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Hello, Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, this type of stem, This time we will discuss what are the advantages and the disadvantages of the Samsung I Song 2s or Samsung a600 2s, yes, that's the main thing,. The main thing is that this is Samsung I, 02 Es if I call it yes and for those of you who stop by the appropriate channel, My price has also been made. I'm curious., stop really by my previous video that was designed this time and we will first discuss. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this Samsung a blank 2s and don't need long to be, It depends on the preferences of the other, yes, because there are different versions of good and beautiful people. In my opinion the back design of the two Samsung Korans looks quite premium for the 2 million price, class.

These fine lines with separate zigzak patterns, which aim to make the cellphone not slippery when held and not easy to leave fingerprints like this, remind us of the design of the Samsung A5, One and A71. In my opinion it looks premium and luxurious, for the price class of 2 million and to the second advantage, it has a large RAM and a rom capacity sold for 2 million. It's amazing in my opinion - the cheap price with a large RAM and ROM capacity- and you could say that this is a type of latest breakthrough from Samsung.

For the early 2021 and in my opinion, Samsung Axon, two is a choice or choice for those of you who want a cheap price, The brand is Classy with a RAM and rom capacity that is quite spacious or large, while for the third advantage has a super jumbo or large Samsung battery, a two channel empty, a battery capacity of 5000 mh, which has the USB port type C with a 5000 mAh battery. This cellphone can be used for all day use but whether or not the battery lasts depends on your usage. But if you use it normally, it's just for playing social media and IAIN communication, it's more than enough to be relied upon, But if you use it like playing online games and watching drama, it is also very comfortable,.

What's the most power? You can charge this cell phone 1-2 times a day. The battery life depends on your needs and your usage. The ram is 43 with Indra Stories 64 GB, a 5000mAh battery that already uses a Type C port and a Snapdragon 4-50 Octa. The cores of the existing specifications can be said that the Samsung A is empty according to the price, because if we take a look at the next brand like Oppo and Vivo, the price is 2. The chipset is also MediaTek P35 and still uses a micro USB port. If we cancel this ball with the specifications above, then K paper, Samsung is superior to these two brands, in my opinion, yes. These are the four advantages of the Samsung Acos 02 S version according to the price.

If, for example, something is missing or something is not sure we will help in it and help it in the comments column and now it is time to discuss the shortcomings of this cellphone for the first drawback which is not yet having a fingerprint sensor or fingerprint so as to unlock the screen. We can use phi or pattern, or if we want it faster for example, we can use face ID and for the problem of no fingerprint fingerprints, The reverse depends on taste because I have encountered a customer or smartphone user in the store. The phone can accept fingerprints but he can't use it or unfortunately can't even read his fingerprint. The important thing is that the RAM is large. It's a matter of taste but for the price of 2 million.

It's still no It's a comment, and it's still normal, because the majority of HP 2 million, yes, like this screen model. For those who are curious or confused about choosing HP 2 million from Samsung Curl, you can check out my previous video or, if you don't want to be complicated, just click on the link in the description column. If you're curious, it's okay, after that, just go straight to the video that Nurul had previously lacked. Three and the last is still not being vs charging here, it's a bit overwhelming It's a shame. It's still the Samsung Alfan two here vs charging even the charger. It is only a maximum of 7.8 What is not up to 10 what so it will feel a bit long charging 0-100 percent.

Samsung, A12 vs 15 Watt Dog Here it shows fast charging immediately, meaning that this cellphone already supports fast charging. As long as it uses a charger head that already supports fast charging and only for those of you who don't have a fast charging charger and want to charge a blank 2 on their Samsung, he doesn't want you to have to buy it again, that is the advantage n and the shortcomings of Samsung account 02 S version according to the price, Hopefully the video is easy to understand and understand and perhaps most important, the video is useful and again the concert is wrong or something is missing. Please help me in correcting it in the comments column, and perhaps that's all for our discussion this time.

Thank you for those of you that have watched the video till the end. Don't forget to like and comment on the video and most importantly don't forget to subscribe to the channel. According to the price we meet in the next video greetings warohmatullohi wabarokatuh..

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