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[Music] [Music], hey, from sake here check it in this video I want to share five awesome cases to protect your Samsung Galaxy, S, Nine or s 9 Plus against drops trust me. The last thing you want is a cracked Galaxy, S 9 or S 9 plus all these cases are provided by Iblaze on a highly respected smartphone case. Manufacturer and I will drop a link to each case in the description box below you can check out the cases either at I blaze on Comm or on amazon.com. All links will be provided so what I'm going to do is to open each and every one of these cases to show you what's in the box and fit the Galaxy S 9 inside each case to show you how it looks and remember these three points.

Every single one of these cases feels of high quality, is dropped, tested to military standards and has full cutouts for every port on your smartphone. Let's dive into the show and start unboxing. I'll be using a Galaxy S line for this demonstration. So let's start by repacking my favorite case, it is called the unicorn beetle. It's got a belt clip and is completely protected. That's the front screen protector and that's the case with the actual belt clip attaching. Clip attachment put it aside real quick. Okay he's got total body protection, so once you put the front of the phone in to the front side of the case you can fit in there the rest and it takes a little trouble, but it does not damage the phone in any way.

So take a look at that complete and total protection you get. The front is covered with a screen protector and let us, of course flip the case and you have complete protection on the back and front. When you are looking for a case that can completely protect your phone from every angle you can also attach it to a belt clip to carry it on your belt. Also you can view it on the actual web site with even more details. So there's the box: Let's take a look at the back side, that's the back side and let's open the box really quickly and see. One is the actual case and the phone fits, of course, is again well packaged high-quality a little bit. Alright, let's put that box aside, that's the front side of the actual case, and that's the back side of the actual case.

Let's put the phone right inside and when you can see it glides right in place. Perfect, okay, takes no effort and all it's very easy to put it into and now you have a stylist elegant case and you have some level of protection now. If it falls on the floor, it absorbs the shock, so the phone won't go cracked. However, there is nothing on the front side of the actual screen, like the last case we saw just now. This case is mostly for people who are looking for a nice design for a slim case that offers some level of protection. Here are the links : let's move to the next case. It is going to be rose gold in color, so that there is the box. This has already been looked at this case, so it's a very high quality product.

Let's pull it out and it's a nice design on the back of the actual case you get a little guide, you get the pouch out right and that's the front of the case and as you can see that's the back of the case all right with a nice two-tone and design. It will go right into your phone - don't worry - it's not going to scratch. This one has a nice high quality plastic that will not scratch your phone. When you put it in here, one takes a little bit of struggle because it is supposed to be a higher protective case. Anytime you buy a case that is supposedly extra protective. It takes a little bit of effort to put it into the case so that's the front side right there and then I'm going to show you the back side.

We see how that looks there and of course, this comes in different colors that you can check out on the actual website when I drop the links below. The whole thing you plug into the actual case and then it back in front gives you total body protection test it to military standards. This is, if you drop this phone in this case, it doesn't snarl. This case has again a built in screen protector on the front and back, so that anyone wants to 't look at the back of your phone. This is the case to buy for complete body protection and the see-through feature, and now let's move on to the final case, at which I'm actually gonna look in this video. So this one is a clay coke case and that's the box on the front. This is also in rose gold, but has a twist in the back.

Look at the back of this thing here. I like this one better than the other one, but let's put the phone in case and see how well it looks. It says to separate the front casing from the rear case, so let's separate it that it's a little harder to remove it but that's not gonna be a problem when you put it back in, so once you take it out it is very easy to put it back in i am. Gonna show you how easy it is to plug the phone into the case. The front casing seems right like that, so perfect fit snaps in place and then puts this back in the case. The only thing you can get from it is the built-in screen protector, which some people don't like. It usually protects the phone from scratches, but also takes away from display quality.

A little bit and also somewhat degrades this touch sensitivity. But with this one you'll get full screen quality and full touch sensitivity, but you can always sacrifice a little bit of that if you want complete protection with a built-in screen protector. They have many more options to browse through so go check out the links down below. Of course if you have any questions, comments or concerns just drop them down below. Be sure to subscribe to sake, tech for more videos to come, and if you do use, use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Tech online guys have a fantastic day..

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