9 Tips and Tricks for Samsung A12 and other Samsung phones & tablets - Galaxy User Guide

Hello Assalamualaikum, how are you all, come back, Iwan Fauzi. These are actually tips and this trick also applies to Samsung handsets as well, and not only to 12. What are the tips and tricks, together with Fauzi Let's get started as usual for friends who just discovered Rizal, Fauzi's channel, Don't hesitate to click the subscribe button and also turn on the notification bell, so don't miss out the latest updates from this channel and that's also my encouragement to keep sharing information and references about the world of gadgets from full,. Don't forget to click on the like button and first is full screen display to activate it.

Next go to display- and here please scroll down until there is a navigation menu click, bi, lah navigation and here please select the broken gesture, hi hi, Hi Well then in the middle will disappear and be replaced with a gesture from the side for backup. The second tip is to activate dragwon, including settings and then enter the display screen. Please select the dark menu Hi, it will automatically switch to no mode and the dark mode can be adjusted according to time what we want. Tap the screen, Hi or known as double-tap to wake up, or lift it Hey. The next tip is the gesture on this fingerprint sensor. The finger sensor activates movement.

The next tip and trick is this screenshot which I explained in the previous video, but I will also discuss it in tips and tricks for this Samsung Galaxy A 12. The first screenshot is den bro, how to press this power button and also the volume down Hey, The second way is to use the assistant, including the settings, scroll down, then here, select accessibility, then select interaction and dexterity, then activate the assistant menu. Even if we activate this assistant menu, there will be many options, such as navigation buttons. The screen volume turns off then and others the next tips and tricks is hidden. The three dots above Hi then open the front screens settings from here. Scroll down, then select hide application.

After finishing the page, we click done Hey again on the screen then the Bayu application will not be displayed. You can see it, but if you use the search menu or Finder here, you will find it. You will find it immediately and to display it as usual. It's finished then the application will return to normal Hi. One cellphone screen is divided into two applications, such as multiwindow,. The way is to open NF then select the application that we want to share the screen. The icon above will then be displayed in a split screen. We can now share like this Hi or it can be a pop-up ad, not various screen, but into our pop-up as usual click. We can move it as we wish, but to adjust the size.

It still can't eh eh hi Om can here it's amazing fish, Android 11 features but on the Samsung A12, that's the way, Hey tips and tricks. This power, we can make a shortcut, how to enter settings, O, Allah, Hi, then here, scroll, down, select advanced features, then select the side. What application, for example, here I will open Facebook in Double Click,. Yes, we double click it will go directly to Facebook, the next tips and tricks are 2 eps The way is to enter the settings section and from the art scroll down, then select advanced features in our advanced features, scroll down again and select dual Messenger Hi there, some applications we make two.

We can make two an application like WhatsApp, then Facebook, Telegram Messenger has a messaging-based application and also social media. Click install then confirm when finished There will be a sign like this, then go back to home then check out the ep drawer and this is our default WhatsApp or our main often, and there will be a sign like this for the second WhatsApp. The messenger rings have been installed so we can use 2 WhatsApp on 1 cellphone at once nice hi. That's it he is the tips and tricks on the Samsung Galaxy Oh, my gosh! These tips also apply to other Samsung phones.

Share the video on social media so that many friends know about tips and tricks on Samsung phones, okay, that is for now the video from Rizal Fauzi, Barmid, Wassalamu'alaikum, Warahmatullahi, Wabarakatuh..

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