A Real Day In The Life With Samsung S22+ (Sensor Battery & Camera Test) - Galaxy User Guide

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The first link in the description and abbreviated to morning brew today, right before I went to the gym, I had to collect some packages that were left for me overnight and I'm not going to lie. There is some heat in these packages so make sure you have those notes turned off so that you won't miss it when I am at the gym. I love listening to music or a podcast and my favorite pair of headphones for the gym is the Beats fit pro Full Review soon. I spent about 40 minutes at the gym, but I also have a very bad habit of checking my phone daily when I'm tired just to rest up a little. I finished my workout at around 7 42 a.m. and used my Samsung galaxy watch to track all my workouts, so that it could link back to my phone.

At this time, I had about 85 percent battery life left and usually after my workouts I love a quick stretch just to keep the muscles strong and healthy, but yeah. On the samsung galaxy s, 22 plus you could switch onto my back camera while recording, and this is recording at 4k 30 and I can show you guys the time at right now seven or 43 or so, and that is really. This is a really good feature on the suns and galaxy devices. I could pause again and right there resume the video with that button. This is the reason why I love the Samsung Galaxy S2 and let me know what do you guys think about the front camera? I have now to head back to my building and get ready, take a shower, eat breakfast and get ready for work. The first thing I did was stream music across my Googleness devices.

I really wanted to see what was included in the packages that I left from this morning. The other was some unreleased product and I can't talk about it right now and finally I also had my 27 inch monitor from benq. While I show her, and of course enabled dolby atmos. So please don't come in the comments for me - I'm not even sure what it does but it definitely makes the speaker sound louder. For sure the speakers passed the Shower test, because I could hear all the lyrics, even when the shower head roared at full speed today. I had basic pancakes and eggs with a little bit of ham inside.

This time also used to check on social media just to see if I got any new notifications and also just to catch up on some of my favorite youtubers before my 9 AM team meeting just to also touch on the display. The s22 plus has a beautiful 6.6 inch, amoled 1080p display running at 120 hz, so it's smooth and buttery and also very vibrant. I never have problems watching content on this device. Still to this day, Nits Samsung has some of the best colors I have seen on a smartphone and it is very hard to beat him either. It is now 9 23 so I have almost seven minutes until my meeting, but usually what I do at this time is log.

So what I have to do today is to take photos of 33 mil street in the afternoon when we get the keys and I also have a coaching call and I think I have to edit a few videos. The good thing about the s22 is that if you are using a hand, for example right here, I could just swipe right into the boom. Now I have like one-handed mode and it has the full operating system, and this is the small box right here and if I want to, I could move to different corners. Unlike on ios and also on my Samsung galaxy s22, I used the front-facing camera. No one actually complained that I was like on my phone or they could not hear me well or the picture called.

I just finished my morning meeting, it is currently 9 46 9 46 and I still have about 64 battery life left, I'm not sure if this will last the entire day. I just checked on twitter and you guys are like going crazy. 144 responses of everyone just saying hi to go into the Dandelion video shout out to everybody here: [Music] Cameras on the s22+ look really good in daylight, especially front-facing cameras here, I'm at the three times optical zoom very, very stable, especially when I had to run to catch my street car. If you don't believe me, you can see I am literally running right now, but the stabilization is just really really good on the Galaxy devices [Music].

The first thing I did when I got on the streetcar was just to check my phone on my emails, because I'm sure I had some left over and I didn't really have time to check them out. In the morning, I got to work around 10 54 a.m. and by that time had 52 percent battery life. My boy, neil, was also asking about the Galaxy watch and I also showed him the new s22 plus. Oh my god, you have been using it for more than what you said right, yeah, you say, you gonna use it for two weeks. Currently it is 10 57 a.m. and I have 51 Galaxy S, 22 plus now it is time to do some work before 12 p.m.

She was basically telling me that our pig unfortunately died, which is kind of sad and also my mom, and also notified me on Whatsapp about some things she needs to send for me, and I can't wait until it gets here after grinding for a while. I was craving a lot of coffee and went over to juliana, which is one of my favorite coffee places in Toronto, and I caught up on the chevy special. For the first time I also paid using Samsung Pay and it worked flawlessly after my coffee run, I hopped into my coaching call and was very productive. I got to talk about my mistakes and how I can improve as a content creator and marketing manager. The meeting lasted for around 45 minutes and it did not touch my phone until it ended by the way.

I know that it is by my pachyfora wallpaper under the description as well. It looks good on the s22 plus and if you change your wallpaper, it affects the entire Ui. Like the control center, the keypad, the keyboard, the message app and the native app icons all trying to match the color scheme of the wallpaper I think that's really cool, so now I'm starting to get the hungry, especially because everyone is eating lunch but I have to be chilling because I have another meeting scheduled for 1pm to talk about the project that we're doing soon. I was sitting there looking like a sad puppy and instead I took some quick pictures and I heard a dog barking. He brought his dog to the club today, so I had to take a couple of pictures because he looks so cute.

My co-worker also said that he viewed a couple of my videos. For some reason they pop up my theme, which one on youtube. This meeting was fairly short and lasted about 20 minutes, but I was really hungry so I ordered some food. While on the call after the meeting I was starving and just realized that my skill bank dropped a new track. So a couple of minutes later my food arrived and it felt like I had my energy back and yes, my food got stuck between the doorway.

Also while I was eating, I got a call from my friend about motives for the rest of the day, because I wanted to take the s22 plus out for some night shots to see how it performs, but I am not sure about that, since it is only 2, 12 p.m and I have 27 battery life left and I also have to go and take some pictures for a new listing that we will post after lunch, let's browse on instagram tick, tock and Twitter for about 10 minutes, and During the commenting, I also realized that one of my dandelion videos just hit the iPhone. I just shot it with the Samsung Markup Tool, which is really useful by the way, and posted it on Twitter and Instagram to celebrate with you guys.

With this hand, gesture movement to be a little bit fancy and also capture more information because the s22 plus allows us to have longer screenshot, depending on how much you want to capture in this screenshot itself. It is 2 46 p.m, and I'm kind of disappointed because I have only 18 butter life left. Honestly, I don't think I use the phone much for it to be at 18, but it is what it is now that we have to go out to a shoot at 33 Mill Street because we have to take some photos and videos for a new leasing listing that we have coming soon on the market. I want the bag two dollars, so we got to the unit and when I first started it was not my vibe. You know I am saying it has everything that you need. We do the video and guess what fast update guys nearly 4 p.m.

Right now, I have only five percent battery left seven minutes after four -- it didn't even get through the whole day after four -- it didn't even make the full day of rit -- I didn't want it to die. Summoners of the four have died, what a shame so yeah. Unfortunately, the s22 plus died off before the day ended, which is honestly kind of sad. So I met up with my friend's girlfriend just for the rest of the day we're just touring the area. So we checked out this pastry store, really nice food. My sweet tooth was going crazy and then a subscriber actually saw, so I guess the worker in there was watching my videos and she wanted to say hi to [Music] after that we ate our food, and fed the birds a little bit.

We finally got them and they told them to stay and I went home to [music] all right. So quick, I'm gonna charge it up because we have to go out tonight and I want to take some night pictures with it. One thing I must say is that I love how the build feels like it is really good reminiscent of the iphone. I love the flat design that they went with the corners - it feels nice, it's a little bit light - but definitely feels good to grab in the hand. It always feels secure love that the charger I'm using is a 65 watt charger oops, look at the animation right there, zero percent, but I want to unbox this guys in the meantime. I know that my room is now a bit messy, but I decided to film a tick tock and instagram reel on the s22 plus.

I have the juice some way up, so I can film and one thing I love is that the s22 plus actually tells how much time or hours is left until you can get the full charge from your device but quickly. I just remembered that I had to do a rme for one of my older Benq monitors that stopped working and they have already sent me a new one, w company. I also stopped by the samsung store to check out the surf and the frame tvs, as the TV service looks so good.

I ordered one because I know that it looked perfect in my apartment yup some boys are out here, man, we're going to be out here, yes, sir, so all we have to do is a couple of days until the tv gets here, I hopped on a train and went home all right guys so I just want to run the battery health and how the battery performed during the day, the screen recording should be on this side. Look how cool this is on the Samsung Galaxy S22, you could literally annotate while screen recording. So far today, when my phone died at around 2:30 pm, I think I had an entire 4 hours and 13 minutes on time screen. That is kind of bad, I'm not gonna lie, especially for a phone of this size screen is five hours and 48 minutes but in comparison to my iPhone 13 Mini lasted six hours screen time, but yeah.

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on the battery life and that's what we have. Okay, back to the videos we shot today, I needed to post them to Instagram, Tiki, Tiki and also KDK. I tried to export them on this app called cap cut, but then I figured out that it can't be exported in 4k so I had to find a substitute app and I scrolled through the Play Store until I found this app called vn editor. I think that the app did a pretty good job, especially since it allows me to export that 4k.

The s22 plus is actually pretty fast and imported all 16 4k clips in under a minute thanks to that 8 gig of RAM and also the snapdragon 8 gen 1 inside also editing in vn editor was pretty smooth and since it was my first time it took around eight minutes to edit that seven second clip and about seven seconds to export at 4k and who would have known it. Instead, I posted it on instagram, and it uploaded perfect. I linked up with my boy jp to go and check out the Ovo warehouse sale to see if I could get some drip for the low and also just wondering if I could take some pics in low light for you guys. [Music] [Music] got there.

I met a couple of you guys to shout out to all my subscribers and also it was too late We got there like 8 30 and they still wouldn't let us into, but that wasn't stopping us from taking some night shots [Music]. We stopped at a garden to grab some food, and now I'm back home at 9. Today was a very good day with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, but the real let down was all in the battery department. I think that four hours of film time just are not too much to say. I also checked the rails on the tiktok post that I made and everyone seems to like it. The video quality of the s22 plus, aside from all of that I really enjoyed using the phone.

I'm not sure if I could use it as my main device because of that battery life and based on my experience, Android has just too many limitations with social media apps that I use everyday. Now I'm gonna eat my Aw watch, some basketball and then head to sleep for another busy day tomorrow. Hopefully, Samsung can improve on these small limits to make the perfect galaxy smartphone..

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