4-5 MILLION BEST SMARTPHONE CAMERA? Redmi Note 10 Pro vs Galaxy A52 vs Realme 8 Pro (BLIND TEST) - Galaxy User Guide

Wow, this has no music was also the best come back to my channel with Alvin and next to us now. There are Gods here, Tati a member of Bachsin who used to take care of her Instagram Beat. Now rock-rock, take photos, help me make a caption like that - the funny thing is also that the biscuits are short,. Today we have interesting content. What is happening and we have today content called camera blind test news,. Yes, we're not cute, but the camera is blind so the camera doesn't know what to do. Where is it, so here we're going to play a game, I'm going to compare 3 photos from three cellphones. Tea, the camera. Is that correct? This is the photo that is displayed without any processing process that affects the quality of the image.

So once the opinion they give is poor there are settings, it is directly on the camera, okay for friends who are watching it, all right Emir, yes, We invite Premier to make friends to watch the premiere, follow-up, to judge friends who like it most, and we will let you know And. If you can score the results of the assessment like mine, which is the best. So it is three phones? Yes 123 phones What is the real meitro Galaxy A5 soul and redmi note 4 yes, it is from mobiles in segment, 3 4 million V5 million choose us again without further ado,. This is a photo of my main camera, friends, I play headgear, here is so that neither camera can take a photo intentionally from the room and outside so that it looks like there are layers.

If you look at the left I feel the color is too dramatic as is the green at the end, It's like it is not lined up with the last Miss too, every time on the left confused by over sharpening. It's a bit of a slander to the internet cafe, you are too pop hello everyone, sodium with more natural hands. Okay, if you choose which, choose the middle Okay, if I choose here, let’s go to the left, let’s see the result, the ground Okay, so what I chose turned out to be realm Pro. It turned out to be first Galaxy A5, 2016, but close-up- and this is my photo on the day, if I look at the far left it's the most vivid, the most pop, like that is, yes the middle is slightly paler right. The left is a bit under, he is not a bit dark. Yes, the cd failed. A right, one doesn’t work.

Pinky thinks that Google s film is a work. The skin color is also good here,. If the left one is too flat. The pale cap in the middle is a bit dark, but in terms of portraits it's average for all high school grades on hair, because some hair comes out of the wind, but the one on the right is still more peach. It could be said that it is all choices, again Wow has it been three times since yesterday, There are some people who seem hardly interested in realme, but it turns out to be dirty. Ilmi is even more interesting when compared to it. But it's even more interesting, Salma UK pulled them, okay. OK then I use full sensors from all three cellphones, boy. The sensor is Galaxy A5 2016 megapixel, and this is watching pro it's 108 megapixels,.

Here's an inscription on the promo from Okay, beloved fried chicken, OK. If you feel in terms of detail that the left is the best, 777, the right is OK. The person on the right is a contrast I. Can continue, I have the initial characteristic blown out, so it can't be compared sama2 So. Okay, okay okay, because I think that the first details in the middle are a bit rough, asking, yes, compared to the other two yes. It seems that the middle one is a bit lacking in reliable data compared to the left and right, okay, so in between right and left okay, because initially there was a choice of covers, wow, okay, okay, because guys OK, the result turns out to be what you chose, Wow, which has the smallest megapixel sensor.

It does not matter that a big number does not determine the image. Turns out we just drove there. The Ultra White Shop turns on (OK, OK) during the day If I score the first in terms of Ultra white, yes, the widths in the middle you can see the width compared to the others, Balanced But I mean in terms of gold, the most so that the left using color on the glass the texture is more detailed compared to the middle and the right, test. How is the one on the right, the largest, the one in terms of color, because the floor is red and at first it was from Russian clouds, because the right person is okay, okay, I'm going to choose the characteristic one this time. It feels like detail is lacking,.

It's like it is broken even though it is the widest, that is the purpose of the widest ultra-wide lens, which is not good, During the day, using the selfie camera of choice. His skin is a bit red. He has pale skin on the left side. I think the smartphone is more cute. It's really crossed, I don't know the photos, That is why i don't follow the values. I just did me and yes I hope they choose either the Note or Galaxy A5 2017. But this time it's in portrait mode, okay, selfie selfie, port okay. This stays outdoors throughout the day. :) I prefer the first self lens It's large. There is a greenish yellow and the height is also a problem. The upper left part of Daniel's hair by the middle. It's a bit zoomed in and the value of Cabi really is.

From the chat, I can see that you guys are the most neat. Not bad but I haven't gotten the best left yet. It's actually really good. The bokeh is still not tidy, It turns out to be a little tight, okay, okay. Yes, the extension is recently released. The pervert continues to be a bit lacking. The most real is in the middle but still and you re-elect Wow immediately, f photos of p8 Oh. That means a close u- Unless it looks like the special camera left Yes. If you know that you can LED flood of which is very different from the one in the middle and the right one. Like the left one, you can actually smell the details. The one editing the file also has a crack, which should be a small megapixel, because it is also the same. The middle one is the same as that of the right.

That's a telephoto lens and now we only can see the color. The color algorithm is the typical pale left - pop in the middle on the right. Choose the one: that's jealous, in terms of color only, I don't like it, I have to edit it a little bit with the same colgate, because this is really the goal. The far left is the most delicious in the world because it is still caught. You know that Redmi Note has the Kroya theme so that the macro is Tutte Le, the second is HP. Anything 52 is an ordinary macro, so the collection is not that far away he's the only one. That's limited if I remember that Oreo Mini and Galaxy can focus. In Novembro, also, I can adjust the focus and she can take photos. The object is closer to the usual Macau eh while Karen is nice to Retno Mrs. Monkey.

This is the photo of the main star from staff-online. This is the main camera up and the position when I take this photograph is very dark. There are no lights around at all, OK,, OK, I really like the one on the right, that is me, what's going on, I'll explain later OK First, in terms of color I can see that the color represented on the photo is the most real. By cancelling he took a photo of Batania The brown is a little dark, Bro, while this is a bit yellowish on the left, Joan can say that the team on the left is more It is better, the middle one is the worst. The green teachers really stand out. Okay, I just saw the teacher's chat,.. That's why I was able to judge yesterday and Samsung [Music] [Music] Well,. Oh wow, Slam, just try it because it leaking now, because of one.

One of these three cellphones doesn't have a Putra white motorbike. This is also a photo of Putra white riding a motorcycle. One of these photos doesn't have this option. If we take a photo that night, we can all get it, but if you have it, it's a bit unfortunate, in my opinion. I chose the left, as usual in cafes, there must be yellow which is trending. If I look directly at it, it is the one on the left, okay, the result is more natural, the left, yes. More MB, all media If you take a photo, perhaps you can see how dark it is with Nayeon ben It's. Yes, Jono OK, so I chose the a52 a52f and apparently friends. There is a creature, but minus, there is no Ultra White software, It can only work a little, it is already 10 mulheres with the title Yes for the value before.

My friends have written friends at home I'm sure I have, already written chat can comment if you are watching the premiere? Who wants to give here's the score I'll first let you know, but I will start with the last one. I don't have a template, I got only 2 points, Galaxy A5 2243 points, while the one with the highest score on Godzilla in real meitro got 5-point Wow, it's all very good. Dino template 2coin only he is in the macro class,. It's really good, equal to three points in good service, especially the third highest, is at 8 Pro reunion, with five points: okay, j Also, earlier, Galaxy, A5, 274, fangs Okay, compared with 100-800 other things, it's practically a Premiere Pro for a normal white camera, good selfies, good magmod, and yes, because of that.

Friends, hope all the better. I have also commentated below how the results were surprising. Once, Flying,, I am also surprised to be honest. Want a comparison of any HP technology, it can be completed in the comments column or maybe there will be another camera tomorrow. Moreover, yes, below, okay, the second and third episodes and so on. For example if friends like this video, click like and don't forget to subscribe, miss it, we'll meet again in the next SAW [Music]..

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