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Hey guys soccer from the Sake ticket is now out in today's video. What we are gonna do is, we are sharing 50 plus tricks, features and hidden features for your samsung llc a52. If you're an owner of this phone, you want to make sure that you get the maximum benefit out of it and, if you are in the market to buy one of these phones. This is also a great video to watch for all of its capabilities. The first thing you will need to do with a Samsung phone is to properly name it. So when I'm out there trying to connect to other bluetooth devices or some wi-fi devices, I can easily identify this phone and also gives it a nice touch of personalization. So that was tip number one - now tip number two - you can go fast to go into your advanced features.

Okay, go to the settings and go to advanced features all right and what you want to do is to tap motions and gestures and you want to make sure that certain things are enabled here uh, lift away double tap to turn on screen and double tap to turn off screen. So basically, if I double tap the screen or if I double tap it will wake up the screen and I'm able to log in from here. Setting right here so make sure these are enabled and lift awake is also pretty cool. So that's one more thing: to do and another cool thing here under the same uh, advanced features, setting under motions and gestures. I use it every time on my Samsung phone, so it says with gestures mute. So what happens is, let's say someone calls you or there is an alarm and you are asleep.

Okay, and you don't want to hear that all you have to do is grab the phone and put it like this and what that's going to do is to mute the incoming call or silence the alarm that rang. Okay, so that's a quick way to get it done so make sure it is enabled. What you can also do is when somebody calls or if you get an alert or any other notification That is annoying you can go like this, and that actually mutes the call or the notification with this powerful feature, mute gestures. Let's move on to the next tactic, correct, so the next thing you want to do is when I hold my finger down on the screen like this. The funny thing is now, when I jerk up my finger, it also takes me to the app drawer right there, so that becomes a redundant feature.

What you can do is pinch the screen to go to the settings and then from here say swipe down for the notification panel. Lastly, if I enable this one I can simply swipe this to a clean screen and if I now pull it down it will bring down the notifications panel instead of going to the app drawer, and if I want to go to the app drawer, I can simply swipe up. So if I have enabled that now what I have is at the bottom corner, you see we have an app button. Sitting with this, if I click, it goes straight to the app drawer, without even having me swiping up. If you like tactile buttons, you tap on it and it takes you to inside that's the way to do it now. This is a Samsung, yellow, c a52, so has a higher refresh rate. If you have a 5g model, you can switch to 120 Hertz.

So what you do is go to your display and then under Motion Smoothness you can choose 60 hertz which is going to give 60 hertz refresh rate and slightly longer battery life or if you go to high refresh rate you get smoother animations a better overall feel and also slightly less battery life. So that is another option that you guys have here, and another thing is very important when you buy this phone uh. If you are interested in reading on your phone, you want to make sure you have a shield for eye comfort enabled, particularly when you start to read books or newspapers or whatever online. When you do this it is going to give you a tent on the screen that is going to make the colors less irritable to your eyes all right.

If you are reading now you can do adaptive, custom - if you enable this on the website This is going to be a little bit harder on the eyes, for example, but everyone has different eyes, so that it will be based on your needs and you can also set a schedule so that you can have something like this turn on again from sunset to sunrise, when ambient light keeps falling, the bright ski screen can be bad for your eyes. When you have it to automatic, as you can see or a custom, you can actually protect your eyes from getting too much stress by staring at the screen all the time.

Do you want to go back into your settings and go into sounds and vibration once you're over there? You want to go down and you want to go to sound quality and effects and, as you can see, we actually dolby atmos. We have stereo speakers. If you use the built-in speakers, you want to enable this to get the best sound quality. If I want to do or I can choose Auto so the phone picks it for you. Additionally, you can disable this to save battery life for general purposes, but if you're watching a movie specifically uh, what you can do is pull down the notifications panel, it will be right here. So you can drag and drop enable this, and basically you can toggle it on and off right from here. You can even click on the text to get the details.

Ok, you can get the detailed options from the control panel if you tap on the actual text portion. As you can see, I'm going to turn that off for now and of course be sure you enable the dark mode. So the phone actually saves you some battery. This is an oled screen so that, when you have the dark mode the blacks are more pronounced and when you use more blacks on an oled display, you can save a little bit more battery Now I’m going to stick with regular mode for this video.

One thing you need to understand with the camera is when I launched the camera, if I'm in the normal photo mode, there is a very important setting you guys need to be aware of, and that is this button on the top right here — tap on it — and you know that the phone has a 64 megapixel camera for high resolution photos to use that 64 megapixels. You have to tap this and you actually have to select 64 megapixels to get the maximum quality when you take a photo right, uh if you go by standard 3x4 which is default, you're not getting maximum resolution, but you still get a great photo but not the maximum. If you go to video you tap here and you can choose from the top your different resolutions, so that's 4k at 30 frames per second.

The next thing I want to discuss is the lock screen. You always tap on the clock, that is going to expand it and give you your face! You can control your music (or you can see your next alarm, see your Um - The. ). If that's what you want, so let's show you how to get that done, so go inside to settings, go into the lock screen and then from here go into widgets right here. Okay, and if you tap on reorder, you can reorder what you want to see on the top or bottom. When I click on it now, it's gonna expand and gives all these extra options, as you can see it again, fully customizable highly useful widgets right at your lock screen. OK, when I go into your home security, if you go into your lock screen right here, there are a bunch of things that you can modify on the lock screen.

My favorite actually happens to be something very simple : is this right here contact information? So basically I use this to create a signature on my lock screen. Whatever you put in here will show up on the lock screen under the clock. As you can see it says saki tech under the date, so that just gives it a little bit more personalization. Always that gonna kill your battery, but anytime. If you turn on your screen at all times, you will see an always-on display. You can also go, let me go inside and you can change the style of that. So if I click double tap to turn off, look at what is going to appear right there a little bird with some animation very light because it is trying to save battery, but it's there.

So that's the always on display that also brings me back here under the lock screen. If I tap on the clock style, I can actually change the lock screen clock style. You go to the lock screen and you'll see the new clock appeared right there - fantastic - nice customization. You can access the edge lighting option, which allows you to enter the brief pop-up settings and then you can choose the edge lighting style. If I tap this one, I get all these cool effects when I receive a notification. Let's uh pick, yellow, let's go and make it even thicker and make it longer and let's make it low transparency uh.

Also, look at that, so we have all these various options, not quite as advanced as some other smartphones like the flagships with the curved displays, but still a little bit. So that is echo you can see you have edge lighting right here which is crazy and you got fireworks as you can see on the top okay. So you get these options only if you enable the popup style of brief notification now. Here you go into settings and tap hide applications. I click on now when I go outside these apps are in fact hidden. Go back to settings tap on hide and unhide the app you want to see. Now the calculator is going to be back there but the other is still hidden the calendar. This is an option for you guys if you want to hide just some apps now.

One thing that's really cool is when you want to modify your home screen, let's go over here and let's just use these applications as an example, we have a folder here. You don't have to drag and drop just one of them all you do is press and hold, select and then select all the ones you want to use, and what you can do is that you can perform batch operations? I can uninstall remove or create a folder, then give it a name. Let me just say x and then pick a color, okay and let's say blue done boom boom and there we go OK, so very easy to create folders and also very easy to move applications around. Look at this Press and Hold tap on select select, select all these guys Press and Hold again Okay, use it to improve and quickly speed up your customization.

We do now have a side button that is also customizable. Let's do the calculator now, when I double tap this button, the side key boom, we got the calculator all right - that's fantastic! It just turns the screen off - not a big deal - but you can set the side key to suit your needs. Another big thing is: if you want to fit more applications onto your screen, all you do is. Okay, so if I pinch the screen and go to my settings on the top, I can change the grid of the home screen. Allow me to have five columns and six rows to insert maximum amount of apps now. Okay, that is the modification you can do on the home screen. All apps are right here, the more I add, the more pages are added. So when you go in to manage them under biometrics and security, uh go into fingerprints.

Let me just put in the passcode here, what you can do is you can check the added fingerprint? I now can tap on this guy and change it to left index. I know that this finger is for that text right there and as you add, multiple fingers that's what you can customize it now while you are in biometrics and security, just make sure you enable find my mobile I'm not going to do it right now, because it takes a couple of extra minutes here. You have to log into your Samsung account, but basically you go where when you have enabled this when you enable it after you set it up, which is very easy to do all you do? Let's say you lose your phone, you go to findmymobile.samsung.com that allows you to find out your phone to its exact location if it is lost or stolen.

As long as the phone is active, so make sure you set up, find my mobile log into your samsung account and you are good to go. Log in with the same Samsung account you use to log in here, and it gives you full tracking capabilities and additional features. If your fingers are a little bit smaller then what you can do is go to your settings. You can go to advanced features and then go to one-handed mode. You go inside, you can use gesture or button activation. If I tap double it makes the screen smaller. Let me just resize it, so that this will be much more manageable with one hand if I so desire. Okay. Once you're done, you tap anywhere there, it goes into business mode, maximum mode, right. I hope you guys learned some great stuff about your samsung galaxy a52.

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