A Great Phone With a Big Problem - A Samsung Galaxy A21 Full Review...

What's going on - Guys, my name is wade with Tech daily and in this video I'll be giving you my full review on the Samsung Galaxy A21. if you read the title and assumed that I'm here to clickbait you or prolong the video for no reason, don't worry I'm gonna get into the problem with this phone in like 30 seconds.

It's going to be one of the most widely available budget phones here in the U.S, with countless wireless networks and prepaid carriers beginning to offer it, and I fully expect a lot of people to buy it and if you're interested in the a21, you should buy it, especially since it's going to be offered with discounts and deals even at its full retail price of about 200 right now, that's still a good buy and if you guys are interested in doing some comparison The thing about the a21 is this: while it's a good phone on its own, I don't think it's as stellar of a device as the a20 was last year for one reason in particular the display last year's a20 shipped with a beautiful super-amorous screen, sure it was a 1560 by 720 resolution panel.

But I'll still take that, since this year it was a bright, bold, colorful, oled screen, the new a21 got an ips lcd screen at practically the same resolution 1600 by 720. Not only did the a21 drop the oled screen, it didn't even get a bump in resolution that just doesn't make much sense and it's a little insulting that samsung pushed out this new device with a worse display than the This year, Samsung basically took a step back and they also broke one of the earliest rules of business . If you want an amoled screen, you have to jump up to the a31, a higher priced, different tier phone. The a21's display is fine at 6.5 inches, it's a huge panel and for a lot of folks getting a screen size.

You have a lot of property to work with and in general there's nothing wrong with the lcd panel itself. The rest of the phone has plenty: that has changed new specs, new cameras and a few others that I'll mention. So you know now my biggest gripe, maybe I'm over reacting to things but I'd love to hear your thoughts down below. That's physically happening with this phone, the a21 is basically on par with the rest of samsung's budget and mid-range range, and that's to say that it's an all-plastic build, though the single color choice isn't as flashy or as colorful as the shiny rainbow finish on some other phones, but there is nothing wrong with simplicity.

Samsung is pretty much mastered in utilizing plastic while still making sure the phone does not feel cheap, and the biggest consideration with this device has to do with its size. It is actually the biggest in the entire series lineup based on sheer body size. It's a slim tall phone with 20 by 9 aspect ratio, which means it is quite a journey to reach each corner. It won't fit everyone's fingers, but at the same time getting a huge screen for this price is probably a positive for most people. This year samsung moved the camera cutout into the corner, with its Infinity 0 setup and kept a big bottom chin down below, which is not the best in terms of the maximizing space.

The phone overall looks modern, while still referencing the fact that it is a budget device taking a look around at everything else. We've got expandable storage via a micro SD card slot on the side. The same familiar button placements down below are the headphone jack usbc charging port and single speaker which is good enough It sounds the same as about any other single speaker setup and on the back there is obviously a bunch of camera lenses which I'll get into in a second as well as the physical fingerprint sensor. Hey Guys, I know with phones at this price point I like the rear - fingerprint sensor. It's fast, easy to find and most importantly, secure and has been designed for budget phones like this one.

When I use this phone I tend to pair both unlocking methods and I quickly get into the device in one way or another. This is actually where a lot of people kind of criticized the a21 they were not really happy with. Here are the geekbench and Antutu benchmark scores to give you an idea of what we're using but in the real world. The a21 is a solid device a year or two ago. Going with a Mediatek processor was kind of unheard of in the Samsung space and likely would have been a bad choice. These chipsets had less of a reputation this year, though in a bunch of 20 20 phones. The mediatek processors actually have performed a lot better, and I'd go as far as to say that any criticism you might have had for them isn't as justified.

Today it is a phone that feels fast for most everyday tasks and I'd argue. If you want to pay more, but it's a bummer because you can't pay any extra for any more and when you start to flip back and forth in the apps things just aren't running in the background, nothing stays current. Everything must always be reloaded and you feel that ram limitation when gaming - not as much in game - I'll get to that in a second - but mostly when you first start these graphics heavy apps - they take a minute or two to get to the main screen which isn't ideal - You can play with confidence and enjoy pretty much any title you want, and that's awesome for a device at this price point.

In my time using the phone, there was nothing this phone could not handle, but I'll say this in 2020: you can get a lot for not a lot of money and if you are the kind of person who pushes your device kind of hard or expects a lot of out of it in everyday use, you may actually be better off jumping to the a31 or even the a21s where you can get a slightly better processor and a bunch of more ram. Even a couple of years old flagship device could be a better option for you, just assess your phone usage and daily needs and decide from there that for most people the a21 is going to be more than fine but for a certain group of power users who need more out of their phone every day, there are better options out there now.

This phone does one thing quite well is the last, the a21 packs a good sized 4, 000 milliamp battery and paired with a less power hungry screen and more budget-friendly specifications throughout the day. Generally, there is a lot of life out of this thing beyond a day's use under normal circumstances. Most phones in this price range usually offer solid battery life and the a21 is no exception paired with a 15-watt fast charger too. This phone can be charged quickly, but in my time using this my the last couple of weeks, I had no complaints with longevity. Let's talk about those lenses finally, and fortunately, unlike the screen, samsung has spent a lot of time and attention on some good upgrades here.

Obviously, you can use that wide angle which I do pretty often the macro lens isn't really useful but it's there at least the depth sensor helps you have hdr panorama a few other small additions in 1080p video and real world results. Several of the other A series phones have a high megapixel count, but in general there's nothing wrong with the pictures. Even the selfies are, actually, pretty good with a 13 megapixel front camera and over the last year especially I totally realised how much effort Samsung has put into their cameras on these budget and mid-range smartphones. While some upgrades you get the most the display gets worse and that is a massive bummer if you come from any other device. I do think the A21 is a decent phone.

It certainly has a lot to offer and considering how widely available it will be and the types of deals you'll likely be able to get with it. That's still a good investment and I may just end up sticking with it all things considered. Let me know in the comments down below I would love to know your thoughts, of course, but hopefully you guys did enjoy this video. Follow tech daily on Twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel..

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