that it could all be really nice, but in reality it is not because this exynos has a modest standby quality and is really uncomfortably awful. In my opinion, it must be due to mobile communications not the WiFi, but it's just the thing. I can carry the device in my pocket unused for a day through the city. All other smartphones have that too, but only standby quality when the cell phone network is so busy and you notice the difference. Everything switches to airplane mode at the moment, but it's just something and I am not usually in one place all day. It is able to get through the day but that's it normally, with the 4500 battery and also in the Oled display.

I would have to sit here and say that the battery life sucks is so hard to get and do you know who has these problems? The americans, all of the ami testers that test the devices in the snapdragon version, the lions, the battery life over the green clover? Simply don't do the version because it's not true or because it just doesn't work under normal everyday conditions. I think this is a topic I have been dealing with for two years, Nevertheless, I can get through the day, but it is not a super duper aco long runner.

When I look at what other manufacturers are doing with 4000 milliampere hours, I have to be ashamed of the thing to the core, but that's how it is I just hope that next year we'll finally have the issue resolved and Snapdragon will be installed anywhere or so samsung the backyard they get four 1500 mAh newer in ten, particularly in ten from ten to 100 per cent in a ski thumbs up an hour and a half recharged. I think it is even a bit faster, it's under an hour and a half wired charge with 25 watts so it's pretty fast because I always know it goes out of Euro. Also, full wireless with 15 car we've been there a lot longer than that. Then the leather fills up quickly anyway, but the battery life is embarrassing, but you can say it's through a day.

From there we come to the cameras, pressed I have, and we have and these 100 8 megapixels again main. Yes, they are really whining at a high level with reasonable photos with the main camera. I have praised them, let's say for normal photos, clearly better pictures than the other two videos. When it comes to extremes such as night shots or difficult lighting conditions, it doesn't play at the top. I think that this 10 megapixel front camera and as with folk rock, it's not really good but locally compared to the main chamber on the back, it is just worlds apart.

I could open the gastinger at the back and deal with the main camera with a strange posture when I want to hold it and take a picture and you have a real heart rate was 2000 EUR device, but you can also take really cool photos of yourself with the main camera. Input is great, so take notes and and and and and that's no problem at all, it runs smoothly. You have the feeling of the delay so samsung itself how great it is, especially on the ultra because the fast display and I like the normal one- I have to cut the cucumber. I present with hello youtube that appears ailing from freehand, but more than a hyphen.

U nd, two words, depending on how small I write, I don’t even get it, so it is, but the discussion in the notes every year is a nice thing to make short notes or make key points again and again or something in the pdf to mark or underline. Apart from not so aja office, stuff text it can also lay, but really not my focus on the fact that I can now do really sensible stuff, but the fact that something has changed so great has not really come to us unlocking. The other things face again a fight, partly like with the people, maybe because of the front camera. Now that I sat behind it, and I mean that everything was not known at the fingerprint place, but it is locked in no time at all.

For me, this year is the best in front of a fingerprint scanner, and especially the ultrasonic scanner he has, even when my fingers were wet or something like that, it always worked reliably and that I just wanted to complain in a big way. So when laminated standard that is not so that the foundation, the small antenna or something like that works and cell phone reception is the same everywhere.

There’s the ultra hold white 5g device that about the color I have left out already - I praise the thing but when we received it we have the option to store card in the hybrid slot but we can also pack in micro SD card memory for more memory so we don’t need to buy the expensive 512 gb version of the device, as that is also available, but 256 then put the micro SD card in and we can still be stupid because it can never have sam installed. That means I can then do dueling to make wireless charging I have already mentioned, and we still have ip68 that we unfortunately have not sounding good.

With the pen, you could say space reasons - straight, but infrared - but also would not mean that we would be missing something after the device - but otherwise we have all the standard features again. Have the matte green one that I again blame Samsung and I've already talked about it about the jacksons number, absolutely uncool Samsung and if he should have made the axel springer much cheaper or at least 100 cheaper than in other countries and I don't mean now with the new 120 fc fan edition where it is actually only 4g in the end and then I have to pay hundreds in number price and that is not for 5 g entirely, because the bands also stimulate me again, but is ultimately 100 Even if the front camera is a bit weak, but the rest of the rest works.

I am bothered by this large camera module, namely that I would have asked that per month then I would have said yes, wobbling above all. Yes, there is a bit of rum, but if you type or operate something in normal everyday use it also scrolls on the left side then it does not move with the ms 20 ultra or any of your devices. Fortunately, that doesn't make it here and is in good balance to better compared to the not 220 Ultrah, something I want to say now. I have already mentioned, but now the fish were standing for 1390 and writing for a thousand where the device price is not really so wrong.

I have the pen and I have the larger device again and the better cameras would mean it would be a standard recommendation this year: 120 plus I'll do what 1000 for or will it slowly become cheaper? You can also just look at 20: it's only 20 ultra, probably we more very thick hint 20, ultra low 20, normal no by no means, but to that I come to another video that should have been thanks for watching that is good and until next time, bye, [music]..

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