6 Months with the Z Fold 3 - Galaxy User Guide

- I had no very high expectations when the Z Fold 3 came out in the first place. The original Z Fold was innovative but was better than brilliant value in concept. The Z Fold 2 was better but had some major drawbacks, so I was not really sure what to get with the 3. Ist it able to stand up to the heavy use of the real world? Now that I have it for six months, let's start from there and then work our way through the rest of the phone. Now I've folded and unfolded this thing a thousand times, and the hinge is still as solid and smooth as when I bought it first. At the same time, the Armor Aluminum frame was durable even for the few months. Gorilla Glass Victus has also proven surprisingly strong to date and all of this is a nice way of saying.

This is something I buy and add to every phone I own because I'm tired of paying to replace damaged screens. It's very nice that Samsung handled it for me. Initially, I didn't get an S Pen because there is nowhere to store it on the device. It is self, and I wasn't crazy about having to add a case. But after a few months, I thought, "Hey, I'm adding cases to all my other phones, and realized that I couldn 't risk exposing this super expensive device. So, I tried different types of cases, including those with space for the S pen. To be fair, I'm a little confused about S Pen. If you are coming from the Galaxy Note, click here. This will be a smooth transition for you with a familiar user experience and larger screen.

If you tried to copy on a traditional sheet phone and felt a bit constrained. You will really appreciate the larger dimensions of the home screen. There are tons of great use cases for the S Pen, The Screen off note feature that lets. ) When the screen is off and without having to pick up the phone or to authenticate. It's a $1800 phone and I think people have to pay extra to get the full user. It is really in line with Samsung's approach. When, you buy a much cheaper, S series tablet by Samsung,. Something that gives these tablets an edge over Apple iPads, which require you to spend an additional $100 or $130 for the 1st or 2nd generation of the Apple pen.

This means that even buyers who might not have initially been hoping to use an S Pen can try it out and then find ways to use it and become an even better user. After spending that much money on a phone, I don't like the fact that I have to spend another $50 on the Fold edition of S Pen, especially now that I have to buy a case that houses this pen. It is also important to know that you should not use the S pen that came with your Galaxy S series tablet on your Fold 3. You should use only the Fold Edition or you can also get the Pro Edition, which works on every device. Another point to note is that the S Pen does not work on the cover. It is not a big deal because most of the time I prefer the bigger screen.

There are times when I want to write a quick note and it feels natural to grab the S pen and try to start a screen. Memo on the cover, the screen. When comparing the IPX rating of the Fold 3, I can't overstate. It is raining and snowing a ton a day where I live, and it wouldn't be practical for me to have a phone. The phone got wet a few times and continues to work. The only thing I really noticed is if you submerge them in water you have to wait for the speakers to dry completely before the sound returns to full volume. When comparing this phone to a slab phone, you still want to watch out for sand getting into the hinge mechanism. So the Fold 3 comes with a 4,400 milliamp-hour battery which is a bit smaller than I was hoping for.

Nearly always i use the smaller cover screen for quick tasks or checking notifications. 120 hertz display so when I am doing things that wouldn't benefit from a higher refresh rate, the phone can lower the refresh rate to conserve battery life. A normal day, I always have time for a 15 or 20 minute quick charge when I am in the car or at my desk, and the 25 watt fast cable charge gives me very quickly a charge. The improvement opportunity I'd like to see with a Fold 4 is faster than 10-watt wireless. It rarely comes in play because most days I edit at my desk for hours a day. But this is a premium - device and I expect the best. As a detailed review of the Z Fold 3, I said that I did not expect the cover screen to be as good as on my other phones.

And I didn’t expect the home screen to be as good as on my tablets. The cover screen isn't as good as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the home screen doesn't offer as good an experience to a tablet as the Tab S7. But having a small one-handed phone and the versatility of a small foldable tablet is something none of my other devices can offer. Now I have a surprising number of requests to compare the Z Fold 3 with the iPad Mini 6. The iPad Mini 6 doesn't really work like a traditional phone. It is not foldable, and on fold 3 I get a higher resolution screen with a smaller bezel, It's a superior screen and adaptive refresh rate of 120 hertz. Head-to-Head on one thing versus versatility. The images in Fold 3 are absolutely gorgeous.

The 7.6 inch Dynamic AMOLED main display is bright, clear, and offers 2208 x 1768 resolution. If it's something you are looking for, you will definitely see it, especially outside or with other very large light sources. That was a real issue for me, but the value that this phone offers easily outweighs this minor inconvenience. My biggest issue has been reverting to a traditional phone that sometimes feels smudged. You must see a Z Fold 3 yourself before making a large investment. Now, there is a clear use case where none of my other phones can compete with multitasking. The bigger screen displays more content easily, and this is a much better option. You can turn applications on portrait or landscape modes.

You can even have one app, take half the screen and then have two more apps sharing the remaining half. If you need to refer to a web page while composing an email or sending a message, or if you want to view YouTube while working in two other apps. Actually, we are really grateful for being able to pin the edge panel and then quickly have access to the latest apps and save layouts. If you want the phone to drive a more desktop-like experience, you can connect DeX to an external display, keyboard, and mouse and then have a dual-screen setup. This isn't something I expect the average user to do very often, but it significantly adds to the Fold 3's versatility. The quality of the home screen as well has continued to impress me.

I wasn't sure how good a folding screen would be and if you haven't had the chance to see it in real life. I highly recommend checking it out because it's outstanding for viewing content and playing games. The ratio of the screen is squarer than your typical phone. When watching the video you will see black bars at the top and bottom. Personaly, but I always prefer to have more screen space for everyday use, rather than the perfect aspect ratio for watching a movie. Another great option is to watch videos in Flex mode, where the bottom half of the screen is used as stand. Also, I would like to point out that I continue to use the cover image. I thought the screen looked too narrow before I used the Fold 3, so that it wouldn't be really useful.

In my experience it is great when using the phone with one hand and for quick tasks that don't require additional screen space on the home screen. It's a little too small for two-handed typing, but it works great when swinging with one thumb. My detailed review indicated that its weight and size are distinctly different from my other phones. Although it's 29 grams heavier than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, I was pretty quickly used to the added weight and thickness. This is a area I had to readjust after adding a case and then adding a case supporting the S Pen, which made the whole setup wider and even heavier and thicker. It would be nice to have the S pen inside the phone, but I am grateful to have a slightly stronger stylus, So I understand there is a give and take.

When we move to the camera system,, It really depends on how you decide to evaluate what you have achieved. Looking for the best camera on a Samsung phone, this is not it. Even the S21 Plus has better ones and of course the S21 Ultra is at the top of its class, at least for now. For the majority of users, the rear camera module with 3 12-megapixel, wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto cameras will be pretty good. If you want a more detailed camera review, then click here. Let me know in the comment section. I really like the ability to take photos and preview them at the same time. This gives me a quick way of knowing if I am getting the shot. The 12-megapixel front camera on the cover screen is also pretty good. The only real disappointment is the four-megapixel under-display camera.

It doesn't bother me much that you can see under the screen because to be honest, I stopped and figured out it pretty quickly but the image quality isn't all that great. This is another opportunity to improve with the Z fold 4. The Snapdragon 888 chip was an excellent choice. Both fold 3 are extremely responsive, even if you have two or three apps running at the same time or tons of tabs open in your browser. And I'm terrible at closing apps, and I love the fact that, unlike some other operating systems, I can close all open apps at once, and you know who I am talking about. When it comes to storage, I wish there was a terabyte option or microSD card slot, so that I could expand the internal storage.

But as we have seen with the new S22 Series, that's what Samsung looks like heading forward : Before I start playing, I want to quickly point out that biometric authentication is excellent. I love that I have facial recognition with the covers and the front camera and the fingerprint sensor on the power button. Both were accurate and responsive and it is rare that I actually have to type my password. Let's talk about the game, and I have nothing to say about Fold 3. Again the Snapdragon, 888 and 12 gigabytes of RAM easily handled everything that I've thrown at it. And at no point did I feel that this device was powerless. It actually provides a similar gaming experience to one of my other favorite mobile gaming devices, the iPad Mini 6.

The iPad has a larger screen, but can keep the colors from the Fold 3. The 120 Hertz, refresh rate and always with me in my pocket. When playing "PUBG" I can go from smooth to HDR for graphics while keeping the extreme frame rate or switch to ultra HD for graphics and then ultra for framerate. For the best experience, most of the time, I play smooth or balanced for graphics and then extreme for framerate. When I want to play my Xbox games, I simply pair my Xbox controller, launch Xbox game, pass, and play with absolutely no problem any of the available games.. The screen is bright and colorful and it's a great mobile gaming experience. It went with me when I travel and it's great fun to be able to play wherever I want to play.

Consider it important to put all this in the context of the remaining $1,800 price of the Samsung website. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are often excellent trade-in options that can dramatically reduce the cost of the Fold 3 and make it a viable option for more potential. All in all, I think the Z Fold 3 is extremely versatile and can do what any of my other phone or any other device can do. You should see how the Z Fold 3 compares to the Z Flip 3. Hope this video helps..

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