A02s Samsung? - Galaxy User Guide

Heroin I'll be doing water tests on this Galaxy a02s. As you can see, I will be doing water tests. Let's see if it can survive this water test, I am gonna leave it in the water for two minutes or longer, and then we'll see. Let's start, I don't see any bubbles coming in anywhere still good 30 seconds in the screen is dim but I do not see any issues so far, 45 seconds in so it most likely gonna survive. One minute, I'll see to try to touch screen, but did not respond.

It doesn't say if it's water resistant or anything about it, but it's still working in the water for two minutes already and is only about 10 seconds left and we'll pull it out and wipe it out and let's see if it survived. Camera still works, see the sound man. I guess that once for life I'm really spooked this because I thought that it might die to death but it is now fully working as you can see the touchscreen. I don't see any water spots anywhere on the screen..

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