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Let's Go: Effect: Okay FB, Stadium I want to try this phone because last year I tried 20v ice and I like what it is You guys. This video should have been made a long time ago but I can only prove it now because this phone really arrived late guys. Even yesterday that there was no bonus, even though it said that we will get free charging and smartbands during the period on the Samsung website, but never mind. Let's talk first about the body, because this is the part that distinguishes the s21 with the FB extension I said it's like that because Samsung turns out that a lot of tinkering with body parts to reduce prices, even though it has the title of Galaxies 21. It's similar to the Samsung Galaxy S x and the soul, especially the extension.

The difference is that the first choice is more like the Galaxy A10 from the appearance to the color. The color is also very similar to the Galaxy S4 that I reviewed by the camera last year. The camera is actually quite similar, but it does not have the characteristic of the Samsung Galaxy S2 series which is very unique, namely the camera housing that connects to the camera, the metal frame, and because of that I'm sure people think This is Galaxia if you are in class.

Yesterday I should have chosen the green because it's an exclusive color at SDN, Via, FB or it is all black, So it's similar to a normal, Ples or STMT extension but fortunately, even though it may not be as cool as a Ples extension, I can still enjoy this phone because when compared to OnePlus essence this body cream feels more relaxed, I'll say it's more relaxed because the body does not worry too much and it's very comfortable to wear plain.

Without money, the body doesn't have a little touch plus the clip is also better and the body shouldn't scuff or break easily, since the material is not glass but polycarbonate and the lips are the same as ice cendol +. The only thing missing is Ultra, just the white band but the rest is like Sams ung Dex, page NFC, Wales charging and waterproof certification are still here. It's still OK Crete so that you could say that there's no luxury film on the body and only the Ultra White Band here, but for functionality. So there are pluses and minuses because the price is cheaper even though the body is made in other sectors more similar to the Galaxy A8,.

The only thing missing on the screen is adaptive technology Just a reversal because this recipe is static, guys, so it is fixed at 60/120, but for the rest I can say that the collage is very similar to the flexible version. Even Spike is very similar namely AMOLED UX, with full SD resolution and maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. That's not good It's too special because that is the standard spec for an Android smartphone that costs 6 million and above s, but this is still a fun screen for everyday use, because the colors are bright and the movement is also very nerving when used for my scrolling.

Although the screen quality is Mir and the plastic version is actually the fun thing on this cellphone is the camera, I'm actually a bit pessimistic about pasting it in early but certainly trying here and This MCC holder, the Galaxy S10 TV uses a camera,. If it's from Spike itself, it's different from the Galaxy S9, plus only in the photo camera, because what is offered is a 60fs cell telephoto camera, but this one is only 8 Mega Pixels and for the Forma itself. I tried yesterday to find some photo cells together with Galaxy S1.

To find out how far the difference between these two cellphones is, but from taking pictures y What I, took the Galaxy S8 FP was actually able to do many things that not all of the Pillar versions can do, namely the quality of the three cameras, which have sharpness and colors that are not much different from the Telephoto camera which is only 8, megapixels. Actually the F time is more often captured The white balance is more accurate, with lighter colors and it makes swf photos a bit brighter and colors are more accurate than the s9plus whose photos are a little bluish. To be honest, this is quite strange because they use camera software and brushes that are similar and the results are the same.

It turns out that the zoom results can even balance the SD N + camera whose resolution is 64 megapixels, even worse. Some times the results are sharper than ice and Mr. flash and to be honest I don't mind recensione plus I. In my opinion, this SCTV result is too good for a cellphone that costs under 10 million Cans. He can take Riko only up to a normal powershoot and what I like about this 30fps divorce is that we can switch between fingers. Lenses, like KW lenses like this, for example, and being able to switch back to a telephoto lens like this, for example, is even very narrow and I like this, because the result is that to leave is good.

This result is exactly the same as the Galaxy S2 board because they have sharpness and also the same color, and that's really good, because it is Gala xy SL board of one of the cellphones whose video results are cool and the video stability is also good because the SMS is complete. The results are still stable, with colors that are as good as 30gs foreplay. This is cool because it was never the color on the Galaxy S2 ITB as far as I remember. It's true the v30 feat.gs was lacking the video. The Forex FBS is very good and very reliable for Sari [music] OK, Now let's go to Polman, just as brother SCTV's sister also has specs that are not much different. I also used 8 gigabytes of internal RAM in the afternoon from 128 GB to 256 GB.

I also use the Exynos 2100 Professor, the Samsung bulb itself, and after almost a year of using the Galaxy S2 Plus, I can confirm that the performance of this FP extension is exactly the same as my Galaxy S2 Plus for daily use such as browsing, chatting, social media and streaming. If you install it from the Galaxy Store, the performance is much better compared to the Playstore version. The FPS may not be the highest, but the stability makes games on this cellphone in fact able to run comfortably. So for gaming, I think it is safe enough and for Shireen it's also quite a bit fun.

Apparently women also have a lot of money, it's fun to use software, so this is good for the house and the battery itself, after using it almost a week later, I can say that the battery life of this cellphone is pretty good. This cellphone can last up to six hours with normal use like browsing streaming and photos, and if it is used for full game play, it can last up to four hours for a price of 8 million. The mode is a concave result, it's normal but at least with a battery life like that. Then we don't have to bother bringing a power bank or charger in the box if we want to do activities outside the house as he can be strong enough to be used all day and for his own teaching HP.

So yesterday I used the Samsung charger, which is super fast charging, 25 Watts, and I can get a ton of charging in about 60 minutes from Robert to full, not the fastest. 15 minutes free to charge from 0 to full But. This still counts okay because 60 minutes is also quite quick for Roses after moving from Esthon Plus to Evi extension. Ian Ian likes this cellphone for more than a week, only the camera model is the same color because this camera model doesn't fit to the frame. It makes the design of this phone very plain and feels ordinary, and the color also makes it look more like Galaxy or Galaxy or the extension is satisfied,. Plus, I can say what I got is really similar because they really have a lot of pe.

Overall, I like what Samsung is doing here, because it makes compromises in the right parts. So, even though the price is cheaper, the experience you gain feels optimal and is similar to the basic version. There is no reason now for us to buy es twenty or Estonia OnePlus because this cellphone can be negative for both cellphones, especially at a cheaper price. I do still not recommend buying a second's Is it if you actually have the budget to buy es or twenty or s21, because it's better to wait for extension or extensions now, which is a plus if I am wrong.

Ii is a plus that Cing will soon clash and he may be a little sha About extortion FB, If anyone has plans to buy or has already used it, please, dear, below, who knows it can help other friends whose needs may still be confused on this phone. We can meet again in my next videos, so have you watch [music] Soy Sauce..

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